BHRR’s Capone!
October 22nd, 2017

This is approved adoption #401 for BHRR! 

I am so sorry that I did not get this posted last night as I am usually so prompt and immediate with my postings!

With having to get Kinsley, my home-visit partner home and then to feed kids plus Sean as he is sporting his own broken arm, and I needed to get back to The Bakers Dozen for their next feeding etc., I truly did not have the amount of time last night that this great post is incredibly deserving to have in making!

Thank you to this lovely home for going through our detailed adoption process and opening up their beautiful home to us last night.

It was such an easy and wonderful experience for us and we are so thrilled that we were correct in choosing that right match dog meant for their home. They loved BHRR’s Rubble and BHRR’s Flynn which are amazing Danes themselves yet I knew that BHRR’s Capone was the much better fit for their home and they agreed as did BHRR’s Capone. 

We shall never approve an adoption on one of our dogs that we know is not meant for a home and we will never force a home to take on a dog that while we know is that right match personality fit, yet the home may not see the same. AND that is ok! It is about building up strong relationships throughout the detailed adoption process and at the end of it, hopefully having a great BHRR dog adopted to a great home.

Our adoption success rates are second to none for the very reason that we work hard to only adopt per right match personality fit each and every time. BHRR was also founded on the mission statement that we are here to help the next one in need of us, not to adopt as our focus. If we have a dog that turns out to be adoptable, wonderful yet that is not what our programs are about. They are always about helping the next in need of us. We also have our Haven and Perma-Foster programs where many of the dogs that come our way, especially as a special needs focused Dane/Giant Breed Rescue reside and live quality filled amazing lives!

BHRR’s Capone, you came to us seriously obese and out of shape, barely able to walk 2 minutes and by the time you were adopted you were fit, fab and happy plus healthy! 

You are so well balanced plus solid and while still a huge Dane at 165 pounds, you are just a lap loving mush boy at the end of the day!

We are positively delighted to bear witness to the beginning of what shall be a most magnificent future for you and while I shall miss you dearly – so much to miss! – you have not needed me for some time and to see a home open up their own hearts plus home to a stunning big black beauty makes me like them all that much more!

They did not care about your colour or your ‘butt high’ conformation, they only saw and cared about you and it was love at first sight! You walked into their home already at ease and yes, I know you have missed us since we left – your new home has told us this also – yet you shall be more than ok! I promise you that! 

Thank you again to Christine for offering to emerge temp foster him until we had a spot in our own home so we could save him! I am truly forever indebted….

BHRR’s Capone, I love you in a million plus ways and thank you so much for touching my family and carving your own special place in my heart!