Mudslide continues to grow longer giraffe legs everytime she wakes up! LOL I just wish we could get some more weight on the poor thing. 🙁 She likes to eat in private and like all the DBB’s is not fond of having her bowl sniffed at by other dogs outside of her DBB sisters. Our home is a busy home and this is not conducive to the very quiet atmosphere that Mudslide likes to eat in. I will feed her in a crate and close the door and then close the door to the sunroom so she is not bothered. That has worked really well. I am still trying to feed her about 5 small meals a day and I would still like to see about another 10 pounds on her. It will come in time, it always does with these ‘model’ figured Danes. Just never as fast as I might like to see. She remains a great luvbug and she really likes traveling in the car now. I can open up the door and in she goes! WOOHOO! Mudslide would really benefit in being in a home where there is at least one other dog, one that can continue to help her become more and more outgoing and not overpower or put her in their shadows for we have worked very hard in building Mudslide up into the incredible gal she now is! She is deserving of so much!!!!