AND BHRR’s Latte is now home!

What a sincere pleasure it has been to have this incredible dog in our program. Thank you Danya for reaching out to us for our assistance.

Elizabeth, thank you for coming with me in truly awful weather of freezing rain, fog, extreme poor visibility, terrible driving conditions, equally horrible truck drivers to pick this girl up. An ‘adventure’ it was….

In just over 5 weeks from having been placed up for adoption after being successfully rehabbed, BHRR’s Latte is now in her forever loving adoptive home.

Going to miss her….in so many ways. My Great Dane Salt & Brazilian Dane Baby Jackson are also going to miss their wonderful play pal.

My heart is truly happy for her. She went through so much prior to rescue and deserves the world! She is smart, beautiful, gentle, affectionate, loyal, social and also special. Her ears are amongst the softest I and many others have ever felt!

My heart twangs in so many ways for your amazing future and the chapters that shall be written in great memories plus experiences.

Congratulations to her truly wonderful approved adoptive home for going through the adoption application process and giving their heart to a rescue dog!

This is adoption #398 for BHRR and we can now help another in need of our programs….

BHRR’s ‘CHAIN OF SUCCESS’ in action and a warm welcome to our strong links family BHRR’s Latte’s *Dad*.