This is an extremely painful blog post to make…..the dark days of r/q rescue and, my already heavy and pained filled heart is shattering even further. πŸ™ I have just not been able to bring myself to make the final blog post on her life….I did inform the BHRR BOD team and, from there, my family has just been in deep mourning………. πŸ™ πŸ™

On February 20th, we lost BHRR's Zara. She had begun to have seizures recently and, some clustering and, we were working hard to get them under control plus investigate if there was an underlying mass/tumour/cancer/other disease that could be causing them or was it idiopathic. The common side effect for many seizure dogs is confusion and fear and, in the case of a dog that was so scared and fear aggressive from her history/past, just so heart-wrenching to witness.

This lovely dog had a known bite history prior to coming to BHRR and, when we were contacted to assist, all, I could think about was helping her be the best dog she could be. She has been with us since June 22nd, 2013. She should have had years with us. She has traveled so far in her rehab journey AND, to see her on February 1st here with the people/friends that missed the cancelation notice of our BHRR 'EXPERIENCE' mini Open House slowly going from one person to another(they did not pressure her, gave her time and showed lots of understanding and patience) and she was even nudging for loving! EVEN more massive progress from our September DINE WITH THE BHRR Doggies Event plus December 21st Annual "CHAIN OF SUCCESS' THANK You Potluck!

Below is a VIDEO of her on February 20th, – a short one as BHRR's Angel Noelle video bombed my taping and my iPhone shut off. AND, she was happy and playing and snuggling with me.

Then, I have two photo's of her later that day almost 20 minutes after having another severe seizure, confused and scared and, I have a leash loosely looped over her, so have some contact with her as she was so scared and wanted to be close to me yet, also was so confused and, like many dogs was trying to bash through windows to get outside or drink copious amounts of water, and, so I have found that the loosely looped leash, gives us contact and closeness without making her feel claustrophobic and, when she is ready, she comes to snuggle deep and close to me….

Just so devastating is that we have not been able to get control of her seizures and, her level of disorientation/confusion escalated and her fear mounting and, knowing that I could not save her or protect her or make it all go away…………breaks my heart………

BHRR's Salma came over and laid by her side and nuzzled her…..and began a very small and long crying sound…… πŸ™ HQD is a very special lady….she, also went over and snagged one of her special blankies and, brought it back over and then, she left and grabbed another blankie and brought it back…she took one and placed it over BHRR's Zara and, the other she squished and squashed until it was just right and laid upon it herself. From there, they lay in quiet until the next seizure came on….. πŸ™

There were so many more experiences that I wanted to give her…we were finally mastering the car – getting there was very worrisome for her, yet, once she was in, she settled and even would sit and, look out the window, yet, loved most was putting her head down on the armrest and snuggling into my side. She learned to trust me enough so, that I could do almost anything with/to her – bathing, ears, teeth, nails were still a bit scary for her BUT we were getting there – I could hold her feet and look between her toes and, with much patience and time, we got the job done. Even putting a collar on, while was a very big moment for her, I could do it and, hooking a leash on and off was no problem. Taking collars and leashes off was once a huge show of bravery on her part and, no issues at all any longer. She loved me…and, gosh, I loved her………

I find myself still calling her name for 'sleepie time', pulling out a bowl to feed her, looking down by my side to smile at her, checking to make sure that the tv remote was picked up – she has gone through a harmony remote and several other electronics….she likes to take things outside…not to chew them, yet, to take them outside.

The memories, the smiles, the laughter, the 'ZARA – just what did you take now?!', the 'stop pulling the blanket out of BHRR's Flint's crate', the 'you have to move sweetie, as I cannot breathe with how close you are cuddling' and 'Sean, I need my glasses adjusted again as BHRR's Zara head bopped me again in love' and…..and…and….

This dog was made for agility. She would jump over and over and over again, the half door to our sunroom just because she could. Especially during feeding time as she kept waiting to see if it was' her' turn and, back and forth….

I miss her……….I miss them all….. πŸ™ πŸ™ I am so sorry I could not save you…………I am so sorry that I failed you…………..I am so sorry that someone in your past bred you wrong and that you were undersocialised and, I am sorry that someone set you up for failure and hugged and squeezed you too tight, not once but twice and, you had to use your mouth to say 'I am scared, please let me go' for no one was listening to your body language. I am sorry that you were poled yet, I am not sorry that we were contacted to take you in and I am NOT sorry for the just shy of 8 months that you gave to my heart and home and the joy and bursting with pride that my soul felt with each blossoming moment of trust and bravery you did………

I love you, I will miss you, I have cried a river and more and, come spring, we will plant a special 'ZARA' flowering plant in your eternal resting place. You are now free of all demons and, I know that we shall meet again…

Life is just so unfair………..why her?!!! πŸ™

Zara VIDEO February 20, 2014

BHRR's Zara – February 20th, 2014 – In our almost fully renovated sunroom

OUR FIRST OF 2014* FOOD = LIFE for the animals of BHRR!
PLEASE consider our cause and donate a bag or funds for food! We thank you from our hearts for any consideration!
PLEASE EMAIL IF YOU CAN HELP US with our dog food fund/needs!


LESS than 6 hours to get your chance to bid/win on our first ever ‘Breaking Bills Bake’ Online Auction!
All items will be baked fresh! ENDS tonight(Thursday January 23rd @ 9 PM EST)

We have 32 amazing items up for grabs and this, shall be a yearly Fundraiser for BHRR moving forward!

BAKE SALE ONLINE Auction to assist with BHRR’s Angel Noelle’s(the beaten/abused puppy that was also picked up and thrown and had her one leg/elbow broken and was never treated that required a leg amputation) Vet Bills has begun!
Please consider participating and crossposting. THANK YOU!

She also has a YouCaring Fundraiser page!

BHRR’s Angel Noelle’s β€˜BREAKING BILLS BAKE’ Online Auction Fundraiser
*Items do not need to be baked until the Online Auction is over. πŸ™‚
ONLINE AUCTION: STARTS January 18th, 2014(7 AM EST) & ENDS January 23rd, 2014(9 PM EST) – We have 32 items to date!

Thank you to EACH person who has stepped up to help us with sharing this request for donations for this fundraiser, offering to make an item, sending those very precious notes of support and kindness AND, in believing in this very special ‘angel’! As always, thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU! What a brutal start to 2014, we have had at BHRR. πŸ™ With being in a food crisis, BHRR’s Angel Noelle’s amputation and, BHRR’s Blooms’ gas bloat. πŸ™

All monies raised in this Online Auction shall go towards paying for BHRR’s Angel Noelle’s Bills.

This sweet Rottiex puppy used to live in a crackhouse. She lived a life of constant abuse and, at 12 weeks of age, she was abused, picked up and thrown. Her leg/elbow was broken and left untreated for another 12 weeks. She received no medical treatment during this time as my leg worked to try and heal on its own. I was terrifed and in extreme pain.

On Christmas Eve, an β€˜angel’ contacted Gwen and, asked if Birch Haven Rescue & Rehabiltition(BHRR) could assist. BHRR immediately stepped up and another β€˜angel’ came to her rescue and took her from this very bad place as β€˜because I whimpered in pain’, the Owners wanted me gone ASAP and would have killed me if I had stayed with them.

On Monday January 13th, 2014, her leg was amputated and her bills will be close to $5,000 once all of her rehab is finished. She still has to have post-off follow-ups/exams, vaccines, physiotherapy etc.



*WE ARE IN A FOOD CRISIS AS OF JANUARY 5th, 2014 – OUR FIRST OF 2014* FOOD = LIFE for the animals of BHRR!
PLEASE consider our cause and donate a bag or funds for food! We thank you from our hearts for any consideration!
PLEASE EMAIL IF YOU CAN HELP US with our dog food fund/needs!

BHRR’s Zara-Bean is doing quite well! She is still battling the ‘terror’ of collars and leashes and, cars, yet progress is being made!

I have a mobile Vet – Thanks Dr. G! – that comes out to see her at BHRR for she is just not handling the stress of a Vet Hospital environment well. He says to monitor her eyes and, that she does not require any surgery at this time, and, may not ever need surgery. As she has aged, her eyes have greatly improved. She was once prone to eye infections as she has developed, she has not had need of any medications in many months. If/when she does require to have to have surgery, she will have it!

She is a bossy bit of goods here and sassy to boot! πŸ˜€ AND, could afford to lose a pound or two – she loves her food and those, around her! πŸ˜‰

Not much that I cannot do with her yet, she will always have the ‘ability’ to fear bite if not handled correctly and, that combined with her very strong Neo(possibly Rottie too) temperament, I am even more careful not to set her up for failure, show her boundaries and, at the same time, show her that we have rules at BHRR and, she is no exception to those rules…. πŸ˜‰ What a gorgeous dog!

Below are some photo’s of her XMAS Eve Photo Shoot at BHRR…took a bit of patience on my part, courage on her part, yet, we got some lovely shots of her! She is maturing into a stunning creature! πŸ™‚

We have made the decision that based upon her history prior to arriving to BHRR and, that we want her set-up for the maximum of success, she will remain a Haven Dog either in our own home or in a right matched perma-foster home. We will continue to work on play dates plus visits to homes of our friends and approved Volunteers to keep building on the strong foundation that is being created at BHRR for her.

What I love best about her is her willingness to please and blow through her obedience and how she looks at me with trust and that I am earning her respect and how that docked tail and butt is a huge wag of happiness. What I like least about her πŸ˜‰ is her taking everything from towels, to spatula’s, to shoes, to water bottles, to my purse, mitts and anything that she can get her mouth on if your back is turned….in a flash – renovating our sunroom has proven to be quite the challenge! πŸ˜‰ AND, the fact that she is playful and loving and loyal to me, just makes me feel like I have won a very special lottery…..

It is a constant game at night of her getting up on the bed and me, asking her to get off and then she is up and, I am asking her to get off…. πŸ˜€

That she feels comfortable doing so, is wonderful!

IMG_3265 (Medium)IMG_3266 (Medium) IMG_3267 (Medium) IMG_3308 (Medium)
BHRR’s Zara – December 24th, 2013

Here is a copy of a post that I made on our Birch Haven Facebook Page. For those that are inquiring as to ‘where’ the page went.

As we have many followers that are not on facebook, this is a post that can be ignored. πŸ™‚ For those that do follow us on facebook and, missed this post, here is a copy….

This is the final post as part of the ‘end of year statement’ for the BHRR BOD….that absolute privilege has fallen upon my typing fingers…

So much to say, a Gwennie Novel that would be a Gwennie chapter to truly capture it all!!

It has been an incredible year for BHRR, 13 WOW adoptions, so many faces put to names of lovely folks near and far, friendships plus relationships that have strengthened further and increased those links on that BHRR CHAIN OF SUCCESS, new kind and beautiful faces that have chosen our cause to support and believe in, the miracles of so many that were considered by several to be ‘lost causes’, r/q rescues working side by side making an much bigger positive difference to animals out there in need, the laughs, the smiles, the fun(Yes, r/q rescue can be fun!), the public education and community education events, play dates and play visits, the fundraisers(the crossposting!) the walks/hikes, the animals plus people that have touched us to the core and made our hearts just burst in warmth and happiness, the donations of lifesaving food and, other material items, the financial hand to help pay for much needed bills and more dog food, the driving and the more driving and the more driving, and yes, the hugs!
We thank each you that has been there and we look forward to what we hope promises to be an even better year for all ahead. We are NOTHING without you…..AND, to my BHRR BOD, thank you!

It has been such a hard year in others ways, and we take those important life lessons learned and will work that much more diligently in making better decisions/choices in 2014 and onward….we are focused in letting go of the things that we cannot change and that are unhealthy in the name of r/q rescuing.
We endeavour to practise what we preach, research, stay updated and keep walking the talk!
We have cried and still do cry over those that shall no longer be with us – human and animal and, candles are lit in the most honourable plus respectful silence of those that we can no longer physically touch and talk to and embrace……We miss you and, we are better in the having been touched by you…..

We thank all those that have assisted us in not changing BHRR yet, in continuing to help make it a better version of itself! I stand up and applaud each of you and then, I kneel down in the most humblest of thanks in turn, for I appreciate each and every gesture from a dollar to an encouraging word to helping to do nails or helping me to keep making dogs more well balanced and set-up for success! You may not think you have done much, yet, you have…especially on those dark trench days….

2014 MARKS year #18 for our small r/q Rescue and, that moves me into an announcement that I have been slowly sharing with people over the past few months….

The BHRR BOD has been discussing this for close to a 1 year now….

As of 11:59 PM on Wednesday January 1st, 2014; we shall be unpublishing our page….and, deactivating the BHRR BOD account.

This was not an easy step to take by any means for we understand how key networking and social media is….this page has brought us soooooooooooo much goodness and kindness and, we go into this knowing that we shall find ourselves most likely struggling even more financially and with food needs than we ever have had to date…..13 dogs were adopted in 2013, 17 in 2012 and this page is to be credited with these success stories…..

We are a small group and like many groups, we are Volunteers and lead busy lives outside of r/q rescue and, in frequent discussions with members of the BHRR BOD, the bandwidth is just not there right now for me to keep up the pace of this page plus what so many have originally been attracted plus loved about BHRR, the detailed blogs…that is very much a ‘signature’ BHRR arena and, it has had to take a backseat more often than I would have liked in 2013.

2014, is also year of much excitement(and some stress!) in my own professional and personal life – I will be defending in 2014 in re: to my PhD that I have worked pt on for too many years now…, I am furthering my training to do more work internationally with strays, street dogs and spay/neuter clinics and teaching and being mentored….I have been invited to Costa Rica and Nicaragua and, I will also begin to shadow at other Hospitals to increase my own skill set and education with qualifications plus experience. AND, I also look forward to my time at the ES when I can get there. As a result, I shall also be deleting/deactivating my personal account. Barry, Catalina and Mary will remain our eyes and ears out there in fb land.

My priority has always been to the animals under our authority and being hands on and keeping our success rates unparalled out there….that, shall not change.

It is my sincerest of wishes that by this time next year, we can publish this page again….it has become such a staple to my day and, I look forward to coming back to post of daily tips and questions and quotes and all things BHRR plus beyond to help other groups also network their own events/animals and throw our support into their corner!

I have sincerely enjoyed sharing the ups and the downs as part of our commitment to full disclosure and that, we are only perfect in our imperfections as humans….

So, it is will deepest regret that this shall be my last post on this page for some time……..

The BHRR BOD is still trying to figure out how best put forth our requests for assistance and right now, we shall go back to using the website for postings…so, please do visit uswww.birchhaven.orgΒ for YOU are the real hearts and souls of BHRR, along with the animals…..

May love, happiness and health find their way and stay with you and yours in 2014….that is my wish for you!

Raising my glass to all of you in a toast of my heart to you!

FROM myself, words truly do fail me with how beautiful these cards are plus the stamps AND Anna’s heart…..Thank you! THANK YOU!

From Anna G-h:

“We are delighted to announce that we have note-cards and matching stamps (domestic permanent) available with all funds donated to Birch Haven to assist in vetting and food costs. Each are 4 for $5. Please let me(Anna) know if you would like to order any. We can mail free of charge once we have received payment for your order. These are blank inside so are perfect for many occasions.”

Anna can be contacted at: OR email HERE.

Payment can be made via PayPal ‘GIFT’ or via email transfer.

Simply stunning! The person in the photo for those that are not aware is Anna’s husband, Peter and the two lovely Danes are Kaitlyn and Kassie. πŸ™‚



This is not a community education or public awareness event YET, I plan on showing up with some of the BHRR doggies to hang and visit AND thank ALL that show up!

NOTE: THERE shall also be $10 NAIL Trims with all proceeds coming to BHRR!

santa paws (Medium)


BHRR does not adopt out during the XMAS season due to our position that it is not in the best interest of any new addition being added during such a busy, exciting and somewhat stressful time for many.

Quite a few other Rescues, Shelters, Pounds etc. have also begun to follow a similar protocol to what we have been doing for so many years.

Our XMAS Shutdown period for this year is from Saturday December 14th, 2013 to Tuesday January 7th 2013 inclusive.

During this time, BHRR is available 24/7 as always for requests for assistance of animals in need.

Thank you for your continued understanding – The BHRR Team

Our 6th ANNUAL 'JUST IN TIME FOR XMAS' Online Auction HAS started! πŸ™‚ We NOW have 87 items posted – LINK BELOW – and more to come daily! This is not a facebook auction. As we have supporters not on fb, we use a wp plug-in app on our home website.

YOU have to go visit daily to see just what is there! πŸ™‚ THANKS to all that have donated so kindly, generously and the animals thank you too! πŸ™‚

The BHRR Auction began at 7:00 AM EST on Saturday November 23rd, 2013.

The BHRR Auction will end at 9:00 PM EST on Thursday December 5th, 2013

BHRR’s Zara – Neox – November 22nd, 2013
She has discovered the joys and comfort of our kingsize bed and IS the best snuggler…FOR all those that saw her on June 22nd when she first arrived so terrified to our September 28th, Annual DINE WITH THE BHRR DOGGIES Event, what a journey she has taken!
She will remain as part of our BHRR Haven Program and a treasured member she is! πŸ™‚


From Friday October 18th to Sunday November 3rd, 2013 inclusive, BHRR will not be open for adoptions or the intake of adoption applications.

We do not adopt out around the Halloween season and many others Rescues, shelters, pounds etc. have also begun to follow a similar protocol.

We do not believe it is in the best interest of the animals in our program, especially for dark coloured dogs.

During this time, BHRR is available 24/7 as always for requests for assistance of animals in need.

BHRR's Zara – October 1st, 2013
I think someone is still exhausted after the BHRR 'DINE WITH THE DOGGIES' Fundraiser on Saturday!
**She came out with BHRR's Titus once most of the guests had left AND we had moved all the tables AND she was AWESOME!
She was going up to people – she liked Joanne and Rachel a lot and would stand for pats and wag her tail and was not brutally terrified! She would not allow too much petting and loving, only gentle touches BUT she made my heart just float!
She has a LONG LONG LONG way to go BUT the distance she has traveled since she first arrived on June 22nd, is ENORMOUS!
AND, she is most certainly figuring out the masterbed of love and snuggles! I was ready to put the light out at 4 AM today AND she climbed up and well, what she needs, she is going to get! WHAT is sleep?!!!! NOTHING compared to her and what she needs!

AND: Feedback from those at the Dinner Event:

1) "What a huge difference TLC and BHRR can make on a once terrified and untrusting dog. She has certainly come out of her funk, which is huge! Though she wasn't completely comfortable, it will come in time. As I say to my patients who are so eager to leave "We cannot run before we can walk." One step at a time" –  Rachel Ng

2) "I was so thrilled when she came up for a pet" – Suzanne Desjardins

3) "Thank you Zara for trusting me enough to let me love on you, even briefly, you are doing amazing baby girl!" – Joanne Guerard

BHRR's Zara – October 1st, 2013

BHRR's Zara-Bean – September 14th, 2013 – ignore the really dull commentary in the video below! IT was uber super early…. πŸ˜‰

She is still brutally terrified of collars and leashes yet, day-by-day…..when she is ready, she will tell me….never any rush.

Patience pays off…..

LOVE her! GOSH! She is just so unique in her specialness.

She is also worried about strangers yet, she is better and better!


So, BHRR's Zara-Bean, could use your positive words of encouragement to help her along her path and journey of bravery….
She really has DONE so well in her journey to date yet, her history and background is a hard one for her to move away from.
This sweet affectionate to those she trusts and knows, NEOx pup, was neglected and manhandled and when she was brought to the shelter, a pole was used and her already fearful nerves of collars and leashes, was just magnified.
She has allowed me to put a collar on her here and there and with a calm and passive ignoring approach, I can put a leash on her and she will trust me enough to follow me without panicking.
AND, we have been working so much and well since her arrival to BHRR on June 22nd with her severe anxiety and worries over anything around her neck. AND car rides, well, combine that with collar, leash and the car….sigh….my poor wee bean….
So, we have been building up the good experiences and working towards that big trip to the Vet and today, was suppose to be the day…so, we can get one step closer on getting those eyes addressed(now, that I have the eye infections under control) and she and I had a really sad moment of getting her collar on last night and then the treats, made things so much better and she was so happy and proud of herself that she conquered the nightmare of that 'beast' called a collar and the leash was almost a walk in the park and we ended everything on another really high positive note by taking a short walk out to the car and around it and opened up the doors, took treats from the seats and she almost followed me quite relaxed in as I climbed into the back…..
So, today, up we get, and looking forward to a good experience for her and collar on, leash clipped, out the door, taking treats and through the gate, down the stairs and into the open car door she follows me and then BOOM! WHAT are the chances a tree branch breaks????!!!
She panics, pulls back, slips the martingale and runs back to the gate to the house(gate was left open) and she stands there panting and looking at me….
I assured her that all was ok, passively ignored, handed off treats to Sean and let her be……
Inside, I was sad for her and bummed….we were SOOOO close yet, it is not all steps forward some days and so, I have rescheduled her appointment for the 30th of August and we will keep having positive experiences and after talking to one of the Vets I work with, I will give her some meds to relax her prior to going into the car if needed……
YET, can all her fan club and friends please send her words of positive encouragement and when you see her next, assure her that she is one very brave wee girl!!!

BHRR's Zara's blog is UPDATED to June 24th, 2013! πŸ˜‰ With photo's and videos! Patience pays off! πŸ˜‰ AND, good things come to those that wait! πŸ˜€

I can also add that BHRR's Zara likes to chew wood and drywall and she is great with all dogs including our 9.5 pound Sir-Bounce-A-Lots.

Due to her extreme fear of strangers, she has not yet, headed in to visit a specialist for consideration for surgery on her eyes. EVEN, I can only hold and touch and love on her so much. AND, putting on collars and leashes STILL terrifies her…poor thing….

So, she is not wearing a collar at this time and I am working on positive reinforcement associated with the collar/leash. I am also working on her 'marking' and every time she *touches* the collar or leash, she gets a treat. I can now get her to put her nose partway into the very loose and large collar and she will also rub by it as she walks past.

She even will get up on the bed for snuggling before bed and she no longer sleeps in a crate and has not for some time. She is crated when we leave as she is still a puppy. She lets me know when she wants pets and she lets me know when she has had enough. She is not going to be going, when she is ready to a home that is not experienced for she is very much NEO!

She play really well at time with BHRR's Reese as well and at other times, she is a diva…..

A short time ago, I received an email from the most talented and I want to say also, very beautiful and special Liz Bradley of The Ottawa Dog Blog.

As many are aware, there was a voting contest recently for the Most Influential Dog Blog online and the competition was quite tough AND, thanks to such an incredible surrounding community The Ottawa Dog Blog WON! By taking 60% of the votes!

HUGE Congratulations Liz & Jane!!! Extremely well deserved! Your blog is quite important and valued deeply by so many and you make a BIG difference daily with all your efforts! I have loved watching your amazing 'baby' grow plus develop!

AND, what so humbly surprised me(AND, made me grab yet, another tissue…this time with a welling up of good tears!), was that Liz/Jane was awarded a lifesaving generous gift of $500 donation to the charity of her choice AND they chose BHRR!! As they have posted about, there are SO many great r/q Rescues deserving and in need and, I am touched, humbled and feel privileged to have our small rescue chosen to be the recipient of such an incredible gesture……Just honoured! Immensely!

There really needs to be more words to express THANK YOU! I am MORE thank thankful! I am genuinely appreciative plus grateful and filled with intense gratitude…….


"It was a difficult decision as to the charity who we would pick to receive the donation as all of the Ottawa charities work so hard.

We decided on Birch Haven Rescue and Rehabilitation to receive the $500 donation! BHRR is an amazing rescue who is in need of money to feed the large and giant breeds they rescue – this money will go a long way towards food and vet bills for them!

Thank you again to all who voted. I am so very proud to live in this great city surrounded by fellow dog lovers.

With love and belly rubs,
Liz (and Jane)"

**Could I please ask our fans/supporters/family/friends to take a moment and go over and CONGRATULATE Liz/Jane immensely and tell them HOW uber awesome they are with what they do daily!!!**

AND, here is what I wrote on their lovely Blog post!

HUGE Congratulations Liz & Jane!!! Extremely well deserved! Your blog is quite important and valued deeply by so many and you make a BIG difference daily with all your efforts! I have loved watching your amazing ‘baby’ grow plus develop!

As Liz/Jane have posted, there are SO many great r/q Rescues deserving and in need and, I am touched, humbled and feel immensely privileged to have had our small rescue of Birch Haven Rescue & Rehabilitation Services chosen to be the recipient of such an incredible gesture……Just honoured! Immensely!

I also wish to publicly thank Camp Cookstown from my heart, for having such a great contest, for helping to get the word out regarding so many fantastic online blogs and for supporting the work done in animal rescue with this very generous and lifesaving gift of $500.

There really needs to be more words to express THANK YOU! I am MORE thank thankful! I am genuinely appreciative plus humbled and filled with intense gratitude…….


Thank you sooooooooooo much to Ginnette & CJ for having us back again this year!!!
I absolutely LOVE this event! LOVE LOVE LOVE!
Saturday July 27th
Time: 10 AM – 3 PM
Min. $10 Donation
*Microchips $40 includes registration, merchandise AND Nail Trims too!
*Thanks to BHRR BOD member Barry for working with me on this poster!

dirty dog**

BHRR's Zara GAVE me my first kiss recently…Sean says, that he got one before me….I do not believe him! :p

COMING UP ON Sunday July 14th, 2013! Our 6th ANNUAL KAH/BHRR Microchip/Nail Trim & BBQ Fundraiser!
8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

In 2012, we did 56 MICROCHIPS(ALL by qualified Veterinary professionals) & 94 nail trims!

We shall have our silent auction table again, human plus doggie baked table, draws, facepainting, caricatures AND so much more!

NO APPOINTMENTS necessary! For more information, please visit HERE:

OR follow all the exciting updates on our BHRR/KAH Facebook EVENT PAGE!


Thank you in advance for any consideration!!


1) More volunteers to put up posters in their local community including training facilities
2) People open to emailing and promoting this event poster at their work and with friends, family and neighbours. I can email the poster to all willing to assist. πŸ™‚
3) Donations of pop, juice, bottled water & hotdogs/buns & hamburger/buns
4) NEED MORE DRAW PRIZES! Please email
6) NEED MORE Silent Auction Items
7) Gift cards – please email
8) We need people to assist us with cross-posting this event and getting the word out! We have some huge Vet bills right now and more in the pipe.

PLEASE EMAIL if you can assist with any of the above!

***This event is such a great time!***

THANK you again to BHRR's Cosette's fabu mom for working with members of the BHRR BOD on this poster!

Katoby Distribution is having their FIRST even Campaign For Rescue Voting Contest!

This contest was created via nominations and on Monday July 1st, BHRR received an email regarding this voting contest and what a surprise PLUS honour to note that we were one of the organizations chosen to participate!

They have 4 prize packs totaling over $4000 in valuable food and products to give to the rescue groups you think deserve it! Top 3 dog rescues and the top cat rescue will each win a prize pack (as determined by votes). One lucky voter will also receive a price pack worth over $250!

Voting ends July 15 at noon – one vote per day per person!

Today's BHRR's Zara Adventure!

As I was making my lunch for work today, as, is my habit; I pushed my panini rolls right to the back of my kitchen hutch as I went the foot+ to the fridge and leaned in to grab the ham and lettuce etc.

When I turned around(AND, many have been here and know what a short distance that is…VERY!), BHRR's Zara was actually on top of my hutch and having a great munch on my rolls…..quiet as a mouse she was……

I think BHRR's Journey, would be so proud of her! AND, I would have enjoyed my ham sandwiches as much as I know I would have enjoyed that pot roast that day that BHRR's Journey swiped it…..

I think I am having fresh fruit for dinner at work tonight! AND, a granola bar!

BHRR's Goliath, move over… got some major competition here!

She continues to settle in and the mild SA has begun as she is bonding to me and wants me ALL the time. She is learning, as they all do, that her own company is ok….

AND, I have to post my BHRR's Salma & BHRR's Zara story later….

Have I told everyone recently just HOW much I love my life! I really do!!!

AND, here is a VIDEO She is sporting her new collar and and showing that she does have manners….somewhere in there! πŸ˜‰

SHE is VERY VERY VERY scared of leashes and collars….EXTREMELY!


AND a post made by one of the people here(also an approved Volunteer) that was at our BHRR "EXPERIENCE' Mini Open House on the 22nd:
"Oh BHRR have certainly come a long way in such a short time. Way to go!!"

More feedback/comments from transporters and witnesses to her arrival and first few moments at BHRR plus the videos I sent out!

From Rachel:

"Good morning everyone!

It was wonderful to see Zara do a 180 in attitude/personality.

She went from an afraid, confused, mad at the world puppy to one that sought Gwen's affection after a short period of time.

She will thrive under BHRRs care and blossom into the puppy/dog she was meant to be from the start!

Have a great weekend everyone!!


From Pam:

"To watch this pup take her first steps to trust again was simply beautiful.  It truly shows that anything is possible so long as there is someone willing to try.    
Knowing Zara is on her way to a safe and happy life is reward enough.



UPDATE: I think the completely terrified and severely under socialised NeoX pup that I have called BHRR's Zara is settling in well….

So far, within the last half an hour, she has jumped up on the kitchen counter and pulled down the bag of FROMM I had there for BHRR's Autumn, and then, moving onward after her 'snack', she began to race track in the house followed hot on her heels by The Hobbits, BHRR's Bobby with BHRR's Titus trying valiantly to keep up with his fellow Neo resident!

AND, as she is running, she decides to take a big leap and what perfect timing, right into the dog bowl almost as big as she and sends it flying – full of water of course –

AND, then, it was off to grab one of my doggie blankets yet, to be folded on the table and out the front door she races in the thunderstorm with dogs right behind her and BHRR's Maverick thinks this is just grand and grabs part of the dog blanket and proceeds to run in a different direction when they are outside and 'RIP' the blanket goes, much to the excitement of the other dogs – the smart, well trained ones are inside shaking their heads and paws… – while, the others are having a grand game of chase outside….

THEN, it is do an Olympic style duck around me and back into the house dragging muddy and wet dog blanket in tow with BHRR's Baggins on it, enjoying the ride!

AND, I come into the house and BHRR's Zara is sitting in front of her 'treat' area(I have been hand feeding her kibble and feeding her as treats too), sitting with the best solid sit ever…looking for that treat!

Yup! I think she is settling in well….

AND, where was BHRR's Salma, you may ask??? Well, she was on the couch of course…. :p

UPDATE: 11:53 PM:

UPDATE: She is NOT done with me yet!

In the few minutes it took me to go to the bathroom, she decided that with my PPSS as her partner in crime – he can open the bedroom door FOR I had it closed AND the only one that can do that – that I did not need TWO feather pillows and felt I needed to redecorate my bedroom with the feathers! AND, felt that adding a few to her collar was a great accessory!

Going to be a wild ride with this one…she may just rival BHRR's Goliath yet! WAHOOOOO!

She is terrified of Sean & Mason yet, around 2 AM this morning while I was up working with her, she made that mental sigh that these dogs can do and relaxed a lot with me. I am careful not to push her comfort zone yet, she is finding it ALL on her own…

Her leash manners are good, her house manners severely lacking AND I feel that HQD is 'looking' at me as if to say 'really?!!'

I love them all….and, I have had many 'shades' of terrified and I embrace them all and I had thought I was getting enough exercise….maybe, not. This pups last chance was rescue. She was so set up for failure that she has a history now with the mouthing/biting and I take all of that seriously in ensuring that I rehab her as she needs.

On June 23rd, not only did I send those videos' to those who helped transport her, BUT, I wrote many words of my sheer appreciation of my thanks and offered to reimburse all for gas too.

She is definitely undersocialized and terrified.
She is making leaps and bounds in just the short time I have had her.
She is eating out of my hand, coming to me for affection and reassurance and is doing just fine. She has had water, some food(I am hand feeding her right now) and as I am typing this she is standing right by my side watching me.
I know that this was not the easiest of transports and most likely a ‘first’ for a few and please do know that she is in good hands here and that she is exactly the type of canine that I work so hard to help daily.
I cannot wait to share her progress as she blossoms!



What I posted on our BHRR FB page to one of the transporters(also an approved BHRR Volunteer) re: BHRR's Zara:

I am so happy many were witness to her arrival and then to the beginning of her own wonderful journey with me. Today, I am cleaning her eyes, working on that counter surfing 'bug' she clearly has, touching and petting and gosh, to watch this little lady run…..what a delight! Got another video today with her with the other dogs. She is now fully integrated and sigh…..I think she has taken all four paws and soundly planted them in my heart!!

Below are four videos, two of which, I took of her around 2 AM after her arrival. The other two are in our fenced in yard on the 23rd.

IMG_3691 – VIDEO #1
IMG_3692 – VIDEO #2
IMG_3693 – VIDEO #3
IMG_3694 – VIDEO #4

AND, here is a post made on our BHRR FB page, from one of the attendees – Andrea – of our BHRR 'EXPERIENCE' Mini Open House on the 22nd, who also is an approved BHRR Volunteer:

"Watching you interact with little Miss Zara and seeing the progress you gained in only minutes was truly a lesson."

BHRR's Zara transport is today.

Here is what the shelter manager sent my way prior to her transport:

"Gwen, thanks so much for helping this girl. She's a sweet dog and I think will come along well. We sent along a bit of food for a transition and some rope toys if you can use them. She has a martingale in with a microchip tag that is registered to her.

Her eyes have been bothering her the least few days. I sent some Tobrex ointment along – esp for her right eye. That one will definitely need a surgery.

She had tobrex before she started out this morning. No food given, peed and pooped so hopefully she will have a comfortable ride.

Send along any questions and thanks so much."

Transport special instructions given per the Shelter: Bailey is a very fearful pup.  For this reason, she will travel in a provided vari kennel measuring 36” in length x 27” in height and must remain crated for the entire transport.

HERE is what the transporter Pam had to say re: BHRR's Zara's transport and be there at BHRR when I got her out of the crate:

Here is what the last transporter(Pam) had to say after BHRR's Zara arrived to BHRR and I think posted to all involved today on her transport:

"It went well. It was amazing to watch him begin to trust Gwen. Beautiful to watch him allow Gwen to pet him. Definitely a magical moment ????"

*Minor technicality that BHRR's Zara is a 'she', not a 'he' in her post. πŸ˜‰

She is just very scared, peed, pooped and puked in her crate that she was transported in and pooped in her crate here yet, is all cleaned up, we had a walk, more pets and she had has a drink of water and will wag her tail as I walk to her crate and talk to her. R/Q Rescue was her only and last option and she will require surgery on that one eye, the poor thing…nonstop blinking and running….

From another person, approved Volunteer Rachel that accompanied the transport to BHRR in a separate vehicle and was at out BHRR 'EXPERIENCE' Mini Open House that day:

It was great watching her do a 180 from the terrified pup, who needed tough love to get her out of the crate, to accepting gentle pets from Gwen with a little coaxing and quiet words.

She will blossom under BHRRs care for sure. Can't wait to see her progress.

When I left the open house today, I was certainly more than happy to take a couple companions home lol…one in particular, who became my constant shadow while at BHRR

More feedback re: this transport and BHRR's Zara, from Pamela:
"It went well.  It was amazing to watch him begin to trust Gwen.  Beautiful to watch him allow Gwen to pet him.  Definitely a magical moment ????"

Feedback from Sonyia on this transport:
"I had no doubt Zara is in the right place. I felt so bad for her…………so scared :-("


On June 5th, I received the following assessment report on who I am calling BHRR's Zara. I think based upon this 'minor' supposed bite history, it is important to attach as full disclosure from the shelter. This shelter has the benefit of having 1.5 trainers on site.


On May 25th @ 1:24 PM, I received the following:

Hi Gwendilin

Thank you for getting back to me quickly. We are most definitely able to hang on until mid to late june, we could possibly arrange her spay ahead of time as well. 

She did break the skin on the finger although it did not require medical attention to my knowledge. The bite report states a bite on chin ( doesn't indicate if skin was broken) but my understanding is they were minor bites. The had only had Bailey for a few hours when the first incident occurred. The dog was lying down and owner leaned over to kiss dog on the head. Dog bit the chin. The second was the next morning when trying to put a collar on her. She growled and backed up, they proceeded forward and she bit the finger on one hand. 

They reported that when purchasing the dog, the pup was friendly and sociable. But was obviously afraid of the car, as she peed and poo'd while being loaded. Was nervous in the new house and overwhelmed. I am most definitely not a animal behaviour specialist or expert but my personal feeling is that the owners had no idea how to read a dogs body language and pushed her into a corner. While true to her breed style of neo mastiff x great dane, she is reserved at first but once properly introduced she is lovely and friendly. She just needs the time and positive reinforcement to help her learn the world is a good place. 

Thank you again for your offer of possible help, I'm hoping the fact that she did break skin will not prevent her being accepted by your rescue. She did pass her behaviour assessment and I can forward that to you if you would like. 


On May 25th, @ 2:28 PM, I sent the following:


I would love to see a copy of her assessment. We shall commit to taking her that weekend in June!!

On May 24th, 2013 @ 11:40 AM, I received the following request:

Hi there

I'm contacting you in hopes that you may be able to help us place a 6-7month old female Neopolitan Mastiff X Great Dane puppy that was purchased from rural farm and within 24 hrs was surrendered to the shelter for biting ( minor)  the new owners. She will also likely require surgery for her eyes as it appears as she grows she is developing entropion.
To be fair, this pup has never been socialized off of her rural property and was purchased by very inexperienced people who did not know how to handle a scared dog. She has passed her behaviour assessment and has made tremendous progress here at the shelter but is still nervous of new people and new situation.
Because of her breed typing and potential size we are unable to place her up for adoption as the chances of us finding a suitable home in urban oakville are slim. We are also facing a critical lack of space and I worry that if we cannot place her with rescue group, she has no chance of making it here. 

Any help would be so very much appreciated. I've attached a few pictures as well. 

Kind Regards


On May 24th @ 8:35 PM, I responded with:


BHRR would love to assist yet, we would not be able to until mid-June at the earliest. We would be looking at around the weekend of June 20th.

We need to have more adoptions in our program before we can commit to a new addition to our program. 

Just a question, was skin broken on that bite?

Please do advise at your convenience if BHRR can help as of mid-June. 

Yours most truly, 

Bailey Boo Boo 1 Bailey3
I am calling her BHRR's Zara – *Photo's courtesy of the shelter when she was with them – I see more 'Rottie' than Dane