Boba is now interacting with 16 other dogs without any issues other than that slight food possessiveness when it comes to a bag of dog food or a bag of treats being left on the floor. He will lie next to it and ‘grump’ at the other dogs should they come too close. We continue to use a firm ‘no’ and to reassure him that there is plenty of food/treats to go around! 🙂 I will be taking Boba back into the vet soon as I need someone else to help me to do his nails. Last time, it took three of us. One to give him treats; one to hold his collar and one to cut his nails. 🙂 I also would like to get a re-weigh on him as he is looking great! His pictures keep turning out dark and I have asked Sean to help me take some pictures with his new camera to see if we can get some better one’s as he is a really handsome boy!