BHRR’s Bowen!
November 23rd, 2018

He has put on another small amount of excellent weight plus muscle mass gain and he got the thumbs up to have his boosters and the ok to move forward with his second surgery! 

His coat looks even better and the strength he has developed in his hind end since his arrival is so fantastic. Plus, his rectal area looks fabu now! We will take more pics when he is under for his urgent dental surgery. 

So much stronger, healthier and happier! 

WTG you flirt of a man! You may not see well yet you still can easily find the pretty ladies! 

Thank you Britney at KAH for the photo and yes, he is wearing a coat….finally he  & I came to an agreement! With the brutal cold temps here right now, he really needs a coat, even for the few moments he has to be outside to go to the bathroom.