This handsome BBBBB was at the Vet tonight for a recheck and to have his booster.

BHRR’s Capone!

He hanging around 170 pounds right now and with the wonderful much needed development of muscle tone/mass combined with the loss of fat, he is looking quite good.   Some more weight loss needed yet WTG Capone!

He was such a good boy at the Vet….he is always a good boy! Solid on the scale, calm and charming in the exam room and was a rock during his thorough exam.

Thumbs up on his heart and lungs and his coat is coming in so black and shiny! All of that old dull brown/auburn hair is disappearing with him being on a proper food regime and becoming healthier.

Now that he is fitter, leaner and stronger plus healthier, he is scheduled for x-rays of his hips and hocks this Friday June 2nd and while he is sedated a much better exam – all three of his Vet visits to date have not been easy as he is a Giant dog to effectively assess the drawer movement in his stifles nor adequately evaluate his hips – can be done re: also determining any possible cruciate concerns.

He is a gorgeous rescue boy and not conformed to proper GD standard and is so high in the back end, heavy on the forehand and he is extremely straight in his back legs lacking any rear angulatuion at all. With his conformation it is hard to tell by exam alone what is and may not be his ‘natural’ backyard bred make-up and it is what it is and what may or may not need or even be possible to have surgical intervention to improve his current conformation.

His Vet suspects it is his hocks that may be the ‘problem’ and there is nothing surgical that can be done for that.

All of this to say it is not that he does not have a current high standard of quality of health or life. What we always want to do is address everything necessary to ensure that a dogs quality of life is as it should be and anything that should and needs to be surgically addressed shall be.

We want to do these x-rays and planned for it since we first saw a video of him after we were approached & happily agreed to bring him into our rescue.

They will then be sent off for interpretation to one of our ortho specialists.

While he is under sedation on Friday, we will Microchip him and do his nails.

He is truly a magnificent boy!