BHRR's Torque is now ADOPTED! I finalized it tonight. No, family shot as I just dropped him off not even a week ago, for his extended play date, and, he had a hard time with me going, even, after, asking the home to distract him and, trying to get away quickly/quietly, it was quite hard. It will be hard for me too to see him so soon again also. πŸ˜‰

I will send out his adoption info. package and, after once his adoption fee has been received, it shall be used towards the Vet Bills that BHRR has at Kanata Animal Hospital. This is how one dog adopted can continue to help others at BHRR!

With BHRR's Torque being adopted, we are going to assist by bringing into BHRR, what is ONLY our second dog to date in 2014, a senior, skin and bones Great Dane that we were asked to assist. BHRR's Leroy was the first dog of 2014 we committed on April 5th, 2014 and this senior shall be the second. We continue to network and, save dogs via other means, other than bringing into BHRR.

BHRR's Torque – April 13th, 2014 @ PV Stittsville – photo's courtesy of AMBD Photography

BHRR's Torque has been having a good play date visit and, the home is still very interested in proceeding to a possible future approved adoption. At this point, they will be temp fostering to possibly adopt as we work through the application process. I know Mr. Bubbles misses his bud as does many of the other doggies here yet, BHRR's Torque is no longer in need of us and, if there is a great home looking for a great matched personality fit dog and, we have that right great dog(this is the one that I had recommended to the home to consider), then, we are delighted should an adoption occur.

Will continue to update his blog as I can.

Below are two more photo's of him at the PV PAWS event! HE was a massive hit!!! My lap is where he finally had a nap. He was so tired yet, until he was all snuggled in my lap and arms, he did not let go to sleep. My legs made a great pillow for cuddles by P. Cody too! LOL

photo 4 10177456_10152090352656958_1718417997338432347_n
BHRR's Torque & BHRR's Torque with P. Cody  Aoril 13th, 2014 – second photo is courtesy of AMB Photography

BHRR's Torque is moving under a PENDING ADOPTION! I dropped him off last night to his possible future adoptive home, who is also an approved BHRR Volunteer home. They are having a long weekend play visit / date with him. I will pick him up on Monday.

I felt from when this boy first arrived to BHRR, that he could be a great match fit for this home and when they came to visit us at our April BHRR 'EXPERIENCE' Mini Open House and, we discussed a possible future adoption, this is the boy that I said they should look closer at. If he turns out not to be meant for them, so be it. He will have had a wonderful few days in the hands of an approved BHRR Volunteer home, building upon the excellent foundation built at BHRR. We want our dogs to be as well rounded plus balanced as possible.

THANK you to this home for contacting us to have this play visit and, in considering to adopt from BHRR……again! πŸ˜‰ We will update his blog as we can. Mr. Bubbles AKA Lord Cambridge is missing his buddy yet, I know that he would be very happy for BHRR's Torque if this was the home meant for him!


He can go to a home that works pt, ft, from home, semi-retired, retired. Another VERSATILE BHRR dog! I would like to see him in a home that has at least one other dog, male or female is not important. Right matched personality fit is what is important.

He is crate trained, housebroken and, really good with cats – integration with any new addition is key. He is still that 'old' soul. LOVE him!  He was SO popular last weekend! He is great with all dogs he has met to date YET, he does still resource over his kibble and any high value items – with other dogs, so NO set-up for failures happens at our place. He eats in a crate side-by-side with our Mr Bubbles, who also is a resourcer and, both being puppies, have learned a lot about 'sharing'. They share water bowls and toys with the other dogs without any issues.

His leash manners are heaven! THAT is due to lots of consistency, time, patience, proper positive reinforcement obedience at BHRR, love and understanding.

Below are two more photo's from the PAWS event from last weekend. These are two I took with my iPhone with the lovely photographer, who took his very first photo the day he arrived under our authority and got to see him after he was successfully rehabbed! πŸ™‚

photo 2photo 4
BHRR's Torque with Ashley – PV Stittsville PAWS Event April 13th, 2013

BHRR's Torque was a GIGANTIC hit today at PV Stittsville's PAWS Event! His brother 'Tonka' came back to visit with him and, Tonka's mommy promised to send me photo's that she took and, he demonstrated his beautiful manners learned at BHRR and, people could just not get enough of him! πŸ™‚ People loved how soft his coat was and, how nice he smelled! πŸ˜€

The photographer that took his very first BHRR photo the day he originally arrived to BHRR on December 14th(covered in puke and poop) and, before he was all bathed and cleaned, was there and, she took more photo's of him and was able to see how gorgeous he really is all cleaned up and how wonderfully he has rehabbed. πŸ™‚

Below are two photo's of him below. πŸ™‚ I have some to add that I also took and, will do on another blog post.

Saturday April 12th – $1,180 RAISED! THANK YOU!
Sunday April 13th – $460 RAISED! THANK YOU!
Total PAWS/Activities Month To Date RAISED: $3,540.00

972049_664911253546600_8769919135078497231_n 10171710_10151959759876968_8303804548482554369_n
BHRR's Torque – April 13th, 2014
*photos' courtesy of Melissa & Ashley

BHRR's Torque shall be having an extended play visit with approved Volunteers/Adoptive Home as of Thursday April 17th, evening and then I will pick up on Monday April 21st. We will also cat test him better at that time.

If all goes well, this 'could' also become his possible future forever loving adoptive home. πŸ™‚

Here are two photo's from our December 24th Traditional Christmas Eve Photo Shoot! I thought I had posted them already!

He has one small area along his neuter incision that was slightly irritated as of Friday night and, so, I held him back from the PV event today and, will bring on Sunday instead. I had the pleasure of meeting his one brother, 'Tonka' that had gone to SWM on December 14th. Sadly, I have had no updates on the other two brothers that were left in Quebec. He is a good 15 pounds heavier than his brother, BUT oh so, alike in many ways! and, they shall be turning approximately 7 months(could be a bit older based upon teeth) next week. πŸ™‚ They plan on coming back tomorrow to meet him. πŸ™‚

As per a previous post, as he is not a giant, I had no issues doing a neuter earlier and then placing him up for adoption so, that the right matched forever loving home does not have to wait for him for we alter all dogs prior to be made 'available'. He will be making his special announcement very soon! πŸ™‚ I am leaning strongly still towards a Great Dane/Cane Corso mix yet, once again, the genetic pool for DNA testing for Cane Corso's is slim right now. So, whatever he is, he is 100% amazing!

IMG_2933 (Medium) IMG_2944 (Medium)
BHRR's Torque – December 24th, 2013

BHRR’s Torque is healing well from his neuter. We have an approved home that is interested in taking him for a play visit for about four days and, we are currently working on the details for that. We shall also cat test him. He will be making his special announcement later this week!

As always, our ‘Visitation’ program is a very key essential one for the important CHAIN OF SUCCESS of our organization. These play dates, play visits and trips continue to build upon the strong foundation that is put into place with each dog that comes into our authority. We believe in making each dog the best that they can be and, every positive experience makes these dogs more well rounded plus balanced. We have begun to see other groups begin their own programs similar to ours and, if set-up properly, the dogs and homes are going to really benefit!

BHRR's Torque was neutered today and he now weighs 37 KGs(81.40 pounds) at 6 months of age! πŸ™‚ That is another 9.68 pounds since March 6th, that he has put on. πŸ™‚ Another HUGE HUGE HUGE hit for all at KAH and sorry, while I tried to take photo's, they were blurry! πŸ™

Everything went well and he is now at home, snuggled in and resting. AND, needing his 'Mama Gwennie'!

AND, the more he matures, I am suspecting possibly some Cane Corso in him with that gorgeous look yet, I also suspect that with BHRR's Groves and, there are not a lot of DNA tests out there that have that breed reliably covered in their database. He is what he is and, 100% adorable!


BHRR's Torque has his neuter scheduled for April 2nd and then about 10 days after that, he shall have a very special announcement to make! πŸ™‚

GENTLE REMINDER & UPDATEThis event will NOW also be used to also help BHRR’s Porridge – Rushed into KAH March 19th for when I returned from being out of the country, he was not well. He had dropped 3 KGs(6.6 pounds) – he is down to 74 KGs, had a nasal discharge, flared nostrils, no temp yet, belly breathing and could not breathe with his mouth closed, had not drank anything in over 24 hours, minimal eating, lethargic, swollen lymph nodes and, could not rest on his side(his fav resting spot).

PORRIDGE VET RESULTS TO DATE: Full exam done, lungs sounded ok, did a full blood work up including a heart blood test(awaiting results, we could not use Dormitor(if he did have a heart condition, this would be not in his best interest) to sedate for x-rays and the Torb barely took his anxiety edge off(we were not able to do his nails as he needs the Dorm also to sedate him) and, we could only get the right lat for x-rays yet, the heart on that side look almost completely normal. There was no noticeable bulge or significant enlargement yet, we had to take four shots to get his full chest and lungs just of the one side and the left side could not be completed at this time. We took biopsies of his lymph nodes, heart rate was elevated. The staff there noted how poor his energy level was from his norm ‘must maim with my happy tail and enthusiasm hyper harle happy boy ‘tude’ and while, he did eat some wet canned food, he had a hard time trying to eat anything dry and could only take one dry piece of T/D that was offered to him. The Vet has prescribed Doxy for him 4 tabs BID of the 100 mg IN case it may be infection related yet, he would not be presented ‘classically’ if that were the case. Yet, we are being proactive from all angles.

He went down hill so fast while I was away and, I thank all for monitoring him and I have trusted and do trust that those that were here, did keep his best interest at heart and, did not see fit to bring him in. I was completely ok for hi to go in for peace of mind and, I had been told that he was eating and drinking well and energy level was ok, no nasal discharge and lungs were clear(one person here is a nurse). In discussing him in more depth tonight with some of the wonderful souls that were here, it was noted that a weight loss had been seen, that drinking levels had gone down and energy level had changed. He was apparently fine and completely normal up to late last week and, I arrived home on Tuesday early afternoon. Whatever he has, it is aggressive….. πŸ™

AND, in the 24+ hours that I have been home, his condition from there worsened further and, I jumped in bringing him in ASAP. Even called KAH to change his appointment to an earlier time slot.

Possible diagnosis at this time range from early heart to early lymphoma to early nasal tumor. Good case scenario, an infection of some sort.

AND, here is the PV Stittsville, Nail Trim Event Poster! $15 for grinds/$10 for Trims on Saturday March 22nd from 10 am – 5 pm, and, all money shall benefit BHRR’s Coach, our ‘heart’ boy!

Purse Puppy Coach shall be coming with me after my work shift on March 22nd,Β  – around 2:30 PM to visit and thank all those that will be there AND, he will be doing ‘KUDDLES 4 KASH’ to also help raise some money for his bills. AND, for those that have had the pleasure of hugging this boy, he is DELIGHTFUL! I may also bring BHRR’s Angel Noelle or perhaps BHRR’s Torque! πŸ™‚

On Tuesday March 4th, BHRR’s Purse Puppy’s Coach weight was 14.9 KGs(37.78 pounds)! Since his arrival into Rescue, he has put on 34.28 pounds! πŸ™‚ In just 14 weeks! πŸ™‚

I have a huge blog post to make from this Vet visit and then coming back the next day for emergency x-rays and an ECG (the results were suppose to be back within 24 hours….) and, from there, the next steps for him. I have the report from the one Vet to post and, I have passed along all information and details to PVAR who have the other two puppies and who adopted the mom. At the minimum, it is believed that he has a congenital condition. πŸ™ AND, the chances that HE is the only one in that large litter to have this condition is slim to none.

As I am heading offline for the next week+, blog updates will be to a minimum to none – SORRY! πŸ™ I am going out of the country and later this year, also plan on going back out of the country as I have been invited to Costa Rica and Nicarauga to assist/train/mentor in a spay/neuter clinic and, to work with the strays etc. over there.Β  So, I will post as I can and, thanks to all that follow the blogs!!! πŸ™‚

Now, we just have to have those right matched forever loving homes find all of these great BHRR doggies that are AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION! πŸ™‚

Nailtrim (Medium)

BHRR’s Torque had another exam last night to see how his lungs etc. were doing and he has finally kicked the pneumonia to the curb!!!! YAY!

He now weighs 32.6 KGs(71.72 pounds) @ 5 months of age and, that once very unsure and worried boy crawled into the lap of the male vet at KAH and asked for snuggles and loving and wagged his happy tail! πŸ™‚ YES! YES! He has put on 14.96 pounds in just 19 days!

The next step is for his neuter and I will not do that this young. When he is 6 months, so, as to not hold up any possible approved adoption, we shall do what we still consider to be a pediatric neuter on him. My preference personally plus professionally is to alter between the ages of 12-18 months of age and to spay around 11 months of age, before a heat. Yet, to hold on to a highly adoptable giant that long, is not something we will do. He shall not have need of me much longer and, it will be great for whomever that right matched forever loving home to find him and adopt him! πŸ™‚

He is such an ‘old’ soul in so many ways…..AND, I am still not 100% convinced that he may not be 100% pure byber GD. Who knows…..lord knows, that BHRR’s Bloom proved me wrong(100% teacup GD she turned out to be!) and I have several decades of experience with this breed! πŸ˜€

He is such a doll! πŸ™‚

Please consider heading to PV Stittsville to participate in our FIRST EVER(Annual or Bi-Annual – not decided as of yet) $5(Five) 4 Food Fundraiser – February 1st to February 28th inclusive!
$1,518.00 DONATED To Date as of February 22nd, 2014!

I want to thank PV Stittsville immensely for being so open and supportive for BHRR to have our unique and creative Fundraiser at their lovely store! All money donated is being used to buy Dog Food from their store. As the generous, kind and extremely thoughtful donations are coming in, the incredible staff at PV Stittsville are using the funds to buy dog food as we are in our food crisis now. Sean has already gone in to pick up what food has been bought to date and, I will be in on Saturday to pick up the next bags that thanks to the community's big hearts, more is continuing to be able to be purchased.

We are hoping that this Fundraiser shall be successful! We are so happy to be showing our own hearts in turn to the store that is making this all possible and to buy all the food we can with the monies that come in. THANK YOU to the village that is surrounding BHRR and, PV Stittsville!!

AND, the 2nd annual PV Stittsville Secret Admirer Sweetheart Knuckle Bones Event is in full swing! 11 have already been purchased to donate to the animals(each BHRR dog has a photo attached to one bone) of BHRR! TY! TY! Be sure to visit PV Stittsville, while BHRR DOGGIES LAST! πŸ™‚
**As OF FEBRUARY 15th, 2014, ALL BHRR DOGGIES HAVE A Secret Admirer Sweetheart Knuckle Bone!**

AND thank you to BHRR BOD member Barry Cole for working with me again on this fabu poster!

feb five for food-3b

BHRR's Torque has his recheck on Friday February 14th and he has put on 4.7 KGs(10.34 pounds!) since his last visit! WTG! πŸ™‚ He now weighs 25.8 KGs(56.76 pounds) at 5 months of age.

He had a thorough exam, and, his lungs sounded good and, we did a repeat on his bloodwork. The results came back on Saturday the 15th and, he is high normal on the WBC and, so, per the Vet, they would like to see him continue the Antirobe plus Doxy for another 14 days. Just to be safe.

His Vet on Friday felt he was healthy enough to be given his first DAPP booster. We will repeat this booster and then, give him his rabies later on.

Once, he is older, he shall then be neutered. From there, after he heals, he can make a very special announcement! πŸ™‚

I asked one of the lovelies that I work with at KAH to do his nails as, I like to get these dogs into the hands of others as much as possible to help make them as well rounded plus balanced as possible AND, to keep giving them good experiences, in the hands of others. He was a bit wiggly yet, rocked it! πŸ™‚ He is such an easy keeper……I can do his nails all by myself at home.

By the time, I left work on Friday, he was visibly more relaxed, asking people for love and, received many compliments on how gorgeous his coat is plus how far he has already come with his nervousness. He had no qualms about sticking his head into the treat/food bags that one of the Vets has under their desk for a snack or two!

On the way into KAH, he had his first ever vomit in my car. Has never done that before and, he has not had a vomit since then and even, went to Brockville, on Saturday with Sean to meet-up with a BHRR approved Volunteer for a visit and to pick up some goodies for the BHRR animals! They have not seen him since December 14th, and, so this was a lovely treat for both of them! πŸ™‚

Below is a photo(not the best) of him at KAH on Friday.

BHRR's Torque – February 14th, 2014 – You just want to smooch that nose!

OUR FIRST OF 2014* FOOD = LIFE for the animals of BHRR!
PLEASE consider our cause and donate a bag or funds for food! We thank you from our hearts for any consideration!
PLEASE EMAIL IF YOU CAN HELP US with our dog food fund/needs!

With BHRR's Bloom's gas bloat and BHRR's Angel Noelle's amputation, BHRR's Torque's Vet visit was rescheduled to last night.

He weighed 46.42 pounds(21.1 KGs) at 17 weeks of age. At the rate that he is growing, he could easily top off around 100 pounds or so – cannot wait to see him mature… He is no long uber skinny and his coat is so soft! HUGE HUGE HUGE hit at KAH! He has become a staff fav for sure. I am loving those eyes the best….yup, another 'eye' dog! πŸ˜€

He was microchipped, had a full exam and we did bw. He is still battling pneumonia(he came to us with KC that progressed) and, so, is continuing on Doxycycline 100 mg BID. His lungs are still crackling.

He is eating well, drinking well and, his energy level is much better than it was. He has finished up his de-worming protocol and remains on revolution monthly.

He did not enjoy the car ride in, so, more car rides of just fun are in his future. He did some drooling and a wee bit of crying and, was sad. On the way home, I took him through a Timmie's drive-through and they gave him his very own timbit! THAT made the drive home so much better! πŸ˜‰

He had a pee accident in his run at the Hospital and, other than that, was a model patient. He rocked through his exam and was a bit shy and nervous, yet, I had the staff armed with treats and his tail just went from wagging a wee bit to more and more and while, it never got up to full 'helicopter' high speed take off, it was swinging low and wide. πŸ™‚

So, as he is still battling pneumonia, I held off on his vaccines. We shall see what this latest course of antibiotics does for him and try again in a month.



LESS than 6 hours to get your chance to bid/win on our first ever ‘Breaking Bills Bake’ Online Auction!
All items will be baked fresh! ENDS tonight(Thursday January 23rd @ 9 PM EST)

We have 32 amazing items up for grabs and this, shall be a yearly Fundraiser for BHRR moving forward!

BAKE SALE ONLINE Auction to assist with BHRR’s Angel Noelle’s(the beaten/abused puppy that was also picked up and thrown and had her one leg/elbow broken and was never treated that required a leg amputation) Vet Bills has begun!
Please consider participating and crossposting. THANK YOU!

She also has a YouCaring Fundraiser page!

BHRR’s Angel Noelle’s β€˜BREAKING BILLS BAKE’ Online Auction Fundraiser
*Items do not need to be baked until the Online Auction is over. πŸ™‚
ONLINE AUCTION: STARTS January 18th, 2014(7 AM EST) & ENDS January 23rd, 2014(9 PM EST) – We have 32 items to date!

Thank you to EACH person who has stepped up to help us with sharing this request for donations for this fundraiser, offering to make an item, sending those very precious notes of support and kindness AND, in believing in this very special ‘angel’! As always, thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU! What a brutal start to 2014, we have had at BHRR. πŸ™ With being in a food crisis, BHRR’s Angel Noelle’s amputation and, BHRR’s Blooms’ gas bloat. πŸ™

All monies raised in this Online Auction shall go towards paying for BHRR’s Angel Noelle’s Bills.

This sweet Rottiex puppy used to live in a crackhouse. She lived a life of constant abuse and, at 12 weeks of age, she was abused, picked up and thrown. Her leg/elbow was broken and left untreated for another 12 weeks. She received no medical treatment during this time as my leg worked to try and heal on its own. I was terrifed and in extreme pain.

On Christmas Eve, an β€˜angel’ contacted Gwen and, asked if Birch Haven Rescue & Rehabiltition(BHRR) could assist. BHRR immediately stepped up and another β€˜angel’ came to her rescue and took her from this very bad place as β€˜because I whimpered in pain’, the Owners wanted me gone ASAP and would have killed me if I had stayed with them.

On Monday January 13th, 2014, her leg was amputated and her bills will be close to $5,000 once all of her rehab is finished. She still has to have post-off follow-ups/exams, vaccines, physiotherapy etc.



*WE ARE IN A FOOD CRISIS AS OF JANUARY 5th, 2014 – OUR FIRST OF 2014* FOOD = LIFE for the animals of BHRR!
PLEASE consider our cause and donate a bag or funds for food! We thank you from our hearts for any consideration!
PLEASE EMAIL IF YOU CAN HELP US with our dog food fund/needs!

BHRR’s Torque is scheduled for his own Vet visit on Tuesday January 14th. I will microchip him then, he will have his rabies vaccines and DAPP booster, do a fecal(if he co-operates), have a full exam and, I shall ask someone else to do his nails(he is a breeze though!). πŸ™‚

Looking forward to seeing what this solid wee man weighs now. He is not uber skinny any longer and getting taller every day. He is so chill and, has discovered his ‘voice’…sigh! LOL He is becoming more and more playful and, still is a bit unsure when he is picked up yet, will settle and wag his tail. He has almost a perpetual ‘worried’ look on his face when you are holding him.

IMG_2917 (Medium) IMG_2918 (Medium)
BHRR’s Torque – settling in @ BHRR – December 2013

Here is a copy of a post that I made on our Birch Haven Facebook Page. For those that are inquiring as to ‘where’ the page went.

As we have many followers that are not on facebook, this is a post that can be ignored. πŸ™‚ For those that do follow us on facebook and, missed this post, here is a copy….

This is the final post as part of the ‘end of year statement’ for the BHRR BOD….that absolute privilege has fallen upon my typing fingers…

So much to say, a Gwennie Novel that would be a Gwennie chapter to truly capture it all!!

It has been an incredible year for BHRR, 13 WOW adoptions, so many faces put to names of lovely folks near and far, friendships plus relationships that have strengthened further and increased those links on that BHRR CHAIN OF SUCCESS, new kind and beautiful faces that have chosen our cause to support and believe in, the miracles of so many that were considered by several to be ‘lost causes’, r/q rescues working side by side making an much bigger positive difference to animals out there in need, the laughs, the smiles, the fun(Yes, r/q rescue can be fun!), the public education and community education events, play dates and play visits, the fundraisers(the crossposting!) the walks/hikes, the animals plus people that have touched us to the core and made our hearts just burst in warmth and happiness, the donations of lifesaving food and, other material items, the financial hand to help pay for much needed bills and more dog food, the driving and the more driving and the more driving, and yes, the hugs!
We thank each you that has been there and we look forward to what we hope promises to be an even better year for all ahead. We are NOTHING without you…..AND, to my BHRR BOD, thank you!

It has been such a hard year in others ways, and we take those important life lessons learned and will work that much more diligently in making better decisions/choices in 2014 and onward….we are focused in letting go of the things that we cannot change and that are unhealthy in the name of r/q rescuing.
We endeavour to practise what we preach, research, stay updated and keep walking the talk!
We have cried and still do cry over those that shall no longer be with us – human and animal and, candles are lit in the most honourable plus respectful silence of those that we can no longer physically touch and talk to and embrace……We miss you and, we are better in the having been touched by you…..

We thank all those that have assisted us in not changing BHRR yet, in continuing to help make it a better version of itself! I stand up and applaud each of you and then, I kneel down in the most humblest of thanks in turn, for I appreciate each and every gesture from a dollar to an encouraging word to helping to do nails or helping me to keep making dogs more well balanced and set-up for success! You may not think you have done much, yet, you have…especially on those dark trench days….

2014 MARKS year #18 for our small r/q Rescue and, that moves me into an announcement that I have been slowly sharing with people over the past few months….

The BHRR BOD has been discussing this for close to a 1 year now….

As of 11:59 PM on Wednesday January 1st, 2014; we shall be unpublishing our page….and, deactivating the BHRR BOD account.

This was not an easy step to take by any means for we understand how key networking and social media is….this page has brought us soooooooooooo much goodness and kindness and, we go into this knowing that we shall find ourselves most likely struggling even more financially and with food needs than we ever have had to date…..13 dogs were adopted in 2013, 17 in 2012 and this page is to be credited with these success stories…..

We are a small group and like many groups, we are Volunteers and lead busy lives outside of r/q rescue and, in frequent discussions with members of the BHRR BOD, the bandwidth is just not there right now for me to keep up the pace of this page plus what so many have originally been attracted plus loved about BHRR, the detailed blogs…that is very much a ‘signature’ BHRR arena and, it has had to take a backseat more often than I would have liked in 2013.

2014, is also year of much excitement(and some stress!) in my own professional and personal life – I will be defending in 2014 in re: to my PhD that I have worked pt on for too many years now…, I am furthering my training to do more work internationally with strays, street dogs and spay/neuter clinics and teaching and being mentored….I have been invited to Costa Rica and Nicaragua and, I will also begin to shadow at other Hospitals to increase my own skill set and education with qualifications plus experience. AND, I also look forward to my time at the ES when I can get there. As a result, I shall also be deleting/deactivating my personal account. Barry, Catalina and Mary will remain our eyes and ears out there in fb land.

My priority has always been to the animals under our authority and being hands on and keeping our success rates unparalled out there….that, shall not change.

It is my sincerest of wishes that by this time next year, we can publish this page again….it has become such a staple to my day and, I look forward to coming back to post of daily tips and questions and quotes and all things BHRR plus beyond to help other groups also network their own events/animals and throw our support into their corner!

I have sincerely enjoyed sharing the ups and the downs as part of our commitment to full disclosure and that, we are only perfect in our imperfections as humans….

So, it is will deepest regret that this shall be my last post on this page for some time……..

The BHRR BOD is still trying to figure out how best put forth our requests for assistance and right now, we shall go back to using the website for postings…so, please do visit uswww.birchhaven.orgΒ for YOU are the real hearts and souls of BHRR, along with the animals…..

May love, happiness and health find their way and stay with you and yours in 2014….that is my wish for you!

Raising my glass to all of you in a toast of my heart to you!

His brother littermate(turns out there were four – 2 went elsewhere) and, the one that came in on the same transport is safe at another r/q organization in Ottawa, SWM. πŸ™‚

Here are some more photo’s of the wee sweetie….nervous at first, warms up quickly and bonds fast. He is calm and quiet. AND, needed a bath! πŸ˜€

02 04
BHRR’s Torque with his wonderful surprise SS pressies – THANKS Auntie Rachel! – December 14th, 2013

We committed to this puppy(not convinced it is a BMx at all)…GD possibly, a GDx possibly for sure.

The puppy, that we named BHRR’s Torque(THANKS to all for the fabu name suggestions) arrived to BHRR December 14th, 2013. THANKS Rachel for helping to get him to us as we were at PV Stittsville taking some photo’s, from when he arrived to CJ!

Below is a photo of him taken at PV Stittsville(he had to meet Santa!) the day he arrived and, when we got him to BHRR with his surprise SS given to him by Rachel!

What a cutie! πŸ™‚

BHRR - 10-4 (Medium)
Photo from AMB Photography – Great Santa played by Martin. πŸ™‚

FROM myself, words truly do fail me with how beautiful these cards are plus the stamps AND Anna’s heart…..Thank you! THANK YOU!

From Anna G-h:

“We are delighted to announce that we have note-cards and matching stamps (domestic permanent) available with all funds donated to Birch Haven to assist in vetting and food costs. Each are 4 for $5. Please let me(Anna) know if you would like to order any. We can mail free of charge once we have received payment for your order. These are blank inside so are perfect for many occasions.”

Anna can be contacted at: OR email HERE.

Payment can be made via PayPal ‘GIFT’ or via email transfer.

Simply stunning! The person in the photo for those that are not aware is Anna’s husband, Peter and the two lovely Danes are Kaitlyn and Kassie. πŸ™‚


On December 11th,Β  2013, I received the following email on an 11.4 KGs puppy thought to be a BM/GDx:(Photo will not upload)

“Hi Gwen,

Hope all is well.

I have 2 of these little pups. Β I have offered one to X (still waiting to hear back) as I know everywhere is full or stopping intake. Β Also I do know that you are pretty much full…but thought I would ask if one would interest you.

The pup will be vaccinated only. Β Also will come in on transport Friday during the day.

No issue puppy.

The shelter does not feel that they have the right clientele for these babies. Β Attracting the wrong people.

Anyways, let me know if you are interested…

Thanks again,”