BHRR's Bobby was adopted today and most sincere and genuine welcome to his forever loving home to the BHRR extended family! 🙂

Here is a short video below of him jumping right into the Koi/Goldfish pond making himself right at home! 🙂

VIDEO – BHRR'sBobbyAugust32013

BHRR's Bobby – August 3rd, 2013

The home visit for BHRR's Bobby is scheduled for this Saturday. Will update as I can.

A short time ago, I received an email from the most talented and I want to say also, very beautiful and special Liz Bradley of The Ottawa Dog Blog.

As many are aware, there was a voting contest recently for the Most Influential Dog Blog online and the competition was quite tough AND, thanks to such an incredible surrounding community The Ottawa Dog Blog WON! By taking 60% of the votes!

HUGE Congratulations Liz & Jane!!! Extremely well deserved! Your blog is quite important and valued deeply by so many and you make a BIG difference daily with all your efforts! I have loved watching your amazing 'baby' grow plus develop!

AND, what so humbly surprised me(AND, made me grab yet, another tissue…this time with a welling up of good tears!), was that Liz/Jane was awarded a lifesaving generous gift of $500 donation to the charity of her choice AND they chose BHRR!! As they have posted about, there are SO many great r/q Rescues deserving and in need and, I am touched, humbled and feel privileged to have our small rescue chosen to be the recipient of such an incredible gesture……Just honoured! Immensely!

There really needs to be more words to express THANK YOU! I am MORE thank thankful! I am genuinely appreciative plus grateful and filled with intense gratitude…….


"It was a difficult decision as to the charity who we would pick to receive the donation as all of the Ottawa charities work so hard.

We decided on Birch Haven Rescue and Rehabilitation to receive the $500 donation! BHRR is an amazing rescue who is in need of money to feed the large and giant breeds they rescue – this money will go a long way towards food and vet bills for them!

Thank you again to all who voted. I am so very proud to live in this great city surrounded by fellow dog lovers.

With love and belly rubs,
Liz (and Jane)"

**Could I please ask our fans/supporters/family/friends to take a moment and go over and CONGRATULATE Liz/Jane immensely and tell them HOW uber awesome they are with what they do daily!!!**

AND, here is what I wrote on their lovely Blog post!

HUGE Congratulations Liz & Jane!!! Extremely well deserved! Your blog is quite important and valued deeply by so many and you make a BIG difference daily with all your efforts! I have loved watching your amazing ‘baby’ grow plus develop!

As Liz/Jane have posted, there are SO many great r/q Rescues deserving and in need and, I am touched, humbled and feel immensely privileged to have had our small rescue of Birch Haven Rescue & Rehabilitation Services chosen to be the recipient of such an incredible gesture……Just honoured! Immensely!

I also wish to publicly thank Camp Cookstown from my heart, for having such a great contest, for helping to get the word out regarding so many fantastic online blogs and for supporting the work done in animal rescue with this very generous and lifesaving gift of $500.

There really needs to be more words to express THANK YOU! I am MORE thank thankful! I am genuinely appreciative plus humbled and filled with intense gratitude…….


BHRR's Bobby is moving under a PENDING ADOPTION!!!

I will update his blog as I can.


He can go to a home that works ft, pt, from home, semi-retired, retired as once again, another very versatile BHRR Dog! 🙂

I made two other new blog posts on him – June 16th & June 22nd are the dates I posted for those blogs and he is going to make a home an INCREDIBLE addition!

He travels great in the care, rarely barks now – he had this 'excitement' thing of barking at other dogs when we were out sometimes when he was 'not allowed' to say hello – he does not care if the other dogs like him or not, he still wants to play….

SO, a home needs to stay up on the positive correction of any behavour of this type and then passively ignoring.

I have tested and re-tested him with bikes and I have had no reaction at all….only mild interest at best and yet, I want to continue to keep that in the 'zone' for anyone wishing to consider to adopt him as this is what his previous owners told me he had a fetish for – A lot better than he was fetish – yet, still a fetish.

He could care less about runners or skateboarders and is great with all dogs, guinea pigs, horses to date too! AND, people! 🙂 He goes quite willingly to others (keeps his eye on my and he has been known to give a bark or two of displeasure if I go too far away from him! LOL) and is very obedient…some testing going on at times, yet, very mild!

Great with kids, all sizes and shapes and ages of humans and still can get a bit 'grabby' taking some treats yet, overall an 'A'!

Nails are what we are still working through…he has no issues in the taking of his feet and he is not a fan of nails….yet, his previous owners were also very honest about that too! 🙂

A great dog….just a great dog!

MY only thing is that he needs more weight….he is SOOOOOOOO active here that he is barely maintaining…he would rather play and be active than focus on eating and so, we have been working on that…..he loves the treats though…eating, is not as tasty I guess to him! 😉 I really would like to see him close to 87-88 pounds.

AND, if anyone can recommend at GREAT groomer, please EMAIL! The place I wanted to take him will not do Giants at this time.

06 (2) 09 (2) 10 (2) 12 13
BHRR's Bobby – July 26th, 2013

Thank you sooooooooooo much to Ginnette & CJ for having us back again this year!!!
I absolutely LOVE this event! LOVE LOVE LOVE!
Saturday July 27th
Time: 10 AM – 3 PM
Min. $10 Donation
*Microchips $40 includes registration, merchandise AND Nail Trims too!
*Thanks to BHRR BOD member Barry for working with me on this poster!

dirty dog**

COMING UP ON Sunday July 14th, 2013! Our 6th ANNUAL KAH/BHRR Microchip/Nail Trim & BBQ Fundraiser!
8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

In 2012, we did 56 MICROCHIPS(ALL by qualified Veterinary professionals) & 94 nail trims!

We shall have our silent auction table again, human plus doggie baked table, draws, facepainting, caricatures AND so much more!

NO APPOINTMENTS necessary! For more information, please visit HERE:

OR follow all the exciting updates on our BHRR/KAH Facebook EVENT PAGE!


Thank you in advance for any consideration!!


1) More volunteers to put up posters in their local community including training facilities
2) People open to emailing and promoting this event poster at their work and with friends, family and neighbours. I can email the poster to all willing to assist. 🙂
3) Donations of pop, juice, bottled water & hotdogs/buns & hamburger/buns
4) NEED MORE DRAW PRIZES! Please email
6) NEED MORE Silent Auction Items
7) Gift cards – please email
8) We need people to assist us with cross-posting this event and getting the word out! We have some huge Vet bills right now and more in the pipe.

PLEASE EMAIL if you can assist with any of the above!

***This event is such a great time!***

THANK you again to BHRR's Cosette's fabu mom for working with members of the BHRR BOD on this poster!

Katoby Distribution is having their FIRST even Campaign For Rescue Voting Contest!

This contest was created via nominations and on Monday July 1st, BHRR received an email regarding this voting contest and what a surprise PLUS honour to note that we were one of the organizations chosen to participate!

They have 4 prize packs totaling over $4000 in valuable food and products to give to the rescue groups you think deserve it! Top 3 dog rescues and the top cat rescue will each win a prize pack (as determined by votes). One lucky voter will also receive a price pack worth over $250!

Voting ends July 15 at noon – one vote per day per person!

BHRR's Bobby had a GREAT BHRR 'EXPERIENCE' mini open house!!!  BIG hit with all those that attended!

One thing that came to light….the honeymoon period was ending AND, he is a true Giant Sch. Somehow, a high value item – smoked dino butchery bone – had been dropped on the floor and he had not qualms about not wanting to share it with one of the other dogs…NOT, that BHRR's Bloom wanted to share it…. 😉 SHE wanted it herself. He stood up for himself and I took the bone away from him – no issues at all – and that was the real first big moment of that he will not go to a home with a dominant male for as much as this boy is not super dominant, *should* the situation feel warranted in his mind, he will stand up for himself…not a bad thing per say, yet, not something, one wants to see a set-up for failure situation. He has always been submissive to the females and is not 'high' in the male order of things yet, he was prepared to lip curl and make some growling noises over this bone and share some words with her. YET, he will not stand up to even my Bunker Dude(1 year old IW who is as submissive as they come). Very interesting dynamics as always watching the dogs here. 🙂 So, The Dude will often try to take rope toys etc., away and we have to say 'No Dude!'.

He is great with all the dogs here, fully integrated – likes to hump my Multi CH. Show Boy 'big blue' Bronson(AND, Bronson has no issues letting him do it AND we make it stop….immediately!). He stops when you tell him yet, he still will hump at times.

He will more often than not, squat to pee, yet, every once in a while, he will 'show' off and lift that leg.

He is a really super laid back boy…..playful, affectionate and he has full run of the house when we are gone. 100% trustworthy. HE likes to mostly sleep by my side of the bed and LOVES to hog a/c vents! 😉

He shall have exciting news to share within the next month+.

On Sunday June 16th, BHRR's Bobby came with us to Take The Plunge Ottawa – sadly, the event was rained out by 1 PM AND yet, it did give me another opportunity to observe and witness new behavours from him.

IF he was NOT allowed to visit a dog (sometimes) a person on 'his' terms, he would bark and wag his tail. This one BC really did not like him and the more that BC snarled and lunged, the more BHRR's Bobby play bowed and wagged his tail and barked. I sometimes think BHRR's Bobby 'thinks' he is a Golden Retriever…. 😉 AND, he LOVED all the water! LOL

The same when we were back at our booth. By the time, we left, he was much more settled and the work began to 'teach' him that not all is on his terms and that inappropriate behavours will not be rewarded.

He LOVED all kids he met too! OMG! HE LOVED them! The Hobbits came with me this day too and BOTH of them just rocked it! THEY are so amazing!!! So far they have traveled themselves!


I would like to see BHRR's Bobby eat more….. He just is not eating the way I would like him too. He is sleeping well, drinking well, no diarrhea and is still wanting to hump a dog here or there YET, he has also been wonderfully integrated with all but three dogs here to date. He loves hanging out behind my computer chair the best while I work.

That makes it a wee bit hard to get away from my computer…something Sean has been 'on me' for years……to stop working such crazy insane hours!!!

If all goes well, BHRR's Bobby shall be at Take The Plunge at our BHRR Booth on Sunday June 16th.

UPDATE: BHRR's Bobby is hanging out at KAH and having a really good day!

Auntie Margaret came by and was able to meet him, love on him and give him assurance that he will be ok. What a great auntie!!

He had a thorough exam – heart, lungs, eyes etc. got a thumbs up and talk about rocking his commands – very smart bilingual boy!!

He was microchipped, had a heartworm test and will begin heartworm preventative, I am doing a fecal and proactively de-worming him.

His weight was a slightly thin 36.6 kgs(80.52 pounds) and I would like to see him around 85-87. He will put it on!

Once he settles in more(he is already bonding well to me!), he will put on that weight.  His HWT and Fecal are both negative that we know of to date.

Everything has checked out wonderfully. He is 5.5 years of age and the Vet kept commenting how amazing he was in health and condition and with a bit more weight, he will be just that much better.

He can be wonderfully playful and I am getting glimpses into a really delightful personality!

AND here is a BobbyJune62013VIDEO!


BHRR's Bobby @ KAH on June 6th, 2013 – Very bilingual boy!

One more reason to LOVE BHRR's Salma!!

She has completely taken BHRR's Bobby under her 'paw'….

She has and is going to accomplish ten times more in ten times less the time than myself.

She has even managed to get him to play… precious is that!

For him to be able to let all his own confusion and grief go for even a small period of time to just play; is all to a most wonderful MM DOGO named 'Salma'.

She lays near him and showed him where the water bowl was( no matter that I had already done that… …..and has been showing him where the fridge is for the treats and the window ledge where other treats are kept.

She will sit and look at me either in front of the fridge or in front of the section on the window ledge where those treats are and give me the 'Salma' stare!

LOL I 'get it Salma!!'

Welcome to BHRR Bobby!!

I think I have just born witness to one of the most difficult Owner Surrenders EVER in 25 years of being in these trenches.

I now have BHRR's Bobby in my care and the good-byes of his two owners to him was so emotionally painful…..

I promise to do as right by this boy as I do with each and every dog that I commit BHRR to.

Gosh….my heart is weeping for them…

His surrender is proof that good people have to let their dogs go and that to do so is really a huge act of love.

On my way home now and heart is very heavy….. 🙁

Update: 10:30 PM June 4th:
I am now home and he is naturally worried and confused. He is glued to me as I am that 'link' between the here/now and the was/then.

He needs a few more pound and the owners are surrendering him due to a very unfortunate/tragic change in their home and can no longer fulfill his needs.

This home took him to be groomed before they met me, they updated his vaccines, they gave me Bobby's two bed pads and blanket, two bags of food, his food stand and bowls, his 'eating ball' to put into the bowl as he eats too fast. I said they did not have to do any of that as we would; yet; they insisted.

They never have done heartworm testing or used preventative (they said they never really understood all of that) and I said I would more than be happy to do that and a fecal and take a good look at his teeth and do any other bloodwork etc. They were quite honest with me re: the difficulty he has been to do nails, his 'fetish' for bicycles and they loved him.

You cannot 'fake' that kind of emotion or anguish of pain on their faces. If you look at two of the photos posted on the 'hopeful' album; they took him swimming and held the best birthday parties for him….this was a hard one for me.

I had been conversing for months with them, hoping and trying to help in anyway possible and wishing for them to keep him yet, their current circumstances just do not.

Life can be so unfair……I promised I would keep them updated and I will.

photo (16)
BHRR's Bobby – June 4th, 2013 @ BHRR

This is how he liked to hang last night…under my legs as I worked on my iPhone at the couch.
He had an 'ok' night. He finally crashed for a few hours around 3:00 AM today and his day has been 'ok' as well.
He has mild SA and working through that too…..

Several months ago, I was contacted to take in an o/s of a Giant Schnauzer – 5.5 years of age – Birthday in October of 2007.

Due to unfortunate changes in the home, his needs were no longer able to be met. This was a very difficult one for me. This was a very loved dog – the had him for over three years, before that, he was with this couple's mechanic who got this dog from a woman who had breast cancer.

They took him swimming, had the best birthday parties for him, groomed him and loved him yet, despite all efforts they were not able to keep him.

After many months back and forth, BHRR's Bobby was scheduled to come to BHRR on June 2nd, 2013. Due to having to bring another one of our new additions in for bloody diarrhea(BHRR's Kaden who had arrived on June 1st), June 2nd was rescheduled to June 4th.

BHRR's Bobby – Photos from his previous owners, prior to coming to BHRR