The new height I could get on Mudslide with her wiggling was just under 29″. She was more interested in chewing the tape than letting me measure her! LOL I truly need to get her and her sisters in for a new weight as well! New pics of Mudslide below. I just get all mushy over this girl. She is so sweet, loving, gentle, kind, patient and man, is she smart. While it may take her a little bit longer(not always) to learn something; she is brilliant. The thing I love most about Mudslide is her completely accepting personality. She does not care what anything looks like or acts etc.; she just accepts and enjoys them for just that. The way this girl looks at me with her eyes, I feel like she is looking deep inside of me and is letting me know that I am ok and it is ok to make mistakes or to be upset or to not always have the answer or to have a bad day etc. for she still cares and loves me and I am perfect in her eyes. HOW much more humbling can that get!!!!! She is going to make an incredible therapy dog and I know that Mudslide tries to please me with every ounce of herself. I know that she would dearly love to stay with us and make us her forever home yet I honestly still believe that she does not need us. I think I needed her and maybe in a way I still do and that was one reason why I think it also took me longer to put her up for adoption as I was so worried about her. I think in a way, I feel she is more fragile than she really is for I get this feeling at times that she has an inner strength that goes along with her incredible inner beauty and that is what has made her a survivor and has allowed her to live past those first few days of her birth. I also believe that this very same strength is what pushes her to not just be proficient in her obedience etc. but to truly be #1 in them. She was the first one to learn how to sit to go outside or to get a treat over her sisters. She really has a focus and attention span that more than compensates for her slight hearing impairment and neurological deficiencies. At the age she is now, one can hardly notice that she had any medical issues and she is in my eyes very normal now. As much as her two sisters love her; the do treat her differently and have not always included her in those ‘reindeer’ games as is said and that has made her a bit of a loner, though not through desire or choice. This is why I am so happy that she has had Bronson and now Hamilton to play with for they seem to be much more open to her and do not treat her slightly different. Mudslide is very much a pack animal and for some reason, she seems to have chosen me as her flavour and I am very careful never to betray that absolute trust and faith she has in me. It is almost eerie in how she looks at me and I somehow feel that she believes that I can do anything. She really humbles me and I really hope that I do right by her and place her just right that her forever loving home will see the incredible gifts that she possesses and continues to nurture Mudslide such that she can flourish to her full potential and I believe that potential is HUGE! She is such a beautiful creature! 🙂