BHRR’s Miss Penelope, The Newf

First family photo!

Thank you so much again to this wonderful family in taking the time to go through our extremely thorough adoption adoption process and welcome once more to the BHRR Family! 

This home is what any rescue group could feel so blessed to have as part of their village. They are genuine, caring and we know that Miss Penelope shall have nothing but the very best for her following life chapters.

Miss P. has a ‘big’ brother kitty named Sid and I loved him! He is such an awesome handsome Senior!

R/q rescue is hard, extremely hard to do it the right way and the rewards come when dogs such as Miss Penelope who have had horrible past lives, are successfully rehabilitated and thrive. 

The only thing almost as hard as letting one of my dogs and fosters go is seeing one of our approved Volunteers letting one of our dogs go as one of their own fosters.

It is a selfless and brave thing when a wonderful foster home helps a dog go from hell to heaven in their journeys of successful Rescue Rehabilitation through to Approved Adoption. Thank you to her beautiful foster home for all that they did to help get BHRR’s Penelope set up for success for she became a highly adoptable dog through her medical and emotional rehabilitation.

Thank you to all of the Rescue angels that stepped up and surrounded Miss P. with their generous support of words and financial assistance to enable us to help her. 

BHRR’s Penelope’s journey spanned from Ohio to Ontario and she touched the hearts of many across the world!

This is just the incredible beginning for you dear Miss P., your future is as bright and as shiny as you are!

Thank you’s must also be extended to her awesome new forever loving adoptive family for the donations to our rescue and for our current online auction. Very sweet and kind and special!

I am now hunkered down in a hotel after such a brutally long day that began at 4:00 AM and will push home the rest of the way first thing tomorrow as I am back to work.

Good night wishes being sent to all of our friends, family and supporters!


We are on our way shortly!
To make the very long drive to do BHRR’s Miss Penelope’s, The Newfs home-visit for a possible approved adoption!
As with all of our foster dogs, we invite the temp foster home to also attend as those homes are an essential part of their set up for success stories!
We shall update as we can and I am going to be adding another few items to our 12th ANNUAL “JUST IN TIME FOR XMAS” Online Auction. All monies raised shall go to assist the newest addition BHRR’s Mr. Percival – I will be making an update post on him shortly as his bloodwork has come back. 🙁
AND gentle reminder that we need to sell 15 more tickets to our January 16th ‘Sign Nite’ at Don Cherry’s in Kanata by January 2nd!
You GET to choose your own sign stencil from over 500 or customize your own!
Joyce shall be out host again and we will have one of our Boers Famous Wine/Chocolate Wine Baskets up for grabs!
$15 from each ticket sold will come to BHRR and we will be sharing the proceeds with Ottawa Rabbit Rescue.

BHRR’s Miss Penelope is moving under a PENDING ADOPTION!

We shall update as we can.

I have always loved this photo taken by her temp foster Mama. Very relaxed and snoozy! ??

BHRR’s Miss Penelope!
~5.5 year old NewfShe is FINALLY ready to make her special announcement!She is AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION!This girl literally was on the brink of death and look at her now!

She had her final recheck last night and has been given a 100% THUMBS up by her fantastic Vet at EVC!

Her Vet loves her…..well, all of my fellow work-mates there do and truly, what is NOT to love! 

She can go to a home that works ft, pt, works from home, is semi-retired or is retired. Another versatile BHRR dog.

She is fine to do nails, bathe and travels great in a car.

We will consider homes that have older children – 12 and up and while we would prefer her to be in a home with another dog that is a right match fit, it is not a ‘deal breaker’ if that right matched personality fit home does not already have a dog.

She is crate trained, house broken and has wonderful leash manners.

The most important consideration for us is to ensure that the home that shall be approved to adopt her can financially take on the vetting responsibility should/when she have need.

It has cost just shy of $5,000 to successfully rehabilitate her and giant breed dogs mean giant breed food and vet bills when necessary.

She was horrifically failed in her past life prior to Rescue and we want to make sure that she continues to lack for nothing.

Professional grooming also costs money and we feel that she deserves to be pampered for the rest of her life in the comforts of grooming and dog beds and toys and treats and endless amounts of love!

BHRR has a set adoption area and the ONLY exception to this is to any of our already approved BHRR adoptive/volunteer homes that are in excellent standing with BHRR. BHRR shall continue to consider those homes that reside outside of our current adoption area!

Miss Penelope is super sweet, gentle, kind, loving and under the wonderful guidance of her caring foster home, she has blossomed!

THANK you to that home for building up her resume to help her reach this point of being able to make her special announcement!

Miss Penelope is good with people and dogs and also bunnies.  She also has been fine with the Clinic Cat at my work.

This girl is a gem of a gift of a dog and we are SOOOOOOOOO happy to help her make this announcement!

For those interested in submitting an application for her, please do read her extremely thorough blog along with our adoption processes, policies and procedures.

Should you feel after reading everything, that your home may qualify to adopt her, then you are most welcome to submit an application to the BHRR BOD to review.

Thanks you’s must also be extended to Dr. Libby, Lucy and Jane for all that they did to help get her safely to BHRR!

AND a big thank you also to Brooke for the gorgeous photos’!

Miss Penelope’s poor butt…. 

Soooooooooo, we had wanted to make Miss Penelope’s special announcement after the professional grooming session we booked for her on September 27th.

Her original grooming session had been postponed as she was so ill upon arrival that our priority was saving her life….

After her foster home dropped her off to the ever wonderful, talented, amazing Katy and Melissa at Pet Valu Stittsvilles’ Groomingdale’s. they were in contact and sent me some pictures of her rump.

The poor girl had a serious bacterial skin infection, possibly originally stemming from hot spots. 

Thank you again to Katy and Melissa for bringing this to my attention!

I had her booked in to to see her Vet at EVC the very next day and she is now on serious antibiotics and NSAIDS(Deramaxx).

So, Saturday September 28th turned out to be a very expensive day for BHRR at the Vet on Saturday between BHRR’s Mollie’s own visit (bloodwork revealed that she is Lymes Positive) and then BHRR’s Penelope’s own urgent visit.

So, for those that have been waiting patiently for her to make her special announcement, unfortunately, it will have to wait until her recheck apt. – scheduled for October 8th.

Her Vet bills are now close to $5,000 since her arrival to BHRR and clearly, we are not done yet, as I always say, no BHRR dog will lack for anything. She will get all that she needs.

We know that one thing that shall have to be a big consideration for the home that turns out to be her right matched personality fit adoptive family, is the means to support her financially.

Thank you SO much again to Katy & Melissa – who said that they adore her – I mean what is not to adore?! – for making her coat so shiny, healthy, soft and bootiful AND for shaving her butt for us! 

Thank you very much to her foster Mama for taking her to this grooming apt. and for making a really kind plus caring donation to her Vet Bills. 

Saturday was almost a $1,000 day for BHRR in unexpected vet bills alone….  Just as we extremely worked to try and get our doors re-opened from being hit so hard earlier in the summer with unexpected vetting…..

Stay tuned!

This BBBBB will be soon ready to make her own special announcement! 

Miss Penelope! The Newf!

Now that her professional photo’s have been done, next up is her professional grooming session on September 27th that we had to reschedule as she was so ill upon arrival to BHRR.

AND for those waiting patiently for our next Volunteer information session – it shall be in October!

BHRR has lost several of our approved temp fosters – from adopting from BHRR, so the best kind of loss to have!  While they will still be approved Volunteers in many other aspects, temp fostering shall be off the table. Therefore, we will be seeking more approved temp foster homes and hopefully, we will have a grand turnout to our next Information Session!

Thank you to SO many that have made BHRR’s Penelope’s rescue possible!

Dr. Libby, Lucy, Jane and also to Megan for temp fostering her and to Brooke for the pics!

AND to EVC for helping to get her healthy!

It truly takes a village to do r/q Rescue and thank you to everyone that donated to help pay off her enormous Vet Bills.

The Boerskins are working like busy bees getting everything in order for our big event here tomorrow evening!

Therefore, if you need to reach us, email or text or call…..facebook access shall be quite limited.

From our home to all of our friends, family and supporters, the warmest of good night wishes are being sent.

Miss Penelope!

I cannot express in words just how much I love this photo! 

Miss Penelope also had her latest recheck at EVC tonight. She now weighs 47.8kgs(105.1 pounds) and huge thanks to be expressed to her wonderful temp foster home for taking such excellent care of her!

She was deemed healthy to have her boosters!

In about two weeks time, we shall ensure that the professional groom session we had originally planned and then had to cancel due to her poor health upon arrival; will happen – her foster mama has done a truly marvelous job in grooming her in the mean-time!

From there, we shall be working to get her professional photo’s done by the fabu Liz and shortly after that she will have her own special announcement to make.  

Her temp foster home has been exceptional and we truly are filled with total gratitude to them for all that they have been doing for her! 

I also wish to extend enormous thanks to Lucy, Dr. Libby and Jane for ALL of their assistance in helping me to get her vetted prior to her transport, helping to get her transported to come to us safely. I want to also thank ALL of the transport angels that helped her on her journey to BHRR! I remain deeply inspired by the kindness of others, many of us complete strangers, coming together time and again to help the animals in need. 

I must ALSO thank each and every person that made a donation to her immense vet bills as we worked to save her. 

We are a long way off from having them paid off yet, we are taking it one pay check at a time and remain deeply indebted to all that may continue to consider her cause and make a donation to her close to $3,500 bills. 

Donations can be made direct to Eagleson Veterinary Clinic

OR via PayPal to

OR via email transfer to

Our doors remain closed at this time as we continue to pay off the unexpected large Vet bills that have come our way….. 

Pathologist Report:



  Test Result
Two ovaries and uterus from an in heat dog.Breeder dog, no history available.
See history site 1.
See history site 1.

1 ovary is exhibiting normal architecture, with occasional formation of empty or fluid-filled cysts. No corpora lutea appear to be present.
Second ovary: This ovary exhibits several small corpora lutea and underdeveloped follicles in several stages.
Uterus: Mild endometrial hyperplasia is evident accompanied by a mild to focally moderate plasmacytic lymphocytic infiltrate.

Normal ovarian tissue, bilateral, with focal ovarian cyst formation
Mild generalized endometrial hyperplasia with mild plasmacytic lymphocytic neutrophilic endometritis
No bacteria are seen

Low grade endometritis is identified but morphology does not support pyometra or active a bacterial infection. Some mucosal hyperplasia is evident as well, considered to be incidental. The ovaries were normal, possibly a bit atrophic, but appear to be functional, 1 or 2 corpora lutea are identified on one side. The ovary on the contralateral side did not show any corpora lutea or any tertiary or well-developed follicles.

Steven G. Smith, DVM
Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Pathologists

Miss Penelope Update!
*she is snoozing outside, soaking up some much needed vitamins!*

That first week of her arrival was a whirlwind of no less than 3 Vet Visits, stress, worry, strain and mounting Vet Bills. 

Her Vet believes that she had an uterine stump infection. She was lethargic, was not eating and even her spay incision became infected.

Her Eosinophils were elevated and cancer was one of the big concerns for her for when she was spayed, the surgeon felt that her ovaries did not look normal and asked if we wanted them to be sent for biopsy.

The results were to be back within 5-7 days yet, then they needed more time as they needed to do a fixation and all of waited with such anxiety.

Her biopsy results from her ovaries and uterus have now come in and they will be posted in depth on her individual blog and I will put it in the comments below too.

BHRR’s Penelope was placed on Baytril and remained on Deramaxx and I became a frequent flyer to the foster home dropping off various canned food and more medications.

AND at one point, I almost took her into my own home for round the clock monitoring and also to and from work at the Hospital.

We looked at xrays and u/s and the nightmare was very real for fear of what the future was for sweet Miss Penelope.

Well, the big gun antibiotics began to work their magic, I found the canned food that she would eat and the Deramaxx continued to ensure that any fever was kept down plus made her more comfortable.

We had to cancel her professional groom session scheduled with Melissa at Groomingdale’s on August 2nd as she was so unwell. I did send Melissa money as this was a lost service to her own business. She assured me that she would be able to fill the spot without any issues yet, I felt it was the right thing to do.

At her most recent Vet visit, her weight was 46.8 kgs(102.96) so we have weight gain! YES! YES! YES!

Her sutures were removed and we are going from slow uphill progress to just motoring along now! YES! YES! YES!

Thank you to all that stepped up to make a donation to her mounting Vet bills and though, she is not done with her Vet Care, we are sincerely hoping that everything critical has been addressed for her….

As always, should anyone wish to consider her cause to support and enable us to keep helping dogs like her and allow us to re-open our doors, donations can be made direct to Eagleson Veterinary Clinic 613-383-8381

OR via PayPal to

OR via email transfer to

We are also incredibly touched by the donation of EMPTIES that her foster mama(from a friend of hers) put directly on to her bill on Monday. $42.90 

From our home to all of our friends, family and supporters, the most humble of thanks and warmest of good night wishes are being sent….. 

UPDATE: Miss Penelope still has not eaten anything…..


This is Miss Penelope at Eagleson Veterinary Clinic when she first arrived and was waiting to be seen.

She is quite lethargic and had stopped eating.

Dr. Ammar suspects that she has an uterine stump infection and is waiting for the biopsy results on her ovaries as there was a concern about them during her spay so they were sent off.

I was just emailing with the wonderful Dr. Libby & she said it could take up to 7 business days for those results.

Should she not improve over the next 24 hours, an abdominal u/s and x-rays shall be done.

Miss Penelope…..I will sell a kidney if I have to in order to make sure that you are taken care of!!!

She has been placed on strong antibiotics – Baytril and will remain on the Deramaxx. AND wearing a fashionable cone as her spay incision is now infected. It had opened up a bit during her transport and while on Monday it looked ok, as of today, it is no longer ok.

So many of us are worried about you Miss Penelope and you have a fan club that spans far and wide!

THANK you to everyone who has made incredibly generous and caring donations to her Vet Bills to date…..

Donations can continue to be sent direct to Eagleson Veterinary Clinic 613-383-8381

OR via PayPal to

OR via email transfer to

From our home to all of our friends, family and supporters, may we please ask that you think of dear sweet Miss Penelope and send her well wishes…….

Miss Penelope!

I received a message from her temp foster that she is bleeding plus has mucous coming from her vulva. She was spayed over a week ago.

She has also stopped eating.

Miss Penelope is heading to Eagleson Veterinary Clinic. 

If anyone may consider helping her with her ever mounting Vet Bills, you can contact Eagleson Veterinary Clinic directly 613-383-8381

OR via PayPal to

OR via email transfer to

We will post an update ASAP.

Please keep her in your thoughts….. 

Miss Penelope! 

She weighed 45.3 kgs(99.66 pounds) at EVC – Eagleson Veterinary Clinic – tonight.

She is thin and lacks muscle mass/tone in her hind end, especially on the right side. 

We continued her vetting protocol that we started in Ohio, prior to her arrival. 

She had her ears cleaned, we are also running a wellness panel plus to further test her Positive Lymes result to determine her best course of treatment. Her poor body tells a terrible story of having had so many litters….yet, no more! You get to be the spoiled ‘baby’ now. Your puppymill days are done.

Once she puts on more muscle mass/tone and weight, we will re-visit her ‘off’ gait to see if it is just her, a result of how she was kept her whole life etc. 

Her joint exam was a thumbs up as was her heart and lungs! Her teeth are worn yet her Vet did not feel she required a dental at this time. He felt they were worn from chewing on whatever she was kept in.

Miss Penelope had been shaved prior to us getting her which we can only presume was due to having horrible matts and her professional grooming session with us shall be on August 2nd with Melissa at Groomingdale’s. 

We still await the results of the biopsies on her ovaries. 

She is back in mid August for boosters and a re-visit on her body condition etc. 

This girl is AMAZING! So sweet, loving and despite all she has gone through, seeks out affection from humans…was wonderful with every dog plus puppy she met at EVC too. 

Miss Penelope is going to make a home a WOW addition when she is ready….

A small female Newf that is so gentle and melts your heart!! I deeply enjoyed meeting her…..

As always donations for her continued care can be made direct to Eagleson Veterinary Clinic 613-383-8381 

OR via PayPal to

OR via email transfer to 

AND gentle reminder, as of Thursday August 1st once Miss Lily arrives(Special Needs GD), our doors shall be closed indefinitely until we can achieve financial health again due to so many expenses, many of them unexpected with dogs we have been asked to assist…..

So, any consideration to our cause would be deeply appreciated so that we can continue to help dogs in need of our highly specialised programs…

Thank you again to Megan for being Miss Penelope’s awesome temp foster Mama! 

From our home to all of our friends, family and supporters, warm good night wishes are being sent!

Megan has her!

She has now made the trip home with Megan Wright and Miss Penelope, the Newf is slowly settling in……

Tomorrow, we are off to Eagleson Veterinary Clinic to continue her vetting protocol and on August 2nd, she is going to have a professional groom with Melissa @ Groomingdale’s in Stittsville. 

She has a long road ahead of her – needs strength/muscle mass/tone in her hind end too, yet we know that she will have the BHRR village surrounding her with so much healing and helping hands….

Your puppymill nightmare days are over and while we wish your first 5 years were not spent in such misery, your future shall be nothing but goodness and caring hearts…..

Miss Penelope began her journey to us yesterday and Megan is on her way shortly to meet up up with her transport. 

Thank you Megan for being her temp foster and I look forward to meeting her myself tomorrow! 

She is the Newf from the puppymill that was dumped and we found out is Lymes positive after starting her vetting protocol.

We are also awaiting the results of her biopsies on her ovaries as the Vet who spayed her was concerned.

Her poor uterus clearly showed how overbred she was…. 

We are at Eagleson Veterinary Clinic tomorrow night to continue with the Vetting we started prior to her arrival.

In being told that her spay incision seemed to have opened very slightly, we may have her in today instead….in having seen a pic last night, it looked ok – some swelling/bruising and I stated that if she needs to go to a Vet or emerge to take her for whatever she needs, she is getting!

I do not want her uncomfortable either.

Poor girl’s tail is apparently missing a lot of hair too and the skin scrapings we did were negative.

A great regime of excellent food, vet care and love should hopefully begin to resolve that…..

I have been told she is super sweet and wishing Megan and all of the transport angels a safe drive today!

Soon Miss Penelope…soon….we will have you here safely very soon….. 

BHRR’s Miss Penelope! 
*She now has a name!*

This is the ~5 year old Newf that was used for breeding her whole life – dumped and we also were told that she is now one of 12 dumped from the same Breeder over the past 6 months. One of those dogs tested heartworm positive.

While her transport was being organised – thanks Lucy and to all of the transport angels! – we had her vetted and the poor girls uterus showed just how overbred she was when she was spayed.

We were asked if we wanted to have her ovaries sent for biopsy as the Vet was concerned and we absolutely said yes. We await those results.

She tested negative for heartworm yet positive for Lymes. 

We had a Fecal done and also microchipped her. She was placed on flea/tick/heartworm meds.

We began her de-worming plus vaccine protocol.

She weighed 95 pounds, so a small female. I do not know if she is thin at this time.

We did a skin scraping to rule out mange and it was negative.

Her teeth are quite worn down and as we just had her spayed – big surgery for her – we will review when she is healthier if she will require a dental too.

She will arrive on Sunday night – thank you to Megan for stepping up to be her temp foster!

On Monday July 29th, we will have her seen by one of our Vets here to continue her vetting.

We have had $100 donated to her care to date and thank you again from my heart for your generous support!

She has a long road to go and has so much to learn regarding kind loving helping hands and not neglectful hands.

There is a big beautiful world out there that she shall be slowly introduced to.

We are told that she is super sweet and though she had one grooming session this week, we have booked one on August 2nd with Melissa at Pet Valu Groomingdale’s. We want to make sure that her coat is brought to health and shine.

If anyone may consider her cause to support, donations can be made via PayPal to

OR via email transfer to

From our home to all of our friends, family and supporters, warm good night wishes are being sent!

~5 year old female Black Newf 
We are calling her BHRR’s Penelope! 

She is one of 12 Newf’s over the past 6 months that have been dumped by the same Breeder in a pound, one of them also tested heartworm positive. 

Transport is currently being worked on for next weekend and thank you to Megan for stepping up to be her temp foster. 

We will be beginning her vetting prior to transport – has some skin issues we are also looking into – and the rest of her Vetting once she arrives (first Vet visit is booked for July 29th) and we scheduled a pampered spa session with Melissa at Groomingdale’s PV Stittsville for August 2nd. 

Cannot imagine her coat after ~5 years of improper care. 

Thank you from our hearts to Lucy for asking us to assist, working so hard on her/others transport and for Jane/Tamee of Just Paws Rescue for also helping to get her to us safely!