BHRR’s Silly Tilly!
~15 months
She has told me that she is finally ready….maybe, a tiny bit nervous yet also excited!
She can go to a home that works ft, pt, from home or is semi-retired or is retired. Another versatile BHRR dog!
She is a dream to do nails, to wash and is housebroken plus crate trained. She has been crate free in our home for some time now and she has been amazing!
As always, never give any new addition too much freedom to start and work to set them up for success.
She travels wonderfully in a car and has made incredible progress with her nervousness. She so badly wants to love, be loved and really has a goofy, silly big fun and wonderful personality!
She warms up super fast and is uber sweet. Truly precious and has been a real delight having her with us!
She has put on almost 25 pounds of muscle mass plus weight and is hanging around 110 pounds and is nice and lean and looks fabu!
She has proven great with all dogs she has met to date, is playful and we would love to see her in a home with at least one right matched personality fit dog. This is NOT a deal breaker should said right matched personality fit home not have a dog. As long as that right home has a strong network in place for her to have her doggie friends and be social, that is what is most important. 🙂
She has proven equally wonderful with the cats she has met to date yet, as always integration is key!
We will consider homes that have children as young as age 8 and as long as there are no more than 2 children in the home.
Her leash manners, while not 100% are a HECK of a lot better than when she first arrived. She knows her basics, she just needs patience and understanding and consistency plus praise to keep reinforcing said good manners.
Considering where she came from to now, is night and day and as with all of the dogs that come to us in need, I am very proud of her!
She is happy, healthy, loves our couch 😉 and I love that she is mischievous enough to go on to the couch when she knows the rules! 😀
She lives in comfort and style and needs a forever loving adoptive home to keep building upon the strong foundation put into place here.
We would love to see her in a quietly social home. A home that is going to keep showing her how truly special and beautiful and awesome this world can be!
Miss Silly Tilly! You got this and yup, I shall be honest, I will shed some tears of incredible joy plus some sadness when that home meant for you comes along and finds you! 
You will always have an incredible piece of my heart…..thank you to Karen, Samantha and Jane for all that they did to bring you to us safely and for us to help you on the path to living to your full incredible potential!