I think someone is settling in very well at his foster home!! Danes and couches…..make the perfect Dane bed in his mind LOL

Though his foster mom said that after she came back from a meeting today, he had been a good boy and was laying on his dog bed….. She did put chairs on the couch to help deter him.

Things are going really well per his fabu foster mom! We are working on getting him to eat more than a few nibbles but he has not even been there 24 hours and has had a lot of change happen since Monday.

His bloodwork came back negative for Tickborne diseases and Heartworm – YAY!

AND his T4 for thyroid is normal so he is just obese due to improper diet and inappropriate level of exercise and he will be monitored not to overdue things for those hips right now. I was told he had a great short 10 minute walk this AM and then flaked out on the floor afterwards. He has now had another 10 minute walk and is loving them.

His fostermom says the same thing his Vet did yesterday, that he is one friendly boy. I know I found him to be a real love too.

So happy for him and he is in really wonderful hands.