BHRR’s Lizzy was at work with me on Monday and I got a weight and examined her, microchipped her, am running a fecal, did a Booster shot, took blood for her pre-surgical and did nails.

She already had her rabies does at the HS prior to her coming to BHRR.

She is too young to do a HWT.

Her weight was a slightly thin 34.5 kgs(75.9 pounds).

She arrived to BHRR on Saturday and has settled in very well. Her BFF is BHRR’s Scarlett!

She reminds me a lot of BHRR’s Holden in look ( not colour!) and stature. She is a stunning dog!!

She has proven to be housebroken for the most part and we have discovered that she likes to rip up blankets…so, nothing unsupervised.

She is being crate trained and having no issues other than that first moment of ‘the stand-off’. Gwennie’s doggie boot camp says we are going to be crate trained and one yummy treat later, in we were and now she races to her crate for feeding and sleep time.

She was a wee bit wary and skittish at first meeting some folks at work yet, warmed up well and her fur is soooooo soft!

The run at the back of the Hospital made her nervous and she would do some soft crying here and there yet; settled down quicker and quicker, the more we were there and saw that I would take her out and be coming back.

Her lungs and heart and everything checked out great and she is scheduled for her spay for September 28th. I want some time for her to get some weight on and to work more on her comfort level.

She is quite the ‘Pyr’! LOL If she did not want to go one way, she would lay down and get that look! LOL It was funny watching people try to bribe and coax her. For me, it was ‘we are doing this and here we go’ and off we would go!

Many, including a wonderful BHRR Volunteer that stopped by commented on how fast she has bonded to me and that really means a lot. Wherever I went, she watched me and wanted to go.

This is an excellent sign. 🙂

By this time in October, she should be ready to be placed up for adoption and is going to make a home an FABU addition!!

I have had no resourcing or other types of issues with her and she remains on the Gwennie boot camp program where the dogs all share water, communal toys and dog beds.

She is learning that her kibble is a high value item and I do not expect her to share that or any high value treat etc.

She is trust and respecting and that works both ways.

I would never set her up for failure and no future adoptive home will either……

Loving having her here! She is low maintenance, playful yet also very mindful of her manners and already sits and gives you a paw.

Her leash manners on the other hand need some work!! Already much better yet; still lots of progress to be made!