I brought Fancy with me last night when I went to work to have her annual exam and she is now 46.6KGs(102.52 pounds)! That is just under 20 pounds that she has put on since she has been here!!! 🙂 She looks really great and as she matures; she will fill out more and add some more pounds. She was even giving kisses to some of the other people there and WHAT a change from her very first visit there! She was still a little unsure about things but when reassured was much more willing to check things out and be curious about the place. She was given a clear bill of health, had her vaccines and a HWT. I shall take new pictures of her in the hopes that someone out there will also see what a beautiful girl she is! Her new closest buddy is Soul and they sure can get to playing! Fancy had great leash manners while we were out and she was a wonderful traveller in the vehicle! She hung out just as Mazda did the day before while I worked and was a great ambassador! I am also going to have to get a new height on her for she looks like she has just sprouted up again! 🙂