Miss Penelope began her journey to us yesterday and Megan is on her way shortly to meet up up with her transport. 

Thank you Megan for being her temp foster and I look forward to meeting her myself tomorrow! 

She is the Newf from the puppymill that was dumped and we found out is Lymes positive after starting her vetting protocol.

We are also awaiting the results of her biopsies on her ovaries as the Vet who spayed her was concerned.

Her poor uterus clearly showed how overbred she was…. 

We are at Eagleson Veterinary Clinic tomorrow night to continue with the Vetting we started prior to her arrival.

In being told that her spay incision seemed to have opened very slightly, we may have her in today instead….in having seen a pic last night, it looked ok – some swelling/bruising and I stated that if she needs to go to a Vet or emerge to take her for whatever she needs, she is getting!

I do not want her uncomfortable either.

Poor girl’s tail is apparently missing a lot of hair too and the skin scrapings we did were negative.

A great regime of excellent food, vet care and love should hopefully begin to resolve that…..

I have been told she is super sweet and wishing Megan and all of the transport angels a safe drive today!

Soon Miss Penelope…soon….we will have you here safely very soon…..