Fancy is now interacting with 9 other dogs without any issues. She does get a bit ‘huffy’ when it comes to sharing the bed with Mazda yet they do sort things out and each gal gets a large piece of the bed and Sean to snuggle up with! 🙂 She is a major cuddler and loves her comforts! She is still a little bit nervous/somewhat hesitant yet has come a long way and with her ‘hidden’ strength that has assisted her with increasing her comfort zones. We have continued to try and create an environment that encourages her inner beauty to come out and to build up her confidence in the right manner without creating/encouraging dominance. Sean calls her ‘very regal.’ She very rarely jumps or barks now and her obedience is coming along well. We continue to look through the applications that arrive for the right home which must have Great Dane experience. Fancy is never crated now and is completely housebroken. Fancy’s best friend is still Boba with Gracie next on her list. She is not a large dog playing animal yet is very human pack oriented! She really is beautiful with her sleek coat and looks. Her eyes CAN be so expressive!