Stay tuned!

This BBBBB will be soon ready to make her own special announcement! 

Miss Penelope! The Newf!

Now that her professional photo’s have been done, next up is her professional grooming session on September 27th that we had to reschedule as she was so ill upon arrival to BHRR.

AND for those waiting patiently for our next Volunteer information session – it shall be in October!

BHRR has lost several of our approved temp fosters – from adopting from BHRR, so the best kind of loss to have!  While they will still be approved Volunteers in many other aspects, temp fostering shall be off the table. Therefore, we will be seeking more approved temp foster homes and hopefully, we will have a grand turnout to our next Information Session!

Thank you to SO many that have made BHRR’s Penelope’s rescue possible!

Dr. Libby, Lucy, Jane and also to Megan for temp fostering her and to Brooke for the pics!

AND to EVC for helping to get her healthy!

It truly takes a village to do r/q Rescue and thank you to everyone that donated to help pay off her enormous Vet Bills.

The Boerskins are working like busy bees getting everything in order for our big event here tomorrow evening!

Therefore, if you need to reach us, email or text or call…..facebook access shall be quite limited.

From our home to all of our friends, family and supporters, the warmest of good night wishes are being sent.