I have a lot more pictures to add of BHRR’s Mr. Parker Paws, including a wonderful slideshow of pictures that Tina took from the July 12th Fundraiser! In my most recent message sent out on our BHRR Facebook Group; I have also submitted a request for some daytrips and playdates for Parker in addition to Mazda. All the dogs have been affected in some manner from the loss of three of our Great Danes recently. We had a really bad night last night with him. He was fine right up until dinnertime and then he began to have a lot of diarrhea plus was vomiting up white foam and was not feeling well. Everytime, I let him outside, he attempted to eat grass(which what little he did eat, he brought up this AM) and wanted to drink copious amounts of water and we took all the water bowls away. He was not painful to palpate and did not fill up with gas, his colour plus his TPR was good yet I gave him GasX preventatively and today, he is feeling much better and though I fasted him for breakfast, he was given about 1/3 of his normal food portions for dinner tonight and seems to be back ‘up on his feet’ again. While I am ‘in tune’ and watch the dogs closely; lately; I am watching them even closer and we have been spending much time outside when we can(between rain and humidity, it has made it hard) and as many know, the summer months are fairly quiet here with the Volunteers; so I have put out a special request for assistance for Mr. Parker as well to help him with his healing and moving forward.