I am beyond ecstatic to say that Fancy is coming along wonderfully! Tonight we did a manicure and pedicure on her and she just stood there with Sean holding her collar with an almost ‘bored’ look on her face! 🙂 She is still somewhat shy in new situations and people but is willing to trust when we say it is ‘ok’ and to continue to move forward. I would say that Fancy’s best friend right now is Mazda and the two of them together can get up to some mischief!!!! They like to grab the throws from the chairs and couches and race away wanting us to play chase….Fancy continues to prefer me over Sean and it appears to be woman in general that she tends to feel more comfortable and trusting around than men at this time. Her favorite position is STILL sitting in my lap! She is going to make a home very happy one day and it is most unfortunate that she has not found her forever loving home as of yet. She continues to be a sweet as can be with us and while happy to let most of the other dogs be leaders; she is not afraid to make her own presence known for bed space and affection. She has really improved in the confidence and has now begun to ‘assert’ herself with any ‘dom’ dogs without the ‘head’ on challenge position so that she is no longer being ‘defensive’ with her body language and feels that she has to be that way. TRULY a huge break through!!!! I am so proud of her!!!!! She is understanding a lot more that she is not being threatened by these stronger personality dogs and that she is going to be ‘ok’. She takes reassurance much more trustingly now and she is picking up so much on correct dog body language and their social pack behavours. We have really rounded a bend here with Fancy and I could not be more delighted. She is so much more willing to be the first to greet people and to lean into them EVEN and will take treat bribes from others more openly now as well. Her comfort and confidence levels are being brought up in just the right measure such as to create a good balance so that both her ‘flight’ and slightly ‘defensive’ are not the only ‘outs’ she knows she now has. We also put a new collar on Lady tonight…she has put on enough weight to have outgrown her old one. THANKS again Mary for the awesome collar donation…We will definitely have to post new pictures of her. SHE is one special girl and I still feel that she would do well in a home without other dogs or with at least one other dog and if she went into a home without any other dogs; they just have to ensure that she is getting enough ‘play dates’ and interaction with other dogs for her own social growth and sheer pleasure of playing with them. She is still a puppy and really enjoys her friends. If Mazda is the dog that will go to the foster home tomorrow night; it will be hard on Fancy for she just lost Gracie back in November when she went to her forever loving home. While one less dog will enable me to spend just that much more time with Fancy; if it is Mazda to leave; it is going to be hard on the gal.