Today, I adopted out my #434 foster!
BHRR’s Agatha – ADOPTED!
Born: December 23rd, 2021
AND this was another bittersweet one for me.
AND I know that as hard as it was on me, it was hardest on my own GD that is just one week younger than Miss Agatha, and on Miss Aggie herself. 
Last night Miss Agatha just knew something was a bit different. This home visit was rescheduled from last Sunday as our area received 30 cms of snow.
Miss Agatha, normally appropriately independent, was somewhat needy of me and kept close to her BFF, my female GD, and so last night, I let them sleep together. Miss Agatha did not sleep in her colossal crate. She even had some anxiety in the car today as we drove the one+ hour to the home visit. She did settle down nicely.
Those two complement each other magnificently.
Yet, we knew that if Miss Agatha could be successfully rehabilitated – she was anything but a well-mannered, solid, social, sharing young lady when she arrived, not to mention her anxiety level – that we would love to see her in the right match personality fit home, other than ours.
We taught her a lot re: children and that while they are fast, spastic, loud, unpredictable creatures, they can also be fantastic treat dispensers!
Miss Agatha, you demonstrated your impeccable manners plus bravery today. Your curiousity plus a sense of adventure saw you willing to explore, and your check-ins to me were 100% thumbs up.
You sat and stuck a sit/stay, waited patiently while your forever adoptive humans stepped inside the house and came back to you sitting rock solid in the same spot, and took treats gently, and I am bursting with so much pride – some tears too!
I am going to dearly miss your bigger-than-life personality, the incredible love of life that you have, your gorgeous fly-away nun ears, looking into your stunning dark brown eyes, touching your sleek, healthy gorgeous coat, getting your snuffles and sniffles of curiousity smelling my hair, searching for the treats in my pockets, and sitting so proudly for those treats you found.
Though small, you are mighty, and your glorious positive energy fills a room when you walk into it, and in new situations, as soon as someone gives you a treat, you are comfortable plus relaxed.
Your trust in me has humbled me immensely. You have made me a better owner, trainer, behavioural expert, rescuer, foster mama, and person in having been privileged to have you as a cherished member of my heart plus home Miss Agatha!
Your adventures shall continue, and though it is with a new, forever, loving family, I shall be there in your own heart as you experience them to your fullest!
Your future chapters are going to be incredible, and thank you to Cassy Montgomery for doing this home visit with me!
I already miss you, BHRR’s Agatha, yet your home has told me that you had a small walk, a big pee finally, and are snoozing by their feet…….
It was a BIG day, a wonderful day! Happy early 1-year Birthday to you!