BHRR’s Latte(Neo) is moving under a PENDING ADOPTION!

Home-visit is scheduled for Sunday May 28th.

This is the home that had three possible right match fits and after visiting the home when BHRR’s Rubble was dropped off for his special overnight picnic play date, their place is sadly small to properly accommodate his size/happy tail….and, the space would equally be small for BHRR’s Salem.

This home fell in love with BHRR’s Latte when they met her at an event April 22nd – what is not to love! – and then fell in love when they had their overnight date with BHRR’s Rubble last Friday – again what is not to love! – and had originally fallen in love with BHRR’s Salem from the moment they found her detailed blog – truly, what is not to love?!!

Yet, for the space of their lovely cozy apt. plus yard and that BHRR’s Latte does not have any happy tail concerns – she is docked – at this time, she appears to be the best of the three for a possible right match fit and we shall update as we can.