BHRR’s Winter Wonderland
November 11th, 2019

As always, they thrive best with consistency, structure and routine and are ‘on alert’ waiting patiently for Kinsley to come home from school. That time of day!

THAT we are currently receiving 15+cms of snow and it is a snow day, does not cross their minds!

AND there is always one or two that march to their own drum – Summit (Deaf/Blind) & Salt (Deaf/Visually Impaired) are the only SMART ones, realising that Kinsley is actually in the house and are facing the house! 

Nothing wrong with their noses and they have excelled with their scent training!  Summit & Salt win in knowing exactly where Kinsley is!

A great day for fun filled snow play and now all are crashed out by the fireplaces having nice snoozes!

BHRR Animals Available For Adoption

This is a blog post, updated regularly as to who is available for adoption and the ‘quick’ status of others not yet available for adoption.
NOTE: This blog post is on each of the dogs’ individual pages.
All of our available dogs can also be found on our PetFinder website.
*To read a dog’s blog, scroll to the very bottom of that dog’s individual page and read upwards, skipping over any posts such as fundraiser posts. They will answer most of your questions re: age, history etc.*

**NOTE: As of December 1st, 2016; BHRR shall no longer be responding to any inquires to adopt. We are following the lead of other r/q organizations and ONLY completed adoption applications submitted to the BHRR BOD shall be considered/responded to.**

BHRR is a federally registered NP organization and requires an application/contract to be filled out, personal references including a vet reference if applicable and a home visit to be done before being approved to adopt.

We also require that at the time of meeting any BHRR animal (after completing the application process up to that point) that the whole family + any other currently owned animals are present for the mandatory home-visit.

BHRR only places per best matched personality fit.

We also require that within four months of having adopted your new addition that at least one full round/session of group classes of obedience (they can range from 6-18 weeks) must be started and upon completion; proof (registration + completion) must be submitted to BHRR’s attention at BHRR and with having your signature on the adoption application/contract; you will be in a legal breach of your contract should this not be done. The animal involved will have to be returned promptly & safely to BHRR at your own expense.



BHRR’s Giselle(F) – AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION SINCE May 28th, 2017  -*Great Dane

BHRR’s Gravel(M) – AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION SINCE August 7th, 2017 -*Great Dane

BHRR’s Burst(F) – AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION SINCE July 23rd, 2018 – *Lab/DaneX 

BHRR’s Singe(M) -AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION SINCE December 1st, 2018 – *Great Dane

BHRR’s Meadow (F) – AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION SINCE May 20th, 2019 – *Great Dane

BHRR’s Volt(F) – AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION SINCE July 16th, 2019 – *Rottie 

BHRR’s Tilly(F) – AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION SINCE August 20th, 2019 – *Great Dane – *PENDING ADOPTION October 8th, 2019

BHRR’s Penelope(F) – AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION SINCE October 9th, 2019 -*Newf –*PENDING ADOPTION November 11th, 2019

BHRR’s Lily(F) – NOT YET AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION – NEW ARRIVAL August 1st, 2019 – *Great Dane

BHRR’s Mollie(F) – NOT YET AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION – NEW ARRIVAL September 20th, 2019 – *Standard Poodle/Saint Bernard

BHRR’s Fred(M) – NOT YET AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION – NEW ARRIVAL October 2nd, 2019 – *Great Dane

BHRR’s Kenai(M) – NOT YET AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION – NEW ARRIVAL ETA October 24th, 2019 – *German Shepherd



BHRR ONLY books 4 Community Education & Public Awareness Events Per Year

1. Starting Thursday November 7th, 2019 @ 12:01 AM to Thursday November 21st, 2019 @ 11:59 PM is our 8th Annual ‘GIVE IT UP 4 Autumn’ Fundraiser
All monies raised shall go towards BHRR’s Mollie’s Lymes Disease Treatment

2. We have been invited back to Pet Valu Hazeldean! – This shall be our last Community Education/Awareness Event of 2019
Saturday November 23rd, 2019
Time: 10 – 4 PM
Nails – Dogs, Cats & Exotics,
Dog Ear Cleanings – $10
Some Merchandise for Sale, Baked Goodies, Raffle Basket & MORE!
We are collecting Empties & Canadian Tire $ That Day
Seeking 4 more BHRR APPROVED Volunteers to assist that day. Please EMAIL

3. 2019 marks our 17th annual BHRR Secret Santa to the BHRR Animals!
We still have 20 amazing BHRR doggies in need of a special Secret Santa to call their very own!
We have BHRR’s Comet, Tilly, Sleet, Mollie, Fred, Glacier, Singe, Volt, Juniper, Oliver, Fletcher(Fletch), Maple, Ivy Lilly, Penelope, Giselle, Maverick, Petal, Burst, & Bell would really appreciate any ‘Secret’ Santa friends.

4. Our annual BHRR “CHAIN OF SUCCESS” Thank you Pooch/Potluck is Saturday December 22nd – Our last event of the year!
Time: 2:00 PM – 8:00 PM
*Please EMAIL to sign up OR join our Facebook Group!

5. Our 9th Annual DINE WITH THE BHRR DOGGIES is on September 19th, 2020

6. ‘Sign’ Night – Don Cherry’s in Kanata, Ontario on Thursday January 16th from 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
*Raffle Basket will also be up for grabs – One of Gwennie’s famous Wine/Chocolate Baskets
*Registration link to come – We MUST sell 25 tickets within 2 weeks of the event
*$15 from each ticket will go to Rescue

7. ONGOING – On February 21st, 2013, I received a most delightful and touching email from a woman named Allie MacAlister that is so very active in helping others

She is extremely talented and more lovely than any words can ever be put down on paper and she has wonderfully surprised me with the very stunning and unique artful creation of an Irish Wolfhound, inspired by our Bunker Dude. She is calling it ‘Art For A Cause’.

The Wolfhound Cù Sìth

10% of sales of her products will come to BHRR!

*You can purchase t-shirts, mugs, mousepads, totes, greeting cards and SO much more! She will be adding products regularly.

The Wolfhound Cù Sìth

BHRR’s Silly Tilly is moving under a PENDING ADOPTION!

We shall update as we can.

BHRR’s Silly Tilly!
~15 months
She has told me that she is finally ready….maybe, a tiny bit nervous yet also excited!
She can go to a home that works ft, pt, from home or is semi-retired or is retired. Another versatile BHRR dog!
She is a dream to do nails, to wash and is housebroken plus crate trained. She has been crate free in our home for some time now and she has been amazing!
As always, never give any new addition too much freedom to start and work to set them up for success.
She travels wonderfully in a car and has made incredible progress with her nervousness. She so badly wants to love, be loved and really has a goofy, silly big fun and wonderful personality!
She warms up super fast and is uber sweet. Truly precious and has been a real delight having her with us!
She has put on almost 25 pounds of muscle mass plus weight and is hanging around 110 pounds and is nice and lean and looks fabu!
She has proven great with all dogs she has met to date, is playful and we would love to see her in a home with at least one right matched personality fit dog. This is NOT a deal breaker should said right matched personality fit home not have a dog. As long as that right home has a strong network in place for her to have her doggie friends and be social, that is what is most important. 🙂
She has proven equally wonderful with the cats she has met to date yet, as always integration is key!
We will consider homes that have children as young as age 8 and as long as there are no more than 2 children in the home.
Her leash manners, while not 100% are a HECK of a lot better than when she first arrived. She knows her basics, she just needs patience and understanding and consistency plus praise to keep reinforcing said good manners.
Considering where she came from to now, is night and day and as with all of the dogs that come to us in need, I am very proud of her!
She is happy, healthy, loves our couch 😉 and I love that she is mischievous enough to go on to the couch when she knows the rules! 😀
She lives in comfort and style and needs a forever loving adoptive home to keep building upon the strong foundation put into place here.
We would love to see her in a quietly social home. A home that is going to keep showing her how truly special and beautiful and awesome this world can be!
Miss Silly Tilly! You got this and yup, I shall be honest, I will shed some tears of incredible joy plus some sadness when that home meant for you comes along and finds you! 
You will always have an incredible piece of my heart…..thank you to Karen, Samantha and Jane for all that they did to bring you to us safely and for us to help you on the path to living to your full incredible potential!

BHRR’s Silly Tilly
August 19th, 2019

I love this GOOFY pose of hers!

She so badly wants to love and be loved and though, she was nervous of Sean’s camera tonight, she took treats and learned that there was nothing to be worried about!

She is such a loving, affectionate, silly, delightful wonderful personality filled girl that has rehabbed so well with us!

She is now close to 110 pounds and we would not like to see any further weight on her. She has put on almost 25 pounds of much needed muscle mass plus weight and looks STUNNING now! 

Sean and I ADORE this Dane…..

She has told me that she thinks tomorrow night shall be when she is ready to make her special announcement and thanks everyone for their patience!

We know that she is popular yet, she can only be adopted to that right matched personality fit home meant for her. 

One that shall keep showing her how amazing and wonderful the world is and that she shall never be part of a hoarding situation kept outside in mud/feces in a pen with improper shelter ever again.

She has dog beds and blankets with toys galore and can often be found snoozing on one of our couches when she thinks we are not looking! 

STAY Tuned!

Miss Silly Tilly says she has an exciting announcement coming up shortly! 

BHRR’s Miss Tilly – the Great Dane from the hoarding situation went in for her Spay yesterday. 
~14 months old

The home must have obtained her from another as though myself, Sean and two Vets at two different Hospitals were not able to find a Spay scar – when we surgically went in, she had been spayed at some point. Hoarders generally do not alter their pets – so, we are thinking that before this home got her, she had been spayed at a super young age. Just a supposition….

Once she recovers, we will do her professional photo shoot and then she will have her own special announcement to make! 

We have done all of her proactive and preventative vetting since her arrival in May. Her Spay plus microchip were the last things left to do.

This girl is a WOW dog! Just a treat and a total sweetheart! Fabu!!

A great starter Dane for a home wanting a Dane yet, has never had one before too!

We know already when it is time to take applications for her, that we shall also consider homes with children as young as 8.

She weighed almost 103 pounds so has put on some great muscle mass and tone! Almost 11 pounds. She is an amazing personality plus temperament in a smaller framed Dane body. Lovely conformation.

From our home to all of our friends, family & supporters, warmest good night wishes are being sent!

She is truly quite silly! Her face when I asked her if she could at least try and sit like a lady for only a moment for me to take a pic! 

BHRR’s Silly Tilly – from a hoarding situation – came to work with me today! 

What an amazing passenger and she was so fantastic in the run at work.

Her weight is just over 92 pounds. Therefore, she has now put on almost 10 pounds since she first came under our care. She is nice and lean and looks stunning! 

She had boosters and her heart plus lungs listened to, teeth checked and we looked closely for a spay incision plus her Vet palpated to see if she could feel anything. 

Per what was passed along to us, we had been told she was spayed and if she had been spayed it had to have been a paediatric spay as she is so immature in her vulva area. With her being very young – ~1, there should also be a scar.

We did pre-op bloodwork – thank you to the beautiful lovelies I work with in making it easy! – and we will book surgery to know for sure.

We have done u/s in the past plus exams and x-rays and hormones tests and over the many many many years we have been doing this, surgery is the only way to know without a doubt. 

AND in over 23 years of operating, we have never opened up a dog to then find out that they had already been spayed.

We have had two Danes – BHRR’s Cosette and BHRR’s Giselle alone that we had been told were spayed, we showed proper due diligence with progesterone testing, u/s, x-rays and exams to confirm spay – were informed that results indicated they were spayed AND both proved to not be spayed not all that long afterwards by going into heat. 

We had even had BHRR’s Giselle on the surgery table to be spayed, when the surgeon found a scar and felt definitively that it was a spay scar and we did hormone testing and were given the news she was spayed yet she went into heat the next month. 

AND later, we shall be posting a pic with another enormous thank you to a family that held an early birthday party for their handsome twins and donated the funds raised to BHRR. Those funds have enabled us to pay for all of BHRR’s Tilly’s Vet Bills up to today!  

That is extremely generous, humbling, caring and incredibly touching! 




The boss – Sean has spoken – BHRR’s Tilly shall be her name!

*Silly Tilly* 

Got her! 

She will need a name! Name guru’s! 

She is uber sweet and petite – just over 83 pounds (lean) – and such a beautiful temperament. Cannot wait to watch her blossom and see her monkey side really shine! ?

This lovely girl is now safe and out of the horrible hoarding conditions she once lived in.

Going to now make my way home and she will have 3+ acres to romp in shortly! 

Her home shall no longer be an outside pen filled with feces plus mud and a shelter way too small for her being exposed to the elements. 

She will have dogs beds, live inside being cherished, fed plus watered properly and have doggie friends to play with plus have so many loving hands to show her how important, worthy and cared about she is! 

Thank you Samantha, Karen and Jane for working with me again on another rescue. It is a true honour doing this life saving work with you! 

Happy Sunday to all of our friends, family plus supporters!

AND she is on her way!

The GD from the hoarding situation is on transport.

What a sweet big personality filled girl she appears to be! 

DRIVE safe wishes being sent out to everyone involved…..

AND goodnight wishes being sent from our home to all of our friends, family plus supporters!


Animal bylaw/control has picked up the ~1 year old female Great Dane from the hoarding situation.

Transport from their facilities to us is now being worked on.

She finally has proper shelter, food/water, love and will be going to the Vet prior to transport for initial assessment plus to begin proactive/preventive treatment.


The biggest of thank you’s much be extended from my heart to Karen & Samantha!  This girl is in excellent hands with them!

I hear that she is strong, precious and appears super friendly.

Cannot wait to meet you dear girl!

From our home to all of our friends, family and supporters, the best of good night wishes are being sent!


Here is a pic of her ‘shelter’. Way smaller than her. 

AND the colour of her loose diarrhea stool. 🙁

~ 1 year old female GD

Victim of a hoarding situation 

This is her current ‘home’. 

Tonight, will be her last night in these conditions.

Tomorrow, she shall be safe…….

Thank you to Karen & Samantha, her incredible lifesaving rescue angels and thank you to Jane of Just Paws Recue for working with me to help get her to BHRR.

This is what your generosity with donations of dog beds, cleaning supplies, bowls, collars, leashes and especially financial contributions for Vetting enable us to do.

To SAVE dogs like her.

Donations to her care can be made via PayPal to

OR via Email Transfer to

She is going to need some serious TLC

I could not wish for a more fitting Mothers Day gift….to be able to help another in urgent need of BHRR.