BHRR’s Waffle – ~ 2.5 years of age –
Suddenly passed away January 2nd, 2016

2016 was to be a better year…..

I am in complete shock writing this post…..

She had been a beautiful part of BHRR since August 29th, 2015. She passed all her Vet exams etc. with thumbs up, rehabbed beautifully at BHRR, put on much needed weight, learned manners and had become a HUGE fav at BHRR. When she was ready, she was placed up for adoption on November 12th, 2015.

She was so funny, affectionate when in ‘Bloodhound’ mode, developed confidence with walking on floors(So proud of her!!), could drool along with the best of any dog!, and, was so gorgeous inside and out…..

While Mason and I were on our way to drop off BHRR’s Baby Kaos to his overnight play date, I received a call from Sean.

I knew from his tone, something bad had happened. I fought down the panic and listened…..

BHRR’s Waffle was out running – she was not bumped, tripped by another dog, did not trip on anything and she suddenly went head over heels going down one of the smaller hills and Sean was right there.

She was dead………

We are doing a necropsy. She was an extremely fit, healthy and happy dog.

The whole time I was with the home that was having the play date with Baby Kaos, I was fighting down the gasping pain and trying to breathe. Before Mason and I even went into this home, we both looked at each other and gave a quick hug of comfort to one another……

I had even brought BHRR’s wee Flame to meet their daughters and to thank one of them as that young lady – Maddie and her friends had raised much in donations(previous post made on this beautiful story) to help BHRR’s GD Mama Eve etc.

I went to the Vet’s that are doing the necropsy on BHRR’s Waffle and said my good-byes. Once the necropsy is done, she will be brought home and laid to rest.

I am in shock……she was so precious, loved her big character personality SO freakin’ much. She loved laying under our bench in the sunroom and we even moved her Costco dog bed under there for her….now, that spot is empty with such a big presence missing….

I am at a loss for further words at this time……totally broken is one of the feelings I feel….

She is an angel now…….a stunning angel….