BHRR’s DBB Mudslide will no longer be up for adoption. Sean & I are very delighted to say that soon she shall go to her new forever loving home and we could not be more thrilled about the home nor herย upcoming adoption. ADOPTED!!!!!

Mudslide continues to grow longer giraffe legs everytime she wakes up! LOL I just wish we could get some more weight on the poor thing. ๐Ÿ™ She likes to eat in private and like all the DBB’s is not fond of having her bowl sniffed at by other dogs outside of her DBB sisters. Our home is a busy home and this is not conducive to the very quiet atmosphere that Mudslide likes to eat in. I will feed her in a crate and close the door and then close the door to the sunroom so she is not bothered. That has worked really well. I am still trying to feed her about 5 small meals a day and I would still like to see about another 10 pounds on her. It will come in time, it always does with these ‘model’ figured Danes. Just never as fast as I might like to see. She remains a great luvbug and she really likes traveling in the car now. I can open up the door and in she goes! WOOHOO! Mudslide would really benefit in being in a home where there is at least one other dog, one that can continue to help her become more and more outgoing and not overpower or put her in their shadows for we have worked very hard in building Mudslide up into the incredible gal she now is! She is deserving of so much!!!!

New picture of Mudslide added, Slide #40. She is doing great. I cannot believe how TALL she is and we continue to work on getting some weight on her. She is so beautiful with her blue brindling and soft expressive eyes. She is so affectionate and so comfortable plus confident now about asking for love and cuddles and she has the most bizarre habit of putting her front end up on the bed and going to sleep with her hind end still standing on the ground! LOL She is truly one of the most kindest and gentlest of creatures I have ever been blessed in meeting.

BHRR’s Mudslide had her annual last night and she weighed 35.8KGs(78.76 pounds). Amazing how her height is so much taller than her sister’s yet their weights are very comparable. When she is full grown, she should round out nicely between 90-95 pounds and look FANTASTIC! She was a huge hit last night and other than a couple of small ‘excitement’ pees; she was a model GD! Mudslide is also now greying about the muzzle like Abbi; yet Abbi began to grey a long time ago. Her leash manners are impeccable and she sat right on the scale like a true princess! This is one sweet girl that I am going to deeply miss when she is adopted! She also had a HWT and the test result came back today and she is negative!

Mudslide has her annual appointment coming up on Wednesday July 30th and I cannot wait to see how much she weighs! She is super model like material right now with her long legs and I will have to also post a new height on her. She had a great time visiting with her DBB sister Jenni who was adopted at the end of March and was here for a visit at our July BHRR Mini-Open House. We really hope that her forever loving home comes by!

I still have new pictures of Mudslide to upload and I am hoping that this week, I can catch up on a few things rescue related! Mudslide’s new height(DADDY LONGLEGS THIS GAL IS!) is 33″ at the whithers! WOW! The one thing that I was to state is that Mudslide is a ‘closet’ eater. What I mean is that when the house is quiet, that is when she feels most comfortable eating. She does not and will not eat with a crowd watching or if there is a lot of activity going around. Though she has not been crated in months and months; I will put her breakfast and supper in Abbi’s crate(though Abbi is rarely using a crate either these days) and just close the door and leave the room. She will then eat in peace. It has taken me a couple of days to figure out this new behavour of hers for it was not a ‘thing’ of the past for her. She used to like to eat her food(grazing) after most of the other dogs had eaten yet now she will not eat if there is too much going on around her. I give her ‘quiet’ time and she eats just fine and the feeding of her in a crate ensures that no other dog is going to bother her and it has given her a level of security. Whatever works for her, works for me! I had noticed that she was not eating and began to lose some weight and I saw that she would go into Abbi’s crate and have this ‘look’, so I trialed feeding her in there. Just as a piece of informative information for people, there is no truth to the words that if a dog is hungry enough it shall eat. I have seen a couple of dogs that would not eat if the environment of security and comfort was not there for the dog. Dealing with a rescue(be it poor genetics or environment) is a competely different story than dealing with a well adjusted well genetically bred dog. Many a person has approached me to say that their dog will not do this or not do that or acts this way or that and then they say; ‘I don’t understand as I have had the dog since he was a wee puppy’ and I have to explain to them that environment is one thing; genetics(nature) is another. This can be applied to behavour be it aggressive, SA etc. and ‘time’ is not always the factor as to why these things happen. To get a bit off topic with Mudslide a bit more; I am currently following a SN’s dog whose owner says that he has on-leash aggression yet she does not believe it has anything to do with with him being SN’s NOR does she believe it has to do with environment or genetics for she has had him since he was a wee puppy. I wish animal dymanics was a simple as some people try to make it and that some things can be very easily explained yet that is not the case. This person believes it is a ‘teenage’ thing or that she is not ‘alpha’ enough and I can see much failure happening to her and her dog over this misconception of things. I am tying this into Mudslide’s situation for she was born into rescue to a loving fostermom and then came to us and her and her three sisters share much of the same ‘possessive’ grumpiness over their food bowls plus share some of the same ‘quirks’ as their mother(whom they have not been around much since the day they were born) and so environment here is one thing, genetics is another and trying to ‘force’ a dog outside of their comfort zone or to mis-diagnose it’s behavour is often a ‘call’ for failure, for home and especially for the dog. We will be very careful to ensure that her new home, whomever that may be; understands this ‘current’ need to eat in private and to respect that. The best way to move forward is to take baby steps and if Mudslide wants to eat privately, then Mudslide shall eat privately. This is not a ‘power’ or ‘manipulative’ thing that she is doing. We want the best for her and when/if she is ready; she can begin to eat out of the crate; if not; she can continue to eat in Abbi’s old crate for as long as she has a need of it. ๐Ÿ™‚

It has been awhile since I updated Mudslide’s page and I have uploaded a new picture #34-#39 into the slideshow of Mudslide. She is doing great! She and her sisters still do not love their collars ONE bit and will even still do some submissive peeing when you go to take them off or put them on. When it comes to nail trimming, Mudslide gets a bit nervous and we know it is the ‘wind up’ that is causing her some stress. So when it is time to do nails; we will do her first on one day; Jenni another and Abbi on yet another so all three are not done on the same day and also avoid causing them undo angst. Mudslide continues to excel at her obedience and still is that wonderfully sweet girl. The DBB’s are not due for their vaccines until July but I really want to get them in for updated weights PLUS the extra ‘outside’ socialization is only going to benefit them. Mudslide had her ‘nose’ a bit out of joint when Lil Linus joined us, which was a bit surprising for she was completely find when Hamilton, the Newf came. She would ‘grump’ and walk away when Lil Linus would want to snuggle with her on one of the Kuranda beds or cuddle. She is much better a week later; yet now she just pretty much ignores him BUT I catch her watching him having fun with Soul, Bronson, Hamilton, KB/JB etc. and it is only a matter of time before she jumps in. If I were a ‘betting’ person and put a thought process as to why this particular behavour is being exhibited; I would say that it is because she ‘senses’ that he too is SN’s and is jealous. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Mudslide has begun to really get close with Dyce and they love to run and zip and zoom outside. Mudslide has had free run of the house for quite some time now and is no longer crated. At night she either likes to sleep on a corner of our bed, one of the Costco beds on the floor or on one of the Kuranda beds AS long as I keep the bedroom door WIDE open. She does not like to be too far away from me. In respect to self-confidence she has far surpassed Jenni(who is what I term a a bit of an outside bully/inside coward) in that regard and does not rely on Abbi or another dog to help ‘build’ her up for comfort sake. She has just really blossomed and grown, matured and is really just a dog that I am beyond proud off! She is completely and utterly trustworthy. She is very gentle with her treat taking and shares everything.

The new height I could get on Mudslide with her wiggling was just under 29″. She was more interested in chewing the tape than letting me measure her! LOL I truly need to get her and her sisters in for a new weight as well! New pics of Mudslide below. I just get all mushy over this girl. She is so sweet, loving, gentle, kind, patient and man, is she smart. While it may take her a little bit longer(not always) to learn something; she is brilliant. The thing I love most about Mudslide is her completely accepting personality. She does not care what anything looks like or acts etc.; she just accepts and enjoys them for just that. The way this girl looks at me with her eyes, I feel like she is looking deep inside of me and is letting me know that I am ok and it is ok to make mistakes or to be upset or to not always have the answer or to have a bad day etc. for she still cares and loves me and I am perfect in her eyes. HOW much more humbling can that get!!!!! She is going to make an incredible therapy dog and I know that Mudslide tries to please me with every ounce of herself. I know that she would dearly love to stay with us and make us her forever home yet I honestly still believe that she does not need us. I think I needed her and maybe in a way I still do and that was one reason why I think it also took me longer to put her up for adoption as I was so worried about her. I think in a way, I feel she is more fragile than she really is for I get this feeling at times that she has an inner strength that goes along with her incredible inner beauty and that is what has made her a survivor and has allowed her to live past those first few days of her birth. I also believe that this very same strength is what pushes her to not just be proficient in her obedience etc. but to truly be #1 in them. She was the first one to learn how to sit to go outside or to get a treat over her sisters. She really has a focus and attention span that more than compensates for her slight hearing impairment and neurological deficiencies. At the age she is now, one can hardly notice that she had any medical issues and she is in my eyes very normal now. As much as her two sisters love her; the do treat her differently and have not always included her in those ‘reindeer’ games as is said and that has made her a bit of a loner, though not through desire or choice. This is why I am so happy that she has had Bronson and now Hamilton to play with for they seem to be much more open to her and do not treat her slightly different. Mudslide is very much a pack animal and for some reason, she seems to have chosen me as her flavour and I am very careful never to betray that absolute trust and faith she has in me. It is almost eerie in how she looks at me and I somehow feel that she believes that I can do anything. She really humbles me and I really hope that I do right by her and place her just right that her forever loving home will see the incredible gifts that she possesses and continues to nurture Mudslide such that she can flourish to her full potential and I believe that potential is HUGE! She is such a beautiful creature! ๐Ÿ™‚

Some new pics of Mudslide below! Thanks to a anonymous donation; she and her DBB sisters are sporting new collars and having a blast trying to take them off! LOL

A group picture below of the 3 DBB’s as their former foster mom left when she came for a visit at the end of October. There is also one pic of Mudslide and Abbi and one just of Mudslide. Mudslide continues to be the most sweetest of creatures! She is so gentle and kind and just loves being near you and cuddling with you. She would make a wonderful therapy dog. We have yet to have her right matched home come along and we remain patient. The DBB’s are very close and I have been working on to have them spend some time by themselves in separate crates and they are now content at night to sleep apart. During the day, they can often be found piled up together on one of the Kuranda Beds donated by their foster mom or playing outside for hours on end! They are now 7 months old.

Mudslide is 27″ at the whithers.

As soon as I get Dyce and PPSS more ‘on their feet’; I have new pictures and updates to post on the DBB’s. Due to a recent negative experience with an applicant whose home was declined; please note that all of our policies, procedures, mandates and processes are clearly posted on both of our websites and that we will not make any exceptions. Making demands of us is not going to make us rush the process of a possible adoption and the bullying of any of us Volunteers is not appreciated.

Mudslide is now 5 months old and we feel ready for adoption. Please read our Application, Policies & Fees before contacting us or submitting an application for any one of our BHRR animals.

BHRR’s Mudslide – SN’s Blue Brindle, female, Great Dane born March 31st, 2007, unspayed(to be spayed August 8th) and last shots scheduled for July 25th. At 8 weeks she was 10.1 pounds; 10 weeks 15.4 pounds; 11 weeks 17.6 pounds and 12 weeks 9.4 KGs(20.68 pounds). I will be getting a current weight on her July 25th @ 16 weeks when she goes in for her rabies. She is on Sentinel and her last fecal was normal. She has done wonderfully with her housebreaking and knows ‘sit’ for treats and before she gets her meals. We are currently working on leash manners, feeling comfortable with ears/nails and she is easy to bathe!She and her two surviving sister of BHRR’s Jenni and BHRR’s Abbi were born by C-section to a 72 pound emaciated Brindle mom, Nelly who is part of a cruelty case in Quebec (being fostered by an angel for the SPCA and she plans on adopting her). There were 8 in the litter and one was stillborn and 3 died within the first two weeks. The pups needed to be tube fed as the mom was too ill to take care of them. I was contacted when they were 6 weeks of age and asked to assist. They have been part of my program since they were 9 weeks old. The fostermom of the pups plus the fostermom of the dam were invited to our home to drop them off and to spend an afternoon visiting with us, partake in some food, to see how we lived and take care of the animals here.

Mudslide is SN’s in that she is neurologically impaired and has an hearing impairment. She is not up for adoption at this time and it has yet to be determined if she ever will be. I call her my ‘world traveler’ for she has gone to London, ON with me and to Kingston, ON to do homevisits for both Boba and Mazda and just this past Friday(July 20th, 2007) she came to the drive-in with us to hang out; socialize and run amok! ๐Ÿ™‚ She is very sweet and her sky is full of the prettiest rainbows.

I want to thank her ‘mom’ immensely for all that she has done for these pups and her continued support of them while they are under our care. Mudslide and her sisters are affectionately known as the “Diaper Bag Babies!”


Mudslides bw indicated a low 50(low normal is 54) on protein yet nothing to hold back her spay and we will re-do her bw in a few weeks. This could just be ‘norm’ for her.Mudslide was spayed on Thursday August 9th and Mudslide’s spay was very rough. We found out her digestive system is quite immature and slow and she puked up partially digested food when the pre-surgery sedation meds were given. Something to note in future should she need any kind of surgery (emergencies cannot be planned) that she should fast for 24 hours instead. It took four different tubes to tube her as well. Her body parts are not where they are ‘norm’ located in a GD. She is not built quite normal inside. We will do more X-Rays as she grows to have a good idea where things are going to ‘land’ up inside of her. She is just very special all around. GREAT thing is that her elevated HR did not come into any concern during her surgery. I, however; aged greatly throughout it all! I think I need to re-dye my hair I was such a wreck over these spays. Having done almost 350 alters in my life; it does not get that much easier. I worry until they are up on their feet and running so to speak.
Her uterus turned out to be very long and not quite where it should be and her incision is very large, like one would do in a general exploratory. The Vet calls her ‘raggedy Anne’. Yet, she, too has bounced back well and except for her having to wear a ‘cone'(she HATES it and looks miserable!); she is now well on her way to recovery. She refuses to pee, poop or eat/drink with the collar on… I take it off, supervise her very closely and right back on when all is said and done! Mudslide weighed 17.8 Kgs(39.16 pounds) at her spay. I had her at the Vet’s tonight with me to hang out along with Bronson and she was now up to 18.0 KGS(39.6 pounds). Here are some recent pictures of her.

I took Mudslide with me tonight to work and we did her pre-surgery bw. WHAT a trooper! She is so much more comfortable and independent and just charmed the whole hospital! She weighed in at 16.4 KGs(36.08 pounds) this week! She is great off leash and still is my ‘world traveler’ gal! Her spay is now scheduled for August 9th with Jenni and Abbi’s being on the 8th of August.

Mudslide had her Rabies and last boosters yesterday and was also microchipped. We will do her pre-surgery bw/spay on August 8th. Her Vet Bills to date have been just under $400.00CDA Mudslide weighed 15.2KGS(33.44 pounds) at her Vet visit. She will probably be around 90 pounds fully grown, so a small female Great Dane like our BHRR Snowball and BHRR Lady. She did wonderfully at the Vet today! She is now 4 months of age.