As with Boba, despite the bad weather tonight, I managed to make the long drive home and back in again with Fancy and Boba for their vet visit. Other than giving me some trouble getting on the scale, she was a true ‘lady’. She was very calm, accepting of all that was happening around and to her and won over a few hearts tonight! If anything she looked bored to be there! 🙂 She weighed in at 37.8KG(83.16 pounds). Her records from IN indicated that she was over 100 pounds; yet if anything she has PUT on more weight since she got here for she is quite the food hound/sneak. I even re-weighed her to be sure the weight was accurate. She looks great and her heart, lungs, teeth, hips and rest of her body are all perfectly normal. The vet also gave her an A+. She was microchipped and will be on Sentinel. She too liked the treat from McDonald’s the best after leaving the vet Hospital! 🙂 Fancy has a slightly irregular structure to her one cheek bone which the vet feels she might have just been born that way. I had wanted him to look at that closely. Fancy rides in the car very well and like Boba could not wait to get back into the house and I was dragged with real enthusiastic energy up the sweeping brick stairs, across the deck to get into the house! We will be working on that part of her ‘unladylike’ manners. If you ask in just the right way, Fancy will give you the BEST and most gentle of kisses.