AND, here is an update on one of our other BHRR dogs currently under rehabilitation.

This is BHRR’s Waffle! She is our Great Pyr/Bloodhoundx! Stunning gal!

She has equally been doing well. She no longer wants to ‘eat’ other dogs. Integration has been careful plus slow with lots of structure, consistency plus obedience. She is a bit of a bossy bit of goods at times and wants to play and do things on her terms yet, she is learning to compromise. 

She has a good solid circle set-up for success friends now that include BHRR’s Skye, BHRR’s Maple – who are two other quite strong females, BHRR’s baby Kaos, my Salt, my Multi Ch. Bronson, my Bunker, BHRR’s Lion King Pumbaa, BHRR’s Dune, BHRR’s Potter, BHRR’s Ethel, BHRR’s Porridge and BHRR’s Ani to date……

So, TONS of progress being made and she will continue to get better and better!

She is terrified of the hardwood floors. She does well on the porcelain tile and it has been a patient work in progress to try and build up her comfort level, the poor thing…..

She is not the best of eaters and that has also been a work in progress.

She is crate trained plus is also 100% trustworthy in our sunroom when we go out. Her leash manners are slowly getting better…man, were they brutal!

She is quite vocal and we have been working on that we do not need to ‘talk’ as much as she is doing. 

She is so pretty… times, extremely affectionate and at other times, aloof and Ms. Independent.

Those ears of hers….soft as can be…….

She is a long way herself from being placed up for adoption yet, she also will get there and we will be so happy for her when she is ready to make her own special announcement!

She will need an experienced home and one filled with patience.

She has tons of potential and this journey with her has been a wondrous one to date!

This photo is a bit blurry yet, her standing still as she loves to explore outside is asking for a lot right now! LOL

Img_9059 IMG_9062