One of the many Danes in need of our BHRR programs. Another emaciated(by-law officer Chelsea says that you can see every bone in his body…the pictures do not show the ‘true’ state of neglect of this boy) sweet boy. Male, black with white; intact, about 18 months of age(Fall of 2007 yet I plus my Vet – LOL she often just defers to me as the ‘expert’ – will also check his teeth, body etc. when he arrives as ‘age’ can be hard to determine in a ‘rescue’ animal for they can often appear older than they really are) has been vaccinated at shelter, de-wormed, was put on Revolution(yet Revolution will not treat for hooks in dogs) and will receive Rabies before coming to Rescue. It is believe that it was the ‘actual’ owners that he was picked up from. As I learn more, I shall post more. He will need to have a HWT, be neutered, have a fecal done, have bw and a possible UA done in addition to being microchipped and nursed back to health. His feet are extremely flat footed as can be seen in the pictures in his slideshow. Video link of his terrible movement, collapsed pasterns; terrible feet and body condition below…he looks fairly tall and you can tell he has had such bad nutrition.  🙁 Yet, he seems so happy and goofy and that is what makes Danes so amazing…their willingness to forgive and to trust humans again DESPITE how terrible they have been treated. I look forward to meeting him. The earliest he might arrive is May 4th, yet could be May 11th and the by-law officer will keep me posted. NOT YET AVAILALBLE FOR ADOPTION!!!!

BHRR’s Mr. Parker – April 28th, 2009