So on Wednesday, Gwennie drew Miss Agatha’s blood at home – what a good girl Miss Agatha was, solid – all of the loving/handling has paid off big time.  No need to stress her out with a needless trip when her blood could be taken at home….
Gwen ran a repeat CBC plus also did a 4dx. It is not that heartworm is a concern – she is too young, yet tickborne disease is possible for any dog even on year-round preventative, and we always go up and beyond with care for the dogs under our care. She would not technically be due unless a tick was found on her(4-6 weeks post tick bite yet, not all ticks that bite are found) or in 2023, yet, Gwen already had more than enough blood.
Miss Agatha’s numbers have greatly improved, and she remains on her monthly de-worming as part of her flea/tick/hw preventative program – Nexgard Spectra. She has finished up her latest round of Metronidazole and Panacur for very resistive Giardia – that she came into rescue with.
The B12 injections she was getting weekly have also greatly assisted, and the Vet said that giving B12 once a month for the next four months to be proactive is fine. He honestly felt that she would be fine without it, yet, he knows how much/hard we have worked with her to get her healthy.
We feel that moving forward, this is something her right-matched personality fit home can do – Their Vet Hospital or Gwen(Vet Tech) can show them how to give it. 1 cc’s monthly subcutaneously – and Gwen already paid for the next four months.

Miss Agatha has put on weight, muscled up, and it is now time for her to make her own special announcement. She remains a lean, gorgeous girl.
This announcement is something that she plans on doing over the next few days….
Stay tuned!