BHRR’s Capone has his special announcement to make!

He is Available For Adoption!

This boy is da bomb!

He is a total whole awesome special package deal all wrapped up with a gorgeous ribbon!

Having arrived to BHRR seriously overweight and out of shape, he is now fit, lean handsome hanging around 165 pounds. He still does some back leg trembling yet none of his Vets are concerned and it has greatly decreased the stronger he has become.

A tall boy, about 37-38″ at the whithers and a real gentleman.

He is good with cats, dogs, people and kids. He came from a home with kids & cats and was emerge temp fostered in a home with an under 10 year old and is in my home with my own two now teenagers.

He can go to a home that works full-time, part-time, works from home, semi-retired or is retired. Another amazing versatile BHRR dog!

We did a lot of investigation into his hind end, with exams/visits with two Vets, x-rays and also consulting an ortho specialist. He does have mild HD, extremely common and per Dr. P.:

‘Per Dr. Philibert, nothing surgical needs or can be done. Capone has some arthritis in his knees. It is unknown if at any given point in his future he may need his cruciates addressed due to any arthritis changes that may occur in his knees. No crystal ball.

Capone’s issues are conformation based(genetics) – high in the back end, straight angled back legs and surgery is not a feasible option for Capone.

Dr. Philibert said that physio or hydro rehab in his future could help manage any arthritic changes and continue to aid his muscle mass/tone build-up and then maintenance.

At this time, Capone is not a surgical candidate and is considered healthy to be placed up for adoption!’

BHRR’s Capone can go to a home as an only dog or be placed in a home that already has a right matched fit dog.

He travels great in a car and while we have never had an issue getting him in, others have for he will demonstrate his ‘monkey side’, lay down on the ground and look at them to say ‘now what?!’ He is a quiet and calm car traveller.

Great to bathe, do nails and super social plus friendly.

He has come a long way with leash manners yet can and does pull at times when distracted but no longer the freight train he once was!

He loves his walks….he is now strong and healthy to walk up to 20-25 minutes each walk and doing that 3 times a day. To think that once he could not even do 2-3 minutes before chuffing and puffing as he was so obese and out of shape is sad. He truly loves his walks.

Due to his conformation of being butt high, and his calm easy going temperament, he is not a dog that runs much. He trots and to him that is him going at full speed.  He is never in a rush to go anywhere and is a ‘don’t worry, he happy’ kinda of boy.

He has been such a true pleasure to have had in our programs and to that right matched forever loving home, that fact that is is black, will not matter. To us, his shiny, healthy, stunning black fur is a bonus yet for many, that BBDS – Big Black Dog Syndrome – lives strong.  That just means my kind and handsome man that those people which think that way do not deserve you!

BHRR’s Capone – you really are da bomb! All sugar with a bit of dicey spice mixed in! Love you… 

Thank you so much again to his emerge temp foster home for loving on him until I could get him to me….you literally saved his life….forever grateful Christine.