BHRR’s Miss Penelope, The Newf

First family photo!

Thank you so much again to this wonderful family in taking the time to go through our extremely thorough adoption adoption process and welcome once more to the BHRR Family! 

This home is what any rescue group could feel so blessed to have as part of their village. They are genuine, caring and we know that Miss Penelope shall have nothing but the very best for her following life chapters.

Miss P. has a ‘big’ brother kitty named Sid and I loved him! He is such an awesome handsome Senior!

R/q rescue is hard, extremely hard to do it the right way and the rewards come when dogs such as Miss Penelope who have had horrible past lives, are successfully rehabilitated and thrive. 

The only thing almost as hard as letting one of my dogs and fosters go is seeing one of our approved Volunteers letting one of our dogs go as one of their own fosters.

It is a selfless and brave thing when a wonderful foster home helps a dog go from hell to heaven in their journeys of successful Rescue Rehabilitation through to Approved Adoption. Thank you to her beautiful foster home for all that they did to help get BHRR’s Penelope set up for success for she became a highly adoptable dog through her medical and emotional rehabilitation.

Thank you to all of the Rescue angels that stepped up and surrounded Miss P. with their generous support of words and financial assistance to enable us to help her. 

BHRR’s Penelope’s journey spanned from Ohio to Ontario and she touched the hearts of many across the world!

This is just the incredible beginning for you dear Miss P., your future is as bright and as shiny as you are!

Thank you’s must also be extended to her awesome new forever loving adoptive family for the donations to our rescue and for our current online auction. Very sweet and kind and special!

I am now hunkered down in a hotel after such a brutally long day that began at 4:00 AM and will push home the rest of the way first thing tomorrow as I am back to work.

Good night wishes being sent to all of our friends, family and supporters!