BHRR’s ???? Needs a name!
**Edited to add that we are aware of what she had been called at one point and she shall have a new name for a new beginning.**
It is official, BHRR is bringing her in! 
ETA Weekend of August 29th, 2015
This lovely lady is a 2 year old Brindle with white Bloodhound/Great PyrX. She was owner surrendered to the shelter and then was adopted by a farmer who then returned her as his other dog was beating her up. 
She is good with people, dogs and is submissive and very sweet. Weight at shelter was 92 pounds.
She is not trained and has a ‘barking’ problem at the shelter as she is bored. 
So thankful that we can assist her………just so thankful…….

7707_SADIE Bloodhound Great Pyr mix altered female_92 lbs SURRENDER