I just had to add two new pictures to Boba’s write-up and to his Cafepress store! HE is a stunning dog and does great black and white pictures!

Boba has his own Cafepress Store finally set-up! 🙂 All funds raised shall go to help out other animals in need of our BHRR Rescue program. I hope to get some new pictures of Boba soon and will add more items and options to his store!

IF all goes well; Boba should be in his new home in early June! 🙂

PENDING ADOPTION!!!! The person whose application was put on hold back in September is now in a position to have their application re-opened and we just need to finish the application process that was started then.

I took Boba with me to work tonight and he had a great exam and received a clear bill of health. His vaccines were updated and we did a HWT. It took three of us to do his manicure/pedicure tonight. One to feed the PB and one to do nails and one to restrain. HE is getting better and better each time and his nails continue to look better. He just LOVES everyone and even was very willing to let the Vet chew the other half of his chewie bone! 🙂 He weighed 51.80 KGs(113.96 pounds) and his coat is so soft and looks great! He looks WONDERFUL! Boba is always happiest when everyone is in the same room! I am also just beyond thrilled to say that Boba is now actively playing with another dog; Soul! He is actually racing and running and just have a grand old time. Up until this point; he just loved to play tug of war etc. while he was lying down and the other dogs did most of the work! 🙂 Soul makes him ‘work’ and he is developing even more muscle tone! WHAT a ham this boy is!

I am going to be rescheduling Boba’s annual exam as his shoulder is not quite fully healed and I want him to be 100% healthy before any vaccines are given.

Boba will be having his annual exam and vaccines done on March 7th and I will also do another weigh plus manicure and pedicure for him at that time. Boba has been on antibiotics for a ‘tear’ he put into his left shoulder in running outside and catching it on something. Best guess is a treat branch in the woods. Poor thing. He has been milking it up for all that he can get out of it and remains as happy and friendly as always to dogs plus nature! 🙂 This boy welcomes all rabbits, squirrels, deer to our home like a very official welcome committee leader should! Boba just does not seem to understand that NOT all animals; like that porcupine do not feel the same about him and it is hard when you see his feelings so hurt that a bird will twitter angrily at him from a tree and all he wants to do is make friends. HE is such a character!!!!!

This application/home for Boba has now been closed and Boba is once again AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION!!!! We can now continue to move forward in reviewing other applications to try and find that best matched home for him.

In confirming with Boba’s potential new home the date of the visit; they felt we were getting together on Sunday which would in no way be possible as we will be meeting the transport in NY that is bringing two new Danes into our program. This transport has been planned for weeks and now I am waiting to hear if this home is going to be coming on Saturday as originally indicated or do we have to move this visit to December which would be most unfortunate.

If all goes well, Boba will go to his new home on Saturday November 4th. His potential new family is coming that day to visit with us, Boba plus to meet the other Danes here. It is our next Book Event Fundraiser that day too so it will give the potential new family the opportunity to meet a couple of our other adopters/volunteers of BHRR.


We continue to review applications for Boba and it is a real shame that the right home has not yet come along. There really is no need for him to continue to be with us as he new home can continue to work on training those quicks back; especially on the front feet as his back one’s are doing great. They can also continue to work on his slight ‘food grumpiness’ at times. We will also not be adopting out come closer to Halloween and so we continue to be patient and enjoy Boba while he is here!

Based upon more information sent to us by the potential adoptive home; this application is now on ‘hold’ and Boba is once again AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION!!!!


We are now going to have to decide what our options are with this porcupine as Boba plus Lady were ‘nailed’. Lady barked and tried get away and Boba’s thought process was a clear ‘wow, look at the neat little dog, must go say hi and welcome them to our home.’ Boba did not walk away to well on that and after Sean and I stopped counting at 70 quills pulled; we saw one on his tongue and knew that he needed to go in for as great as Boba is, that tongue is way too sensitive. It was a good thing as besides the one on his tongue, we managed to find 7 others deeply imbedded in his one paw. Boba has recovered well after much ‘drama’ of the ‘dying soldier’ on his part and with us being sucked in and catering to his every whim of pats, smooches, loving and no little treats! We kept telling him over and over again ‘WHAT a BRAVE boy.’ He really liked hearing that he was so brave and strong, the little mush. 🙂 If anything made him that more ‘Bobadelicious’ to me, this was it. HE is such a character and a real little teddybear. (Don’t tell him that though…….!) While we were there, we also did a manicure plus pedicure and the quicks on his nails are coming along nicely. Boba weighed in at just over 116 pounds.

New pictures as promised below! Bob will have his own Cafepress Online Store whereby the monies raised by your shopping will go towards helping other animals in need. I am currently working on it. I just finished up Soul’s.

I took Boba with me on Saturday and he now weights just under 112 pounds. This is a nice weight range for him. Boba was AMAZING in doing his nails and he hung out with everyone while I worked that day. Boba’s back nails are looking awesome now and his front one’s are coming along slowly in training those quicks back. He was a little unsure of some of the flooring at first yet quickly balanced himself out. He was happiest when all of us were in one room and would whimper if anyone of us left to go do something! What a social pack creature he is. He was very friendly to all the animals that came into the Hospital that day showing everyone what a really sweet boy he is.

Boba will be coming with me on Saturday when I go to work at the Vet Hospital for a new wiegh-in and for a manicure plus pedicure! He has settled in here wonderfully and would be a lovely fit for any number of homes such as one without any other dogs, or a multi-dog or animal home, or one with older kids or one with no kids etc. He is very calm and accepting of everything around him. I will take some new pictures to post as well.

Should Boba not be adopted by the time we attend Pet Expo 2006; he will accompany me. So, if you would like to have the opportunity to meet him, he will be in Port Hope on June 24th!

Boba is now interacting with 16 other dogs without any issues other than that slight food possessiveness when it comes to a bag of dog food or a bag of treats being left on the floor. He will lie next to it and ‘grump’ at the other dogs should they come too close. We continue to use a firm ‘no’ and to reassure him that there is plenty of food/treats to go around! 🙂 I will be taking Boba back into the vet soon as I need someone else to help me to do his nails. Last time, it took three of us. One to give him treats; one to hold his collar and one to cut his nails. 🙂 I also would like to get a re-weigh on him as he is looking great! His pictures keep turning out dark and I have asked Sean to help me take some pictures with his new camera to see if we can get some better one’s as he is a really handsome boy!

It was a lovely afternoon spent with everyone and Zane was the Great Dane chosen as a good fit for their home, though it was hard for them to leave Lady and Boba. I am very happy for them and for Zane. So, Boba is still available for adoption.

We have a BHRR approved family coming on Friday April 14th to visit and to stay for a BBQ. Boba, Lady and Zane are being considered as their possible new addition and when they are here; it will be best determined who is the ‘right’ fit for their home.

We took some new pictures tonight with Sean’s new digital camera and as soon as we figure out how to download them; I will post them! Boba is doing amazing! He is very sure of himself walking throughout the house and has settled in beautifully. He can still be a bit grumpy with his bones yet with a firm reassuring word; he is really great!

I am now seeing the ‘real’ Boba. What a charmer and sweetheart! Now that he is more sure of everything around him, what a real lovebug he is! He is doing great with his obedience, is truly eager to please and those treats are a great bribe! Boba is now moving about our house without much issue at all with the hardwood floors and you would not even know that he had a major issue with doorways when he first arrived as Boba walks through them fairly comfortably now. He is much better about trying to ‘food’ hog, ‘beg’ or even to mildly grump (though he is all bluff) at any of the other dogs now. Now that he is much more secure about where he is and how he is treated, he is that much more confident in the world and what a gorgeous face this boy has! He is very patient plus understanding of the other dogs in the house and all the noises of our busy home life! He settles down great at night on his special dog bed that he has chosen for himself and when I am on the computer, his favourite place is right beside me and he LOVES basking in the sun as it streams in the window. He is very calm and he is only having the rare moment of barking and that is usually when Sean is driving the tractor by the house. I do not think he comprehends what it really is and how it seems to come by now and then again. I still call him ‘BobaGum’ but have resorted more to calling him ‘BobaDelicious’ as those cheeks are delightfully yummy! When Boba runs, his feet look so big for the rest of his body, so puppylike and how he splays them in the snow is cute. He looks like he is trying to snowshoe! He is going to be one of those really hard one’s to let go!

Once again we had really horrible weather yet I managed to still make the drive home and back again with Boba and Fancy to the vet tonight. Boba weighs 55.5KG(122.1 pounds) and his heart, lungs, hips and the rest of his body are in excellent health. He gets an A+ the vet told me. By looking at his teeth it appears that he should be younger than 4 years yet from looking at his eyes, they make him look older than 4 years. It took three of us quite some time to get his manicure/pedicure done yet what a trooper! We will continue to work on training those ‘quicks’ back. The best part for Boba was the treat that the lady at McDonald’s gave him after his vet visit! 🙂 He was also microchipped. Boba was so happy to come home that I don’t think my feet touched the ground once with him and Fancy pulling me so enthusiastically to the house! 🙂 WE will be working on those leash manners as well!

Boba has come a LONG way in just one week. He no longer crawls and ‘claws’ his way across our hardwood floors! 🙂 Boba has ‘issues’ with doorways. He will cry and whimper when he comes to any entranceway or doorway and though is is SOOO much better than when he first arrived, he will still hesitate and then make a ‘sudden’ rush through the entrance or doorway to get into the house, bedrooms etc. He was also very wary about coming into our kitchen area. He is SUCH a loving boy! I have to take new pictures of him as he has this little white strip on the side of his nose that is so cute! He has no qualms about getting on our bed and has begun to really settle down well at night. I have begun to separate him and Fancy for a few hours each day and night as he is really ‘bossed’ around by her for she is almost jealous to share him with any of the other dogs. He is still a bit possessive with his food around the other dogs yet no longer ‘grumps’ when they walk by or show interest in his bowl. I have to be careful about how I reprimand Boba when he sticks his nose into the garbage for if my voice is too loud, he visibly ‘crumbles’ and slinks away. He is a very sensitive boy and does a firm hand in working with him. I have dubbed him my ‘BobaGum’ for he is positively delicious!

BHRR’s Boba Phett – 2-4 year old Adult Male Black(with some white on chest & toes) Great Dane(2001-2004), neutered, great with kids, other dogs and people. HW-, on Sentinel, very kind, social and friendly. He stands @ 29″ and was a pleasantly slightly plump almost 125 pounds at last weigh-in. He is utd on shots, will be microchipped and fully vetted on February 21st. Boba is housebroken, completely trustworthy with the full run of the house, basic obedience, good with cats, very gentle taking treats and we can handle his food without any issues. He did show a slight possessiveness towards the others dogs when they came near his food bowl yet settled down well when reassured. Boba has an awful time on our hardwood floors. He is unsure as to how to walk on them and will lie on his belly and ‘claw’ his way around. That is not a pleasant sound to hear nor it is fun to watch what it does to our recently re-finished floors! 🙂 The second day he was here, he was better at walking on them yet still will not go very far before turning and making his way to our tiled Sunroom. He is not an alpha male and is quite sad when he feels he is left alone. His looks remind me a bit of both BlackJack and Samari. Boba gets SOOO excited when he sees the leash come out! He was owner surrendered with Fancy as their owner’s health has declined. They have come to us from Indiana, USA.