BHRR’s Jersey had her Vet appointment on Friday September 14.

She weighed a still thin 41.9 KGs(92.18 pounds) yet; this is dramatically up from when she first arrived.

I still would like to see another 15 on her at this time.

Around 110 pounds and she should look very lovely!

While she still has dander and old skin flaking away; her coat is becoming that glossy shiny stunning black!

She was sooooooooo social with everyone!! I was deeply thrilled! This is the GD that was crawling on her belly when she arrived to BHRR!

Her stubby tail wagged and she was a real trooper for her exam and vaccines plus hwt. We even managed to tackle those terribly overgrown nails of hers.

Her hwt came back negative on Monday yet; the fecal sample came back on Monday ( AND thank you dear BHRR’s Emmett!!) for Girarrdia. 🙁

So, despite proactively and preventatively de-worming all; she still became infected.

So, on to more Panacur she is and also added has been metronidazole.

I was very proud of her!! All the one-on-one work and patience and time and understanding and consistency including structure has paid off HUGE!

I wanted to bring her to the B&F community education and public awareness event on Saturday, depending on how well she did at the Vet visit with her worries plus stress and she passed with aces!

The reason why I did not bring her is due to her having some diarehea and feeling a bit tired from her vaccines and after all the excitement of that vet visit – we also hung around for about another 1.5 hours afterwards having a wonderful visit – and so, left her at home on the Saturday.

This girls was really broken in many ways and she is going to make it!!

She is going to be great in a home alone or with another dog that is a right matched personality fit; a quiet home yet; one that will keep her social development going strong.

She is fully housebroken and her new forever loving home when she is ready; can be one that works part-time, full-time, semi-retired, retired etc. all works!! She is quite versatile that way.

She has become quite affectionate and is an independent dog too as you can tell she has spent a lot of time by herself. 🙁 BUT, she is getting better and better about asking for love!

She is that mature girl. Not a jumping, barking, destructive puppy yet; can be playful too! 🙂

Her docked tail can sure wag and many find it cute. I find it sad that it was docked…..

We did a skin scraping on one spot that still had not had the hair grown back and no mites were found. She is also on revolution which would be the one treatment for démodéctic mites.

As several are aware, I was soooooo worried about this girl and one approved Volunter told me recently, that I would ‘reach’ BHRR’s Jersey and bring her back and honestly, I was not as sure. She really was ‘broken’. She was not withdrawn, not catatonic, not turned inward or shutdown; she was broken…. 🙁

BUT; she has found her way and those broken pieces are coming together and healing.

Love you BHRR’s Jersey!! You are a really nice and strong girl and sweet!! I am just starting to ‘see’ you and it is an absolute pleasure to meet you!!