Soooooooooo, we had wanted to make Miss Penelope’s special announcement after the professional grooming session we booked for her on September 27th.

Her original grooming session had been postponed as she was so ill upon arrival that our priority was saving her life….

After her foster home dropped her off to the ever wonderful, talented, amazing Katy and Melissa at Pet Valu Stittsvilles’ Groomingdale’s. they were in contact and sent me some pictures of her rump.

The poor girl had a serious bacterial skin infection, possibly originally stemming from hot spots. 

Thank you again to Katy and Melissa for bringing this to my attention!

I had her booked in to to see her Vet at EVC the very next day and she is now on serious antibiotics and NSAIDS(Deramaxx).

So, Saturday September 28th turned out to be a very expensive day for BHRR at the Vet on Saturday between BHRR’s Mollie’s own visit (bloodwork revealed that she is Lymes Positive) and then BHRR’s Penelope’s own urgent visit.

So, for those that have been waiting patiently for her to make her special announcement, unfortunately, it will have to wait until her recheck apt. – scheduled for October 8th.

Her Vet bills are now close to $5,000 since her arrival to BHRR and clearly, we are not done yet, as I always say, no BHRR dog will lack for anything. She will get all that she needs.

We know that one thing that shall have to be a big consideration for the home that turns out to be her right matched personality fit adoptive family, is the means to support her financially.

Thank you SO much again to Katy & Melissa – who said that they adore her – I mean what is not to adore?! – for making her coat so shiny, healthy, soft and bootiful AND for shaving her butt for us! 

Thank you very much to her foster Mama for taking her to this grooming apt. and for making a really kind plus caring donation to her Vet Bills. 

Saturday was almost a $1,000 day for BHRR in unexpected vet bills alone….  Just as we extremely worked to try and get our doors re-opened from being hit so hard earlier in the summer with unexpected vetting…..