We are now home!!! Close to midnight!

At just before 5:30 pm Tuesday night, Elizabeth – thank you again! – & I began our adventurous and not so fun in quite a few ways drive to pick up this beauty. We battled fog and rain and transports in the dark, not to mention Montreal traffic!

This lovely lady is the next in need of us! She is a Neo, ~4.5 years of age.

We were told she was 30-40 pounds underweight. For she was being fed human scraps and as she was hungry and went into the pantry, had been ‘punished’ and then was kept outside in these winter temps.

This is the second home that we are told that she had been in and the first home used to leave her all alone for extreme long periods of time, often only seeing her human briefly once daily.

I have a Vet appointment already set up for her to be seen and we will go from there….she will begin her de-worming protocol tomorrow and we will put her on Revolution to start.

She travelled wonderfully in a car. We had been told that she has not been in a car in close to two years and she truly did great!

Welcome to BHRR sweet girl!

Goodnight from our home to all of our friends, family and supporters!