BHRR’S Meadows face! 
(Heavily blanketed Harlequin)


For those who do not remember, she is the Mama to the three blind/deaf mice and the fight was equally long and hard to save her. Sadly, I still cannot get the home to let the dad go(a white special needs Dane himself). I will not give up even though the hope gets slimmer by each passing day….

BHRR’S Meadow does not seem to be impressed by one of my Texans(Zero – deaf/visually impaired) not using the gate the proper way!

BHRR’s Bell(Deaf/Blind on her left side) is also seen in this photo! She is now part of our Haven program.

My Zero seems most interested in the yummy smells being emitted from the kitchen as we prepare for our family Thanksgiving dinner here. 

Whatever you are doing today, may it be a safe, happy and healthy day for all…..from our home to all of yours Happy Thanksgiving!