For some reason, we still are not getting applications in for Fancy. We will try and take some new pictures of her. Like Snowball; we will only give this X amount of more time before making the decision to keep her ourselves for she will have just been part of our family for so long. We are at a complete loss why no one has seen just what a beautiful, wonderfully intelligent creature she is. 🙁

Fancy’s HWT is still negative! 🙂

I brought Fancy with me last night when I went to work to have her annual exam and she is now 46.6KGs(102.52 pounds)! That is just under 20 pounds that she has put on since she has been here!!! 🙂 She looks really great and as she matures; she will fill out more and add some more pounds. She was even giving kisses to some of the other people there and WHAT a change from her very first visit there! She was still a little unsure about things but when reassured was much more willing to check things out and be curious about the place. She was given a clear bill of health, had her vaccines and a HWT. I shall take new pictures of her in the hopes that someone out there will also see what a beautiful girl she is! Her new closest buddy is Soul and they sure can get to playing! Fancy had great leash manners while we were out and she was a wonderful traveller in the vehicle! She hung out just as Mazda did the day before while I worked and was a great ambassador! I am also going to have to get a new height on her for she looks like she has just sprouted up again! 🙂

Fancy will be going in for her annual exam and vaccines on March 13th. I will also get a re-weigh plus do a manicure and pedicure on her at that time. SHE has truly blossomed into a very precious creature and most days, I find it hard to believe how far she has come! Her recall is AMAZING! She is so eager to please, LOVES me to pieces(which I adore as Mazda has claimed Sean!) 🙂 and is so beautiful. I have been just blown away that no one seems to be interested in her as she is just incredible. I will try to take some new pictures of her to post.

Looking at Fancy, it is hard to believe she is the same girl from when she first arrived. She is really coming into her own and with her added maturity; has become quite the model citizen! She really was sad when Mazda and Lady left and is much happier now that Mazda is back. She had lost a bit of weight. We have not yet received the right interest in Fancy and still remain hopeful that the right matched home shall come along. This girl has claimed me as one of her own and her charms can be very hard to resist! She is so funny and such a ‘ham’ with her expressions.

I am beyond ecstatic to say that Fancy is coming along wonderfully! Tonight we did a manicure and pedicure on her and she just stood there with Sean holding her collar with an almost ‘bored’ look on her face! 🙂 She is still somewhat shy in new situations and people but is willing to trust when we say it is ‘ok’ and to continue to move forward. I would say that Fancy’s best friend right now is Mazda and the two of them together can get up to some mischief!!!! They like to grab the throws from the chairs and couches and race away wanting us to play chase….Fancy continues to prefer me over Sean and it appears to be woman in general that she tends to feel more comfortable and trusting around than men at this time. Her favorite position is STILL sitting in my lap! She is going to make a home very happy one day and it is most unfortunate that she has not found her forever loving home as of yet. She continues to be a sweet as can be with us and while happy to let most of the other dogs be leaders; she is not afraid to make her own presence known for bed space and affection. She has really improved in the confidence and has now begun to ‘assert’ herself with any ‘dom’ dogs without the ‘head’ on challenge position so that she is no longer being ‘defensive’ with her body language and feels that she has to be that way. TRULY a huge break through!!!! I am so proud of her!!!!! She is understanding a lot more that she is not being threatened by these stronger personality dogs and that she is going to be ‘ok’. She takes reassurance much more trustingly now and she is picking up so much on correct dog body language and their social pack behavours. We have really rounded a bend here with Fancy and I could not be more delighted. She is so much more willing to be the first to greet people and to lean into them EVEN and will take treat bribes from others more openly now as well. Her comfort and confidence levels are being brought up in just the right measure such as to create a good balance so that both her ‘flight’ and slightly ‘defensive’ are not the only ‘outs’ she knows she now has. We also put a new collar on Lady tonight…she has put on enough weight to have outgrown her old one. THANKS again Mary for the awesome collar donation…We will definitely have to post new pictures of her. SHE is one special girl and I still feel that she would do well in a home without other dogs or with at least one other dog and if she went into a home without any other dogs; they just have to ensure that she is getting enough ‘play dates’ and interaction with other dogs for her own social growth and sheer pleasure of playing with them. She is still a puppy and really enjoys her friends. If Mazda is the dog that will go to the foster home tomorrow night; it will be hard on Fancy for she just lost Gracie back in November when she went to her forever loving home. While one less dog will enable me to spend just that much more time with Fancy; if it is Mazda to leave; it is going to be hard on the gal.

Fancy will not be going to this home as a foster as this home has cats and Fancy is not the best around cats.

Fancy DID amazing at our fundraiser in September. She was extremely social, friendly and did not hesitate in trying to get ‘her’ share of loving! I WAS so proud of her! Though coming along more slowly that I might wish; I am very happy to just go at her pace. Dodger and Miss Gracie are under a pending right now and her potential new foster mom should be coming to meet her this Sunday. Though, I am equally as happy to keep her here and not take in any new animals so that I can continue to work with her.

We may have found that best matched Foster Home for Fancy. We also have three other Danes under a possible pending adoption at this time; so if we do not plan on taking in anymore animals; there would be less here and I can then work with Fancy the way I feel she needs and that would be wonderful as well!

Fancy is beginning to fill out more and wow! What a gorgeous girl! At this time, I am beginning to lean towards placing her in a foster home as she is still a little more shy and reserved than I would like to see after the amount of time that she has been with us. We see more often than not the incredible creature inside and she is very attached to me yet I feel that despite getting along with the other dogs; they overwhelm her somewhat and that has hindered her progress somewhat. We have not yet had that best matched application come in for her and I believe might be in Fancy’s best interest to place her in a foster home with less dogs yet also in a home like ours in that there is always someone home. If you are interested in temp fostering Fancy for us as all of our current foster homes are full or taking a ‘break’; please contact us.

Should Fancy not be adopted by the time we attend Pet Expo 2006; she will accompany me. So, if you would like to have the opportunity to meet her, she will be in Port Hope on June 24th!

Fancy will have her own Cafepress Online Store whereby the monies raised by your shopping will go towards helping other animals in need. We are currently working on the items. STAY TUNED!!! I also have new pictures of Fancy that are now posted below!

Fancy is now interacting with 9 other dogs without any issues. She does get a bit ‘huffy’ when it comes to sharing the bed with Mazda yet they do sort things out and each gal gets a large piece of the bed and Sean to snuggle up with! 🙂 She is a major cuddler and loves her comforts! She is still a little bit nervous/somewhat hesitant yet has come a long way and with her ‘hidden’ strength that has assisted her with increasing her comfort zones. We have continued to try and create an environment that encourages her inner beauty to come out and to build up her confidence in the right manner without creating/encouraging dominance. Sean calls her ‘very regal.’ She very rarely jumps or barks now and her obedience is coming along well. We continue to look through the applications that arrive for the right home which must have Great Dane experience. Fancy is never crated now and is completely housebroken. Fancy’s best friend is still Boba with Gracie next on her list. She is not a large dog playing animal yet is very human pack oriented! She really is beautiful with her sleek coat and looks. Her eyes CAN be so expressive!

I will have to get a new height measurement on Fancy soon for as leggy as she was before, she is that much more ‘all legs’. Fancy’s barking and jumping has greatly diminished and her leash manners have really improved. She still gets her ‘moment’s’ of stubbornness when she does not want to go or do something that she does not want to do, yet things are flowing much more smoothly Fancy has turned into a real ‘comfort’ queen and loves being spoiled plus pampered.

Fancy is ready to go up for adoption and as soon as our internet co-operates; I will also post her on our PetFinder Website. Fancy will need to go to a home that is experienced with Danes and one that is prepared to be very patient and understanding with her and allow her the space/time she needs to come out of her shell. SHE is a true character underneath that cool and calm exterior and really is quite sensitive and SOOOO affectionate. She had a very rough beginning in life before she went to her very loving previous owner and now it is time for her to go to a new home to continue to be cherised. Her previous owner truly misses both Boba and Fancy and my heart goes out to her for having to let them go. We took new pictures of her tonight and as soon as we figure out how to download them; I will post them up!

As with Boba, despite the bad weather tonight, I managed to make the long drive home and back in again with Fancy and Boba for their vet visit. Other than giving me some trouble getting on the scale, she was a true ‘lady’. She was very calm, accepting of all that was happening around and to her and won over a few hearts tonight! If anything she looked bored to be there! 🙂 She weighed in at 37.8KG(83.16 pounds). Her records from IN indicated that she was over 100 pounds; yet if anything she has PUT on more weight since she got here for she is quite the food hound/sneak. I even re-weighed her to be sure the weight was accurate. She looks great and her heart, lungs, teeth, hips and rest of her body are all perfectly normal. The vet also gave her an A+. She was microchipped and will be on Sentinel. She too liked the treat from McDonald’s the best after leaving the vet Hospital! 🙂 Fancy has a slightly irregular structure to her one cheek bone which the vet feels she might have just been born that way. I had wanted him to look at that closely. Fancy rides in the car very well and like Boba could not wait to get back into the house and I was dragged with real enthusiastic energy up the sweeping brick stairs, across the deck to get into the house! We will be working on that part of her ‘unladylike’ manners. If you ask in just the right way, Fancy will give you the BEST and most gentle of kisses.

Fancy is a very ‘complex’ girl. She has many layers and depths and I am looking forward to learning more about her. She is settling in really well though is slightly possessive over her food towards the other dogs especially to one of the other quite submissive female Great Danes. At this time, I would lean towards a home with other male dogs over females for while she tries to ‘dom’ over the males, she really drives that fact home with the females. I can handfed her and my kids can feed her treats without any issues and she is so very gentle in taking the food/treats. Fancy is not hesitant about asking for affection when she wants it and will sit and paw you to get your attention. While I have found her to date to be very trustworthy except for around the garbage with having free run of the house, she is not completely housebroken. We are working on that. She is very bold and will take food right out of the hands of my kids and when we are eating is a bit of a ‘beggar’. We will continue to work on that as well as her jumping. She jumped on Sean’s back the other night and Athena was very upset to see that. Fancy on the other hand was not going to back down and was prepared to meet Athena head on for any ensuing challenge and that shows just how strong this dog’s backbone is. Fancy is so unique and I am absolutely fascinated by her personality. Every once in awhile, I see glimpses of this incredible loving girl hiding inside of Fancy and I am very patient to wait for her to come out. She is so very ‘wise’ and ‘old’ in so many ways and I have yet to see her truly act like the puppy she really should be. She is also very jealous of any affection/attention shown to Boba by us or any of the other dogs and will ‘boss’ him away. I have taken to separating them for a few hours every day and night so that they can each have time to develop their own relationships with us and the other dogs. She sure does like the stuffies and squeaky toys though!!! Fancy is not a Dane for the inexperienced Dane home.

BHRR’s Fancy – Female Mantle Great Dane, 11 months old(April 2, 2005), spayed, HW-, on Sentinel, housebroken, crate trained(though needs treat to get into crate), not yet trustworthy having full run of the house, some obedience training, good with kids, not good around cats, ok with food being touched, takes treats very gently and will be fully vetted plus microchipped on February 21st. Fancy, though appearing to be a bit ‘shy’ or ‘timid’ at first has a strong alpha streak in her. She is very independent, extremely intelligent and is a ‘thinker’. She bosses Boba around and barks at the other dogs or even us when we first appear. She settles down well with the other dogs once we tell her to ‘stop’. For a Dane that is only 10 months, in a non Dane experienced home; due to this somewhat slightly ‘skittish’ behavour and dominant tendencies; she would be a handful. Fancy gives the BEST kisses though! She is also going to require more obedience training, she jumped on me several times; giving me a fat lip tonight. She is a beautiful looking girl and stands just under 31″ at this time and last weight was just over 100 pounds. She was owner surrendered with Fancy as their owner’s health has declined. They have come to us from Indiana, USA.