BHRR’s Bowen – Severely Neglected Great Dane needs your continued help….

Yesterday, he had his second urgent surgery – this one on his mouth.

First picture is of his badly broken tooth extracted and he had a really great cleaning done. He had to have a long surgery to get his mouth into a healthy condition. So tragic the neglect that this poor boy experienced in his past.

Unfortunately, Mr. Bowen has not bounced back well and he ended up seeing a Vet last night and was back at KAH this AM, not able to walk plus with a fever of over 40 degrees. Understandably, he has not wanted to eat or drink.

He has been placed on fluids, being given his pain meds and even has a fan on him. His fever went down a bit and then went back up later this afternoon.

His wonderful Vet does not know why he has this fever – we have been told by two Vets that it is too earlier for it to be infection related.

May we please ask everyone to keep him in their best wishes and if anyone may be willing to be one of his Christmas Miracle Angels, his Vet Bills are mounting even further…..

Donations to his care can be made directly to Kanata Animal Hospital 613-836-2848. He remains under their amazing care and I will be back there later tonight to see him.

OR via email transfer to

OR via PayPal to

AND as mentioned, please send him tons of get well wishes too!

After losing BHRR’s Bane who had been horribly abused/neglected, my heart is extremely extra emotional re: dear Mr. Bowen right now. 

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For anyone that may have an item to donate, please do email It is not too late to consider our cause. All monies raised shall go to the emaciated/severely neglected GD BHRR’s Char!

We remain so devastated that we could not save BHRR’s Bane yet are hoping that you may continue to consider supporting our rescue efforts so that we can help BHRR’s Char.


BHRR’s Bowen!
November 23rd, 2018

He has put on another small amount of excellent weight plus muscle mass gain and he got the thumbs up to have his boosters and the ok to move forward with his second surgery! 

His coat looks even better and the strength he has developed in his hind end since his arrival is so fantastic. Plus, his rectal area looks fabu now! We will take more pics when he is under for his urgent dental surgery. 

So much stronger, healthier and happier! 

WTG you flirt of a man! You may not see well yet you still can easily find the pretty ladies! 

Thank you Britney at KAH for the photo and yes, he is wearing a coat….finally he  & I came to an agreement! With the brutal cold temps here right now, he really needs a coat, even for the few moments he has to be outside to go to the bathroom.

Ellie White – remember when he could barely stand the night we picked him up? How his hind end would shake and he would stumble and sink down?

Look how strong he is in the hind end now! His Vet has been so impressed with his weight/muscle mass/toning! 

November 16th, 2018

BHRR’s Bowen(Severely Neglected Senior Great Dane)
November 16th, 2018
BHRR Winter Wonderland Day 

His face when I wanted to put a Dog Coat on him! LOL 

He is back at the Vet on Friday for a recheck and his second surgery is scheduled for November 28th. 

Vet Bills To Date: Over $3,000

BHRR’s Bowen along with the newest addition taking a walk about!

He has completely taken her under his wing…if anyone understands what it is like to be severely neglected, BHRR’s Bowen does….

He is scheduled for his next recheck on Friday and then is scheduled to have his next surgery on the 28th. We continue to forward on all documentation to the SPCA of Welland. He has an investigator assigned to his case. 

I do not believe our newest beauty is 18 months of age. I believe that she is younger. Once she settles more, I will get a good look at her molars etc. 

She makes my heart just pitter patter. She is so precious and to think that someone would knowingly chain her up outside and starve her is so heart breaking. This young lady already had a prior history of being hit by a car and the locale humane society paid to fix her leg. 

A special shout out to Karen plus Samantha of Coffee County AC plus to Just Paws for tagging us to assist her! 

Thank you to each and every angel that helped transport her, to those that overnighted her on Friday, to Sandy for overnighting her last night AND also for your generous donation of that lovely coat to help cover up that poor emaciated body in this cold. 

To whomever gave her that cute collar, THANK YOU! 

AND here is the link to our 11th Annual ‘JUST IN TIME FOR XMAS’ Online Auction to help with her bills. Currently, we have 70 items up for bidding! 

All money raised shall go towards her mounting Vet Bills. She is back at the Vet on Tuesday. She has lick granuloma’s, we want a re-weigh and to do a more detailed blood panel on her etc.

The progress this girl has already made has been amazing! Just amazing! When she was first rescued, she could not be touched at all……and the weight gain she has already had. YOU go sweet girl!

She is still nameless…so keep the great name suggestions coming! 

GENTLE Reminder!

Ends tonight!

We know of 25 peopled signed up to date! Every year, we have several others that then surprise with their own contributions!

More details in the poster!

All monies raised shall go to assist BHRR’s Bowen with his bills. He is back in for a recheck on November 23rd and is then scheduled for his next surgery November 28th – this one on his mouth – he has at least one tooth broken at the gum-line, one cracked tooth and until he has his dental x-rays, we will not know how many extractions he shall require.

All documentation continues to be sent to the SPCA of Welland who has informed us that an investigator is assigned to his case.

He had his own recheck exam on October 11th and I shall post more re: that soon! He did get the thumbs up that he is healthy enough to go in for his second much needed surgery – he has one tooth broken at the gumline, at least one cracked tooth and severely worn front teeth. He shall require extractions and dental x-rays will be done to determine just how many are needed to be removed. Poor old sweet man.

AND we have received confirmation that an investigator has been assigned to his case for I reached out to the Welland SPCA as his condition was absolutely brutal upon arrival into our Rescue.

AND please do let this posted picture speak volumes as to how he is rehabbing with us! 

TOTAL DONATED: $1,474.73
BILLS TO DATE: $2,906.59

BHRR’s Bowen, the sweet Senior
One of the two severely neglected Danes we have taken in over a 10 day period.

This is him 1 Day post op from his first surgery on Thursday September 27th. 

Loving his pain meds!  He was able to lay out in the sun and soak up some wonderful fall sunshine. 

His second surgery shall be in a few weeks time once he is healed and becomes stronger. He also had put on almost 1 kg in just a week from when he arrived into our care. 

His second surgery shall address that poorly kept mouth of his. He has one tooth completely broken at the gumline, another tooth cracked and the front of his mouth have all worn down teeth. He will have dental x-rays taken at that time to determine just how many extractions he will need. 

As his BP had dropped a bit during his first surgery, his surgeon felt it best to let him recover and get stronger before going back in to address his horrible mouth. 

His histio report on the mass removed from his anal area was benign so excellent news and now that he is neutered, his perianal masses should continue to improve. A picture is attached of what his rectum looks like after 9 days of antibiotics and care. Great improvement! He will be on antibiotics for three weeks.

His second fecal test also came back negative – he was proactively/ preventatively treated with Interceptor Plus and also has been treated with Panacur and regular Interceptor.

We are still waiting the results of his fungal culture which should be in over the next week or so.

We continue to send copies of all Vet findings plus test results and photo’s to the Welland SPCA.

We also received a surprising call from our local HD that apparently the Niagara region HD – which Mr. Burnett never said anything to us during his call to us on September 25th re: a bite incident. 

The strange thing is that this Dane could not have bitten anyone in Wainfleet September 17th or 18th as he was in our care at that time – with witness, Vet and photo documented proof. Regardless, we were so open and invited Mr. Moussa out to our home 1) confirm that this Dane was alive and 2) do a visual inspection. This was all done on Friday September 28th. The HD acknowledged that there did seem to be some contradictory reporting and I left a vm with the Mr. Burnett of Niagara region HD to contact me when he is back in the office so I can ask why was this not stated to me when he called me on September 25th. Even Mr. Moussa felt it odd that I had not been told about this ‘incident’. 

AND when I first stepped up to assist this Dane, I had asked re: any prior bite history and had been told ‘no’. All of it is so odd and disturbing….

AND as far as we had been aware, this dog was not in this region since September 14th….

To all that have met this sweet old man, he does not have a mean bone in his body….he has gone through so much neglect and has been extremely tolerant, patient and even tempered throughout all of his exams plus treatments to date.

Donations for his continued care can be made direct to Kanata Animal Hospital 613-836-2848

OR via email transfer to

OR via PayPal to

His Current Active Medical Concerns:
Perianal gland adenoma 
Otitis externa 
Fractured tooth 
Worn teeth
Cracked tooth
highly concentrated urine 
Serum globulin concentration increased above normal
Defecation painful 
Hindlimb conscious proprioception deficit

BILLS TO DATE: $1,912.90

We have had another $100 in donations sent for his care and we are really thankful plus humbled….

This is BHRR’s Bowen in post op recovery….will update more tomorrow.

He will have his second surgery in a few weeks time once he recovers from this one and is even stronger….

BILLS TO DATE: $1,789.87

BHRR’s Bowen – severely neglected Great Dane

In surgery – the lump on his side was full of blood, so a hematoma related to trauma is suspected.

His ears had cytologies and were cleaned – they were full of dark waxy yeasty debris with the one ear also having rods present so both ears will be treated with medication.

His one eye was running and will be monitored plus he had a good nail trim.

He had one of his anal masses removed and it will be sent off for biopsy.

He has one tooth broken at the gumline and another is cracked and he has his front row of teeth severely worn down – per his surgeon, these shall need to be addressed / extracted in a separate surgery as he had enough done today and we will also do dental x-rays at that time. His BP dropped a bit in surgery so to be safe, it is recommended to give him a few weeks to recover and then go back in.

Skin scrapings done and he was also neutered to help with his perianal masses

His surgeon also gave him a head to toe detailed exam including his legs/hips.

Donations can be sent direct to Kanata Animal Hospital 613-836-2848 – he has a file under our Rescue account OR

Email transfer to

OR PayPal to

All of the Vet Records & findings will be forwarded on to the Welland SPCA.

Please keep this truly sweet amazing senior Dane in your thoughts!

Thank you to everyone who has made a donation to his cause to date and he still could use a XL Costco Dog Bed of his very own.

Thank you to everyone at KAH for taking such wonderful care of him today!! You are amazing!

This is *Bowen* – The Senior Great Dane from the Roadside Zoo of Ringtail Ranch & Rescue in Wainfleet, Ontario

This case has been sent to the Welland SPCA for further investigation. He has experienced severe neglect.

The night Ellie & I picked him up, he was even bleeding from his rectum area.

We were also contacted on September 25th by John Burnett, Team Leader at Niagara Regional Public Health Department. He reached out to make sure that we were aware of Echinococcus multilocularis(Coyote Tapeworm). He had intimate knowledge of this sweet senior boy and wished him well.

This Coyote Tapeworm is quite prevalent on this property from what we were informed by the HD AND does not exist in our neck of the woods. As recently as July, several cases of this parasite were found on the property. This is a very dangerous parasite.

We have been proactive/preventative with his fecal testing – will be sending out a special sample – a second one to be tested and he was put on Panacur, Interceptor and now Interceptor+ will be used for two treatments.

He also was placed on Revolution for possible mange plus for HW/Flea/Tick preventative.

We are going to let the legal governing bodies do their investigations and we are going to focus on what we do best, rehab.

Due to the high level of his medical concerns, his Vet had discussed with us on September 18th, if humanely euthanizing was in his best interest.

No one wishes to see a dog suffer and we dialogued in much depth with his amazing Vet and it was decided that we would wait to see what his bloodwork and UA indicated.

In the meantime, we ran a fecal, did a Woods lamp test, began de-worming, put him on antibiotics, Revolution, pain meds and began using a special shampoo.

His results came back that he was strong enough for us to proceed further and we put him on NSAIDS – Deramaxx, scheduled surgery for him – neutering is the only way to deal with his one perianal mass – along with antibiotics etc. and while he is under, we can further investigate those ears, mouth masses – two seen upon initial exam, rectal masses – do biopsies as needed on both mouth and rectal area, ear cytologies/cultures, more skin scrapings, check the lump on his side etc.

We have a fungal culture also sent off.


Highly concentrated urine – to be rechecked later
Serum globulin concentration increased above normal
Defecation painful
Hindlimb conscious proprioception deficit
gum masses
Perianal lumps
Nuclear sclerosis
Healing Punctures
Lump on right side

BHRR has taken on cyberbullying plus threats by 2 people in respect to our intake of this Great Dane and we have also been collecting all of this documentation. Legal council can address as the experts in those matters.

BHRR operates with a zero tolerance policy and we shall continue to do so.

These animals cannot speak for themselves and we encourage/urge anyone with firsthand knowledge of any animal being neglected and/or abused, to please use your own voice to stand up for them. They need you to do right by them. There are legal governing bodies that you can reach out to in re: to addressing these matters.

FOR ANYONE THAT MAY CONSIDER HELPING THIS DEAR SWEET SENIOR, donations to his care can be made direct to Kanata Animal Hospital:


OR via email transfer to

OR via PayPal to

Thanks Ellie for coming with me to pick him up and for letting him sit in your lap! 

He has been scheduled to see the Vet tomorrow.