It has been awhile since I updated Mudslide’s page and I have uploaded a new picture #34-#39 into the slideshow of Mudslide. She is doing great! She and her sisters still do not love their collars ONE bit and will even still do some submissive peeing when you go to take them off or put them on. When it comes to nail trimming, Mudslide gets a bit nervous and we know it is the ‘wind up’ that is causing her some stress. So when it is time to do nails; we will do her first on one day; Jenni another and Abbi on yet another so all three are not done on the same day and also avoid causing them undo angst. Mudslide continues to excel at her obedience and still is that wonderfully sweet girl. The DBB’s are not due for their vaccines until July but I really want to get them in for updated weights PLUS the extra ‘outside’ socialization is only going to benefit them. Mudslide had her ‘nose’ a bit out of joint when Lil Linus joined us, which was a bit surprising for she was completely find when Hamilton, the Newf came. She would ‘grump’ and walk away when Lil Linus would want to snuggle with her on one of the Kuranda beds or cuddle. She is much better a week later; yet now she just pretty much ignores him BUT I catch her watching him having fun with Soul, Bronson, Hamilton, KB/JB etc. and it is only a matter of time before she jumps in. If I were a ‘betting’ person and put a thought process as to why this particular behavour is being exhibited; I would say that it is because she ‘senses’ that he too is SN’s and is jealous. 😉 Mudslide has begun to really get close with Dyce and they love to run and zip and zoom outside. Mudslide has had free run of the house for quite some time now and is no longer crated. At night she either likes to sleep on a corner of our bed, one of the Costco beds on the floor or on one of the Kuranda beds AS long as I keep the bedroom door WIDE open. She does not like to be too far away from me. In respect to self-confidence she has far surpassed Jenni(who is what I term a a bit of an outside bully/inside coward) in that regard and does not rely on Abbi or another dog to help ‘build’ her up for comfort sake. She has just really blossomed and grown, matured and is really just a dog that I am beyond proud off! She is completely and utterly trustworthy. She is very gentle with her treat taking and shares everything.