Tonight’s “Smellers” & party gatherers as Gwennie makes dinner! 

BHRR’s Nala(Blind/Hearing Impaired), Summit, Apex & BHRR’s Sleet.

Summit & BHRR’s Sleet are Deaf/Blind & Apex is Deaf/Visually Impaired.

This is my view tonight as I am trying to prepare dinner!

We have one gate anchored into the wall and also an xpen for extra safety for the dogs/humans AND these four monkeys; pushed the x-pen aside – again! – and are ‘staring’ at me!

That is also BHRR’s Bell(Blind/Deaf on left side) in the back by the table with the donations that I am currently sorting – THANKS to the generosity of rescue angels! So, please excuse the mess. 

Once again, you can also see Miss Nala’s pile of blankets/dog bed on the other side – she likes to stock pile them up in one spot!

Our 13th Annual ‘JUST IN TIME FOR XMAS’ online auction started yesterday AND here is the link:

We currently have 27 WOW items up for grabs and more items shall be added daily!

Auction ends Thursday December 3rd @ 9 PM EST.

Please help us to keep our doors open!

We remain so grateful to whatever comes our way as our bills continue to mount – BHRR’s Devin, himself has now been at the Vet twice in the last week and our doors are officially closed and we are fighting hard to to not have to permanently close our doors….