BHRR’s Mr. Parker Paws came with us to our 2009 Microchip Fundraiser and he was a TRUE ambassador to the breed and how we operate BHRR. He got along with everyone and every animal and this was his ‘final’ test before putting him up for adoption. He passed with flying colours!!!!! He exhibited no nervousness towards any men and while he still walks a bit hunded and ‘slouched’; he is getting better and better about standing up tall. He is close to 140 pounds now(that is 43 pounds he has put on in the 8+ weeks he has been with us!) and he continues to just mature and develop well. His new home can continue to work on his obedience yet he has very strong foundations now put in place from being with us. As mentioned before; he will need to remain on the Ester C for quite some time. I am ‘officially’ placing him as ‘AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION!!!’ HE was a huge hit and he brought in a lot of donations with his special coat to allow us to continue to help animals like him in need of our programs. One woman ended up coming back with the rest of her family JUST to have them meet Parker! I am going to be attaching a few pictures below; two from June 2nd; two from June 18th, two from July 9th and two from the Fundraiser on July 12th! I have also added slides #51 – #71! 😎

BHRR’s Parker – July 12th KAH/BHRR Micrcochip/Nail Trim/BBQ Fundraiser – Photos courtesy of Chuck & Allison

BHRR’s Parker – July 9th, 2009 – Body Condition plus Back Feet – 66 days after arrival to BHRR

BHRR’s Parker – June 18th, 2009 – Body Condition & Front Feet

BHRR’s Parker – June 2nd, 2009 Body Condition plus Back Feet