BHRR’s Miss Penelope! 
*She now has a name!*

This is the ~5 year old Newf that was used for breeding her whole life – dumped and we also were told that she is now one of 12 dumped from the same Breeder over the past 6 months. One of those dogs tested heartworm positive.

While her transport was being organised – thanks Lucy and to all of the transport angels! – we had her vetted and the poor girls uterus showed just how overbred she was when she was spayed.

We were asked if we wanted to have her ovaries sent for biopsy as the Vet was concerned and we absolutely said yes. We await those results.

She tested negative for heartworm yet positive for Lymes. 

We had a Fecal done and also microchipped her. She was placed on flea/tick/heartworm meds.

We began her de-worming plus vaccine protocol.

She weighed 95 pounds, so a small female. I do not know if she is thin at this time.

We did a skin scraping to rule out mange and it was negative.

Her teeth are quite worn down and as we just had her spayed – big surgery for her – we will review when she is healthier if she will require a dental too.

She will arrive on Sunday night – thank you to Megan for stepping up to be her temp foster!

On Monday July 29th, we will have her seen by one of our Vets here to continue her vetting.

We have had $100 donated to her care to date and thank you again from my heart for your generous support!

She has a long road to go and has so much to learn regarding kind loving helping hands and not neglectful hands.

There is a big beautiful world out there that she shall be slowly introduced to.

We are told that she is super sweet and though she had one grooming session this week, we have booked one on August 2nd with Melissa at Pet Valu Groomingdale’s. We want to make sure that her coat is brought to health and shine.

If anyone may consider her cause to support, donations can be made via PayPal to

OR via email transfer to

From our home to all of our friends, family and supporters, warm good night wishes are being sent!