Ever since I heard some news yesterday that did not sit well with myself nor several approved BHRR Volunteers who also were privy to this news; I have been thinking on making the proper blog post. AND, this one is a tough one for I want it as objective as possible and my personal feelings for BHRR’s Rain and also for justice and the truth run strong.

Yesterday, it was brought to my attention that the reason why the temp foster did not work out was due to BHRR’s Rain’s aggression.

I debated back and forth as to post or not on her blog and I decided to make a post as I believe in full disclosure – talk about all the good, the bad and any ugly of any dog under our authority and to hear something false being told as to why this temp foster failed; was quite unsettling.

I have to admit I was not thrilled and neither have been BHRR Board members. Three accounts of what did happen that day are well documented after an investigation was opened up by myself to demonstrate proper due diligence.

Furthermore, I contacted her Vet, reported the bite and a note was placed in her file by the Vet for legalities( no one directly involved wanted to investigate and felt this not necessary of any action). I respectfully disagreed.

This dog was set-up for failure and as it was not her fault, no one involved at the scene that day wanted to report the bite. I do believe in that full disclosure and as per her one blog, I even discussed that bite and circumstances.

For all those who have met and know BHRR’s Rain; I would love to have your testaments to post…. 😉

I know the Volunteers who heard this news yesterday were equally unimpressed. Some of their language was much more direct than mine when expressing their views on this falseness.

BHRR’s Rain; we know the truth as does the one that has made this false statement at least to one person(as it was passed to us today) abut this set-up for failure last November.

Additionally, I have kept all emails and voice conversations recorded and we are prepared to be as honest as always about the truth and reporting said truth to all the follow and believe in BHRR. 🙂

For because of what transpired last November, we cannot adopt out this amazing dog and while we did not put her to sleep as she was clearly not at fault; and she lives a great life with us( have to post her Vet video etc.); she can never have a forever loving family to call her own by being adopted.

BHRR’s Rain does not have one aggressive bone in her body. She lives in absolute harmony in our home and has lived with many dogs in her time at BHRR and shall experience many more in her lifetime and loves people, horses and even gpiggers!

She has been to events like TTP in 2011,walks/hikes, playdates, day trips, goes to work with me and visits friends and family and so much more. She loves on all that come to our BHRR ‘EXPERIENCE’ mini open houses and is a huge fav of many that visit/socialise in our home!!