BHRR’s Miss Penelope!
~5.5 year old NewfShe is FINALLY ready to make her special announcement!She is AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION!This girl literally was on the brink of death and look at her now!

She had her final recheck last night and has been given a 100% THUMBS up by her fantastic Vet at EVC!

Her Vet loves her…..well, all of my fellow work-mates there do and truly, what is NOT to love! 

She can go to a home that works ft, pt, works from home, is semi-retired or is retired. Another versatile BHRR dog.

She is fine to do nails, bathe and travels great in a car.

We will consider homes that have older children – 12 and up and while we would prefer her to be in a home with another dog that is a right match fit, it is not a ‘deal breaker’ if that right matched personality fit home does not already have a dog.

She is crate trained, house broken and has wonderful leash manners.

The most important consideration for us is to ensure that the home that shall be approved to adopt her can financially take on the vetting responsibility should/when she have need.

It has cost just shy of $5,000 to successfully rehabilitate her and giant breed dogs mean giant breed food and vet bills when necessary.

She was horrifically failed in her past life prior to Rescue and we want to make sure that she continues to lack for nothing.

Professional grooming also costs money and we feel that she deserves to be pampered for the rest of her life in the comforts of grooming and dog beds and toys and treats and endless amounts of love!

BHRR has a set adoption area and the ONLY exception to this is to any of our already approved BHRR adoptive/volunteer homes that are in excellent standing with BHRR. BHRR shall continue to consider those homes that reside outside of our current adoption area!

Miss Penelope is super sweet, gentle, kind, loving and under the wonderful guidance of her caring foster home, she has blossomed!

THANK you to that home for building up her resume to help her reach this point of being able to make her special announcement!

Miss Penelope is good with people and dogs and also bunnies.  She also has been fine with the Clinic Cat at my work.

This girl is a gem of a gift of a dog and we are SOOOOOOOOO happy to help her make this announcement!

For those interested in submitting an application for her, please do read her extremely thorough blog along with our adoption processes, policies and procedures.

Should you feel after reading everything, that your home may qualify to adopt her, then you are most welcome to submit an application to the BHRR BOD to review.

Thanks you’s must also be extended to Dr. Libby, Lucy and Jane for all that they did to help get her safely to BHRR!

AND a big thank you also to Brooke for the gorgeous photos’!