UPDATE: BHRR’s ??? has now been picked up and will be in safe hands until transport to us happens on Thursday.

I have a Vet appointment set up on Thursday for a thorough exam, blood-work including Heartworm, Tickborne diseases plus T4. He will be weighed for flea/tick meds plus to begin de-worming etc.

I saw a video and his hips are bad, especially his back right and I suspect he is also quite possibly bilaterally affected with cruciate issues. We will begin a pain management program, proper diet will be implemented and if the Vet deems him healthy enough for vaccines – for he has no paperwork surrendered with him to prove any current utd Vaccine status.

He will have to lose significant weight prior to any necessary/required surgery and thanks to Christine again for emerge temp fostering him until May 18th for BHRR.

Yet, one step at a time!