We are on our way shortly!
To make the very long drive to do BHRR’s Miss Penelope’s, The Newfs home-visit for a possible approved adoption!
As with all of our foster dogs, we invite the temp foster home to also attend as those homes are an essential part of their set up for success stories!
We shall update as we can and I am going to be adding another few items to our 12th ANNUAL “JUST IN TIME FOR XMAS” Online Auction. All monies raised shall go to assist the newest addition BHRR’s Mr. Percival – I will be making an update post on him shortly as his bloodwork has come back. 🙁
AND gentle reminder that we need to sell 15 more tickets to our January 16th ‘Sign Nite’ at Don Cherry’s in Kanata by January 2nd!
You GET to choose your own sign stencil from over 500 or customize your own!
Joyce shall be out host again and we will have one of our Boers Famous Wine/Chocolate Wine Baskets up for grabs!
$15 from each ticket sold will come to BHRR and we will be sharing the proceeds with Ottawa Rabbit Rescue.