BHRR's Torque was a GIGANTIC hit today at PV Stittsville's PAWS Event! His brother 'Tonka' came back to visit with him and, Tonka's mommy promised to send me photo's that she took and, he demonstrated his beautiful manners learned at BHRR and, people could just not get enough of him! 🙂 People loved how soft his coat was and, how nice he smelled! 😀

The photographer that took his very first BHRR photo the day he originally arrived to BHRR on December 14th(covered in puke and poop) and, before he was all bathed and cleaned, was there and, she took more photo's of him and was able to see how gorgeous he really is all cleaned up and how wonderfully he has rehabbed. 🙂

Below are two photo's of him below. 🙂 I have some to add that I also took and, will do on another blog post.

Saturday April 12th – $1,180 RAISED! THANK YOU!
Sunday April 13th – $460 RAISED! THANK YOU!
Total PAWS/Activities Month To Date RAISED: $3,540.00

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BHRR's Torque – April 13th, 2014
*photos' courtesy of Melissa & Ashley