BHRR’s Bowen along with the newest addition taking a walk about!

He has completely taken her under his wing…if anyone understands what it is like to be severely neglected, BHRR’s Bowen does….

He is scheduled for his next recheck on Friday and then is scheduled to have his next surgery on the 28th. We continue to forward on all documentation to the SPCA of Welland. He has an investigator assigned to his case. 

I do not believe our newest beauty is 18 months of age. I believe that she is younger. Once she settles more, I will get a good look at her molars etc. 

She makes my heart just pitter patter. She is so precious and to think that someone would knowingly chain her up outside and starve her is so heart breaking. This young lady already had a prior history of being hit by a car and the locale humane society paid to fix her leg. 

A special shout out to Karen plus Samantha of Coffee County AC plus to Just Paws for tagging us to assist her! 

Thank you to each and every angel that helped transport her, to those that overnighted her on Friday, to Sandy for overnighting her last night AND also for your generous donation of that lovely coat to help cover up that poor emaciated body in this cold. 

To whomever gave her that cute collar, THANK YOU! 

AND here is the link to our 11th Annual ‘JUST IN TIME FOR XMAS’ Online Auction to help with her bills. Currently, we have 70 items up for bidding! 

All money raised shall go towards her mounting Vet Bills. She is back at the Vet on Tuesday. She has lick granuloma’s, we want a re-weigh and to do a more detailed blood panel on her etc.

The progress this girl has already made has been amazing! Just amazing! When she was first rescued, she could not be touched at all……and the weight gain she has already had. YOU go sweet girl!

She is still nameless…so keep the great name suggestions coming!