Well, I wish I had a better update on Miss Agatha…
Unfortunately, her pre-operative bloodwork indicated that she was very anemic.
The cause is not known….
So, we are putting her on B12 injections for the next 4-6 weeks – will do 6 weeks and, repeat her CBC in 4 weeks.
We are also going to treat her again as if she has Giardia. She has had two rounds of treatment yet, in a recent conversation with a Vet, they noted that they have had to double whammy this spring in meds for Giardia due to how resistant they have found Giardia to be.
So, despite being on Nexgard Spectra which has an excellent de-worming proponent to it, we are going to treat her specifically again for Giardia too.
A negative fecal test does not mean that she is necessarily parasitic-free.
We found her to be quite lean, not unhealthy yet quite lean. 29 kgs and she eats really well.
So, while the Vet felt it was ok to spay her today, we have some things to figure out for her.
She also has a thickened skin patch on the side of her neck – was super small when she first arrived, and we have been monitoring it as it has been getting bigger.
Merles can be prone to so many health concerns….and clearly, there is something up with Miss Agatha.
So, we had some very unexpected bills for her today…. 
We will continue to post updates as we can.
BHRR does not adopt out our dogs without full disclosure, and we have some more things to figure out for this young Dane.
Why doing bloodwork is so important to do…